June, 2013

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Developing An Effective Marketing Strategy

A strong marketing strategy is crucial to the success of modern insurance companies; gone are the days when word-of-mouth recommendations, marketing calls, and paper advertising alone were sufficient to generate business.  The companies with the best insurance digital marketing have a defined voice and brand, top-quality content, and a well-designed, user friendly webpage.  Most companies find it necessary to hire a marketing specialist or company to integrate all these components to create an inviting profile and a hassle-free user experience.

Insurance digital marketingFocus on quality and content.

A marketing company can help an insurance company determine how to present itself and develop a strong digital presence.  A website that is well-developed and intuitive is critical; it guarantees ease of use for clients, and creates a strong first impression.  Quality content is also crucial in drawing clients to your site and encouraging repeated visits.Effective insurance digital marketing also makes use of platforms like Twitter and Google+, but to use those platforms well, a company must have a distinctive voice and brand.  A company that doesn’t ultimately isn’t memorable or interesting, and won’t generate user interaction or repeat site visits.  Having one person or company handle the social media aspect of digital marketing gives clients a more unified and consistent view of the company.

A strong digital marketing campaign can be a cost-effective way for a company to broaden its impact and strengthen its client base.  An insurance digital marketing specialist can help you create a distinctive, appealing brand that will get your company’s name out and increase sales and revenue.

Types Of Homeowner’s Insurance Policies

Miami homeowners insurance is essential for making sure that the house you and your family live in is protected in case of accidents. There are several different kinds of homeowner’s insurance that you can choose from, and picking the right one for your situation can help you rest easier knowing that your home is fully protected.

Here are some of the main types of Miami homeownes insurance available.

Miami Homeowners Insurance Basic insurance

Basic insurance covers your home in the event of fire, damage from bad weather, vandalism, or other accidents. This is the standard insurance policy that most homeowners choose to purchase. It covers against the vast majority of incidents, but there are a few major causes of damage that basic insurance policies neglect.

Specialty insurance

Specialty insurance protects homes from damage caused by anything that is specifically excluded from a basic insurance policy. Most basic policies do not protect against earthquakes or flooding, and so separate specialty policies need to be issued for both. In the Miami area, where hurricanes occur fairly frequently, adding a flood insurance policy is often a good idea.

Property insurance

Property insurance protects items that are inside your home from theft or damage from fire. A general property insurance policy can be included with your Miami’s homeowner’s insurance. However, if you own any especially valuable items like jewelry, art, or antiques it is often a good idea to insure them separately.

Infographic for Renters Insurance

Courtesy of: Renters Insurance from Newman Crane & Associates Insurance, Inc.