December, 2012

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Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance A business has to rely on many different tools to see it through each day. One of the most important tools your business has is its Business Interruption Insurancepolicy. Sometimes called a time element insurance policy, this helps your business stay on its feet after a disaster and provides the support required for recovery.

The Concerns of Business Owners

Natural disasters such as a hurricane, fire, or severe weather can interrupt the normal operation of business in many ways. The supply line that delivers goods and raw materials to your site may be broken, the machines you rely on can be disabled, and structural damage could force you to close your doors until repairs can be completed. Without these pieces in place, it’s impossible to earn the money necessary to pay bills or afford the costs of repairs.

How Your Policy Can Help

Your Business Interruption Insurance policy can help you address the kind of problems mentioned above and many more besides. Consider how helpful it will be to have:

  • An assist with the cost of renting necessary equipment
  • Money to help pay bills that come due
  • Funds that help make up for income lost during closure
  • Help paying for a temporary center of operation

Your business needs a number of insurance policies such as workers’ compensation, liability, and property. You also need to insure your financial security and this is exactly what a Business Interruption Insurance policy can do.