2 Ways to Expand Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy

Technology has changed just about every industry and the different areas of operations within each business. For the insurance industry, the way to reach potential customers has branched beyond word of mouth and personal referrals. According to the experts at Neilson Marketing Services, your key to new business is web marketing for insurance industry strategies.

Content Marketing

To reach an audience that is constantly on their smartphones or internet-connected devices, you need a material that is relevant and engaging. You don’t want to limit your focus to potential new clients, as you still need to keep the loyalty and interest of current clients. With content marketing, you can expand your shared information to more than just insurance-related material. Share exciting and relevant material such as real estate or automobile trends, depending on the covered services you provide.

Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use social media. Statistically, over 70% of the nation’s population actively uses social networking to communicate with friends, connect with businesses, and research reviews on products or services. Tapping into social media is an easy way to spread your message and increase awareness in a succinct but focused delivery.

As technology and culture continue to evolve, your marketing strategies will need to adapt to consumer trends. Two areas where can you start making changes are social media marketing and content marketing.