September, 2014

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How Does Telemedicine Improve Medicare


Telemedicine was designed to reach into communities that need aid, such as in rural areas. Imagine being able to see your doctor without actually having to visit their office. No more hassles with trips to the doctor, trying to get wheelchairs into the van, getting lost trying to navigate streets in poor weather conditions, and even cut long travel time to virtually nothing.

If you are eligible for Medicare, telemedicine can offer you many benefits. Seniors and those with handicaps are among those most prone to enjoy the increasing use of technology-produced medicine.

As those get older, taking time to visit the doctor can become challenging and problems can arise. Even in rural areas with little access to specialists, Medicare and its supplement plans can provide you with more healthcare options.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Can Raise use of Health Care

Many have learned that the maturing population is putting a heavy emphasis on demand for healthcare. Telemedicine will allow those who have trouble reaching certain specialists come face-to-face with one, with ease.

As Dr. Debra Lister of Douglas, Georgia describes, “It’s so far for our people here to get to a specialist. Some of the folks just can’t travel – some of our aged and poor folks couldn’t have made the excursion. An awful lot of them wouldn’t have received care.” Because of telemedicine, Lister’s practice is usually able to connect patients through video conferencing with a practitioner within two months. That’s just about half the time needed to get an in person appointment using a specialist.

Medigap Insurance becomes more valuable due to its new accessibility. You most likely understand that Medicare doesn’t pay for all of your healthcare prices. Medicare only pays for 80 percent of a pre-authorized fee for doctor services. Medigap plans not only pick up the remaining 20 percent, but additionally help when specialists charge more than Medicare’s pre-authorized payment. Using the right Medigap coverage, you might have access to the best practitioners no matter how really far away their practice is or how expensive their services are.

Telemedicine provides A New Route To Improved Care

A doctor can use an interactive video system to communicate with patients, relatives and also the staff at the nursing homes. Dr. Thomas Magnuson, who is a psychiatrist, says, “We have lots of isolated places. We just had a big patient population out there that wasn’t being seen.”

Magnuson uses video conferencing to view and hear his patients merely as if he was in the area together. Even more remarkable, technology is enabling surgeons to perform “long distance” procedures by using remote controlled robots.

Although many hospitals in rural areas already have their own forms of telemedicine, the technology is expected to continue to grow. Just as telemedicine is closing the distance between patients and specialists, Medicare Supplement Insurance is eliminating the monetary barriers that have divided individuals in the health care they need.


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