The Need for Security & Hotel Insurance Program When It Comes to Crime

A hotel that provides the best service, but poor security, would expose guests to crime risks and compromise reputation and goodwill. As an hotelier, you are responsible for the protection of property and wellbeing of your guests. You should never lower your guard against crime or be lulled into complacency that crime is not an issue that needs to be addressed.

Your hotel may provide many opportunities, and targets to go after. Therefore you need to assess the risks and place a comprehensive security system in place. Security is an essential investment, and so is having a really great hotel insurance program for those times when things go awry.

Crimes can and do occur in both public and non-public areas. You should make an assessment in both of these areas and take preventive measures. As crime risks against person and property in non-public areas like guests rooms and corridors are higher, security measures need to be enhanced to commensurate with those risks.

Control of non-public areas

Guest’s rooms located at quiet, isolated corners and near staircases or elevators are particularly vulnerable. Staircase exits should be installed with panic-bar bolt doors for one-way exit only. Those doors should also be installed with camera and alarm systems to monitor abuse.

You should have an appropriate ratio of cameras and monitor screens for constant monitoring of entry control points into non-public areas, and swift detection of any unauthorized visitors into these areas. Detection of unauthorized/suspicious visitors in non-public areas should be communicated to your patrolling security staff that should respond immediately to confront and challenge any intruders.

Control of public areas

Newly arrived guests may be unfamiliar with the surroundings, the staff and your hotel’s routines. A short briefing on security tips should be given to them when they check-in, including:

• How to identify hotel staff in uniform

• They should be informed not leave room doors unlocked

• They should not open room doors to random callers, and

• Advise them to keep valuables in room safe or hotel safe deposit boxes

Crimes are not completely preventable. A good hotel insurance program will provide some necessary aid when needed, but is not a substitute for enhancing security and service.