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Manufacturing Insurance You Can Count On

Manufacturing InsuranceHomeowners who invest in the services of outside sources to tackle a remodeling job put their trust, often completely, in the hands of the individuals that come to their homes. Even businesses with the most experience and the highest of training and quality standards can experience problems like injuries occurring or damage being done to the home. For these, and many other reasons, investing in a reliable manufacturing insurance NJ policy is an important step to ensure that all of your bases are covered.
The manufacturing insurance NJ policy you choose should address the individual risks and needs of your company. Plans that include the more basic, but important, coverage types like General Liability and Worker’s Comp. can usually be found with relative ease. But what about more unique coverage needs? If your business owns expensive machinery, for example, finding the policy with adequate coverage for those items could prove to be very beneficial. A good policy should include the types of protection that are realistic to your budget and meet the individualized needs of your business and employees.
Taking the time to ensure that you have a reliable insurance policy in place to protect your business from accidents and unexpected problems can make a big difference in the way that your company operates. But the best time to invest in quality coverage is before you are in desperate need of it. Visit the Vreeland insurance website for more information.

The Protection Of Surety Bonds

Surety BondsIf you are entering into a contract with someone to have some type of work completed, it is a good idea to be covered by surety bonds in PA. For example, a construction worker who is building a home or building will want to be covered by a surety bond. If for any reason a construction worker is unable to complete the work that was agreed upon, a surety bond would pay the customer for damages or for a reimbursement in the amount that was originally agreed upon.

A surety bond is something that you hope you will not have to use, but it is still a good idea to have one in situations where there may be a lot of time or money at stake. If you are the one hired to do a job you will most likely have every intention of getting it done, however sometimes unforeseen things could come up that may make it impossible for the work to get done. When this happens you will want to rest assured that you will not be liable for any money that may be lost.

Surety Bonds in PA are usually offered by insurance companies that specialize in business insurance. You can find a good insurance company that will be able to offer you the right surety bond for your particular needs. Click here to know more about The Dryfoos Group.

Tips For Selecting A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

When you employ one or more drivers as part of your business, having a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy is critical to protect your drivers and your business. These policies are also essential for CDL drivers who spend a significant amount of time out on the road, and some minimum commercial liability coverage is required by law. If you’re in the market for one of these policies, here are some tips for finding the best.

First, prepare a list of all the vehicles and drivers that you are planning to insure. Include information like the makes and models, how many miles each vehicle currently has on it, and what safety features each one has. A short description of the vehicles may also help get a more accurate risk assessment when you get a quote. In addition, have all the information about your drivers available—mainly names and driver’s license numbers.

Second, shop around. Getting the best deal often means looking at a few different companies before you make a final decision. Ask each company to prepare several quotes for different packages as well so you know what is available.

Finally, ask other business owners or CDL drivers about what insurance they use, and whether they like it. Sometimes referrals can be your best resource for getting a good policy and good service. This is especially useful to find out how the insurance responds in case of an accident.

When you’re in the market for New Jersey commercial auto insurance, click here to know more about Vreeland Insurance.

Get A Habitational Real Estate in Massachusetts Insurance Professional

Habitational Real Estate Massachusetts Would you allow your tenants in the building to live in your building and on your property without renters insurance? Of course not! So, on this same note property management should never allow the property and buildings to go uninsured. Commercial property insurance is essential and necessary for property owners and property managers. The physical property needs to be protected in the event of a lawsuit. This will keep the business protected and will ensure that the business income and assets are protected in case the property has to shut down for a bit due to any problems or issues that arise from assumed risks. Habitational Real Estate Massachusetts insurance is not going to be a one size fits all type of product that can just be purchased in whole. All the different risks and policy options must be thoroughly examined and considered. The number of residents, the number of employees and staff, as well as guests and visitors must all be considered when deciding on the specific coverage options. The property must also be completely looked at and examined by a habitational real estate in Massachusetts insurance professional so that you know you are covering all potential risks on your property. In this same respect, a qualified insurance professional will also ensure that you are not signing up for and paying for extra insurance coverages that are not required or necessary for your property and risks.
Click here to know more about Farquhar & Black.

How To Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

Workers compensationIn the state of New York, businesses must provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. This can be expensive and costs are on the rise. Trying to balance the needs of their employees with the expense of workers compensation NY insurance can be a challenge for many businesses. What they may not realize, though, is that with the help of a qualified insurance agent there are steps that can be taken to decrease their costs while maintaining the appropriate levels of coverage.
Unfortunately, not every workers compensation claim is legitimate. Fraud does happen and it can cost businesses a lot of money. That is why it is necessary to work with an agent to eliminate fraud of all kinds. Methods for investigating claims that may be helpful include conducting research as soon as possible after an accident happens and launching a solid communication program with employees.
One of the best ways to lower costs for workers compensation in NY is by keeping the workplace safe so that there are fewer accidents in the first place. Safety should always be the first priority. It is vital that every business has a solid safety program in place to protect both their assets and their employees. Should an accident happen, though, an insurance company can help to control costs by developing a program to get employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible.
Businesses need to work together with their insurance companies to help control workers compensation costs. Together, they can help to keep employees safe and protected while managing the budgetary needs of the business. Visit the A.J. Benet Insurance website for more information.

Copper Theft is an Unexpected Concern for Churches

Copper remains a hot commodity, and because of the metal’s increased value, thieves see a prime opportunity to steal copper from air conditioning units and home and commercial construction sites, in order to turn around and sell their ill-gotten goods to scrap metal dealers for monetary compensation.

Churches remain a primary target of copper theft. For instance, according to Southern Mutual Church Insurance, South Carolina’s largest insurer of churches, it paid:

More than $707,000 in claims to 113 churches through April of this year
In 2010, it paid $1.2 million to 174 churches for the entire year
Thieves hit one South Carolina church twice, causing more than $100,000 in damages that same year

The problem has seemingly grown so large that insurers are considering limiting payouts on future coverage to any church that suffers damage from a copper theft unless they put protective measures in place. A protective cage around an air conditioning unit is one such measure. Other steps can be taken to thwart attempts by thieves to secure the precious metal, which can be found in several places on most church properties, including: rooftop heating; ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, gutters, pipes, and electrical wiring. The solution is to hinder access. Most thieves are merely opportunists.

Finding creative solutions to deter thieves

The easier the access, the more likely a church will be targeted. Thieves like to strike where they can get what they want quickly and escape without notice. Hindering access and making detection more likely reduces the risk of becoming a victim. Suggestions include:

1.Placing a cage or fence around air conditioning units.
2.Secure the electrical power shut-off switch. Move the switch, if it’s located near the air conditioning units.
3.Enclose church property with a secure fence. Post “no trespassing” signs.
4.Remove ladders and other items offering easy access to rooftop HVAC units.
5.Replace copper downspouts with other materials.
6.Store vehicles inside locked garages or sheds.

If that’s not an option, have members of the church drive vehicles home each night, so they’re not left in parking lots. Don’t leave copper plumbing, gutters, or wiring on construction sites.

Improve the likelihood of detection by increasing lighting around HVAC units and places where thieves might hide. Install alarms on HVAC units. Use security cameras to monitor target areas. Ask church members to drive past the church whenever they’re in the neighborhood, looking for suspicious cars, people, or activity.

Invite church neighbors to call police if they notice unusual activity. Have local police patrol the property regularly during evening and night hours. And perhaps most importantly, make sure church insurance is in force and in amounts that will cover any loss due to theft or other crimes. Consult an agent to make sure the current church insurance is enough to satisfy those requirements.

Automobile Accident Crime Prevention

Auto Insurance OrandoAutomobile accident crimes are specifically intended to involve a motorist – unaware they have been targeted – in an automobile accident for the purpose of getting the insurance company to pay for damages, and faked or exaggerated injuries. The idea is to place a motorist in a situation in which an accident cannot be avoided and then place the blame on them for the accident having occurred.


For example, a group of Orlando residents were arrested for their roles in an organized insurance fraud ring that staged auto accidents. The Florida Department of Financial Services reports that the suspects solicited people and told them they would receive $1,000 each if they participated in a fake auto accident. Some of these “traps” may involve one or more vehicles and two or more “victims” and even witnesses to corroborate the story that places responsibility for the crash or collision on the intended target.


There are several ways in which these staged accidents can happen. Here are just three scenarios on how automobile accident fraud can occur.


1. The Wave and Blame


In this scenario, which involves one other vehicle, the vehicle being driven by the victim is attempting to merge into another lane. The driver occupying this other lane waves at the victim driver, signaling that it is okay for him or her to go forward. During the merge, the driver in the other lane then slams into the victim vehicle and denies ever motioning to the victim driver. They will claim that the vehicle cut them off and left them no room or time to brake. They may have a witness in their car or one on the street who can validate their version of what happened.


2. The Brake and Blame


This can happen when the victim vehicle is making a right turn at an intersection. A vehicle quickly passes by the victim vehicle and steps on the brake as soon as the victim vehicle makes the turn, causing the victim to rear-end their car. In most instances, a car that rear-ends another vehicle will generally be found at fault for the accident, regardless of the circumstances.


3. The Intersection Trap


This scenario requires at least one or two planted witnesses, and occurs when the victim vehicle is crossing an intersection and a car accelerates and hits the victim vehicle on the side. The planted witnesses then claim that the victim driver has ran a red light or stop sign.


Make a Video Recording of the Incident


One way to protect against such fraudulent claims is to have a recording to show exactly what happened. By purchasing and installing a dashboard camera, such accidents can be recorded and victims can produce the evidence of the incident to the police and insurance company.


Regardless of what happens or who is at fault, it is always best to have an in-force auto insurance policy to cover any damages and injuries while driving a vehicle.


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