How Your Vehicle Affects the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

How Your Vehicle Affects the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

Many factors go into determining the cost of your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois. Your age, the car’s value, where you live, your marital status, and what you drive. Understand how the vehicle you choose affects your premium, so that next time you’re looking for a new car you have information that helps you make a wise decision when it comes to your insurance.

Larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and cars, have the lowest injury claims. Two-door and 4-door economy cars have the highest collision costs and injury claims. That convertible you’ve had your heart set on is cool, but you could pay two or three times more to insure it than you would a sedan.

In addition to injury claims, your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois is also based on the repair costs of your vehicle. A 4-wheel drive vehicle costs more to repair than a sedan. You should also consider if your vehicle is a “hot” commodity among thieves. According to Forbes, family cars like the Honda Accord and Civic are more frequently stolen. This affects your premium.

Before you purchase your next vehicle, talk to the agent who provides your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois so that you know how your premium will be affected. Work with your insurance to find affordable solutions to drive the vehicle you want and to stay within your budget.


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