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Lawyers Insurance Can Offer Pro Bono Work Protection

Lawyers Insurance Can Offer Pro Bono Work Protection

Beverly worked hard to put herself through university, followed by law school-her dream, from the time she was a little girl. She worked part-time throughout the seven years it took her to complete her education, including the exhausting period of time during which she was up most nights studying diligently to earn her JD while going to school during the day and waiting tables in the afternoons and early evenings. Beverly also received some much-needed financial support via a number of scholarships from her church and other community-based affiliations which totaled several thousands of dollars each year. The fact that she had so many people in her corner believing in her was the only thing that kept her going on many late nights when, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of homework and research facing her, Beverly felt close to giving up. Once she received her degree, passed the bar, and started her own firm, she felt that it was time to give back to those who had helped her when she needed it, so Beverly made a commitment to offer legal representation on a pro bono basis to people who couldn’t afford her services. Many qualified legal services providers provide coverage for their legal practitioners’ pro bono work, but as a self-employed attorney, Beverly decided to contact her agent to find out whether her lawyers insurance program included coverage when she provided such free assistance.

A smart move that saved her practice

Fortunately, Beverly works with a professional who makes a point of making sure that she has the utmost protection from one of the best providers in the nation. Her professional liability policy offers her protection for the losses she faces from negligence, errors and omissions, or malpractice as she performs her professional services, including pro bono work. The policy made it possible for Beverly to stay in business when she was sued by a former client for malpractice, paying for the considerable defense costs that accumulated, despite the fact that the suit was ultimately found to be frivolous.
Let’s face it-these days, clients have expectations of Perry Mason-like legal representation, and lawsuits are becoming increasingly commonplace. Speak to a professional agent about lawyers insurance to ensure that one’s firm has the full array of coverage that is prudent to have when practicing in today’s litigious environment.


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Fighting Drug Addiction with Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction to drugs is a serious problem that can have widespread effects on friends, family, associates, even complete strangers, as well as the addicted person’s life. Having a major addiction to drugs can also lead to health issues, problems with making (and sustaining) meaningful relationships, and issues retaining a job.

Fortunately, there is help available, and complete recovery is even a possibility with the assistance of inpatient drug recovery programs at drug rehab centers. Finding the best residential addiction treatment center can be difficult to do, especially when going through the throes of addiction. The best centers are run by confident highly trained staff, and owned by people who carry adequate insurance for the types of exposures and risks associated with running this type of operation.

Seek help for a friend, employee or family member with an addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction costs over $600 billion annually. This cost is primarily due to health-, productivity- and crime-related expenditures. While much drug use is casual in nature, with users who are often able to stop at will, many people have a need for a recovery program because their drug consumption has become an addiction.

It is those types for whom stopping drug use can be difficult, both psychosocially and physiologically. These individuals often refuse to seek help, mostly because their addiction has such a tight grip on them and they care more about obtaining and using drugs than they care about work, friends or even family. Addiction can generally be determined through a visit to a physician, but the drug user or those close to him can also look for common signs to determine if the user is actually addicted to the drug. The type of signs one should look for include:

  • Taking drugs is a necessity and not a choice
  • The user is unable to halt the usage of the drug when desired
  • Maintains a constant supply of drugs for constant use
  • Seeks to obtain the drug through illegal purchase, or
  • Seeks doctors willing to prescribe it

While these signs might not be proof positive that the drug user has a serious addiction and is in need of a residential drug treatment facility, they are good indicators that the person’s drug use has become an issue that requires some form of help. Having established that there is a real concern, seek out a list of drug rehab centers and find one that can benefit the addiction sufferer.

Protect Your Collector Vehicle With the Right Insurance

Protect Your Collector Vehicle With the Right Insurance

Collector car insurance is an integral aspect of owning a highly-valuable vehicle. Such vehicles are often considered a great investment in the eyes of owners, which entails financial protections in place for things like routine maintenance, as well as any repair issues that may arise.

What Are Collector Cars?

When it comes to vehicle designations, collector vehicles include a range of items that are at least 15 to 20 years old. These vehicles can either be entirely original, or have undergone some replacement or modification along the way. Anything from sports cars to motorcycles can be considered a collector vehicle, provided they meet the age requirement listed above.

What Does Collector Car Insurance Cover?

Insurance coverage for collector vehicles can include a number of essential aspects. Any damage occurring to your vehicle will be covered by your insurance policy, which can be greatly beneficial in the event of a major accident. Even things like restoration are covered, since keeping your vehicle intact is a crucial part of making certain your investment remains protected.

Protect Your Prized Vehicle, No Matter What

To many owners, a collectible vehicle is looked at as more than just an investment. That’s why it’s so important to implement the right insurance coverage for your exact needs. With such coverage in place, you can rest assured your beloved vehicle will remain protected no matter what occurs.


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Facts About Virginia Group Life Insurance Plans

Facts About Virginia Group Life Insurance Plans

Virginia group life insurance, much like with any other state in the US, can be part of an employee benefit plan that is paid for by the employer, or a voluntary offering whereby the employee pays for the coverage. For policies paid by a business owner, the benefit can often be equivalent to a full year’s salary, an amount that, in today’s culture, may not be sufficient for most people. These types of policies can be viewed as an added benefit or “supplemental” to other life coverage an employee may already have.

One of the assets associated with employers providing group insurance plans is the higher rate of employee retention. Workers are more likely to stay with an employer when they know that their family will be well taken care of in the event that health issues become a concern. If an employee wants additional coverage on top of what an employer is willing to purchase, he or she may have to pay for it individually. Purchasing additional coverage outside of what is offered through the group policy will likely require that the employee undergo a medical exam to determine the level of insurability based on his or her health.

Group life insurance policies tend to be less expensive

This is based on the fact that many group policies are only effective while an employee within the group is employed at that particular company. Most group life insurance is sold on a term basis. Term life insurance pays a death benefit if the policyholder passes away within a specified time period.

In general, term life insurance is much less expensive than permanent life. In fact, term life premiums have decreased markedly, particularly during the past decade, due to the fact that Americans are living longer on average. The insurance company will usually consider the following factors about a business in order to figure out a group rate:

  • Number of employees within the group
  • Average age of employees
  • Ratio of female to male (based on the statistic that women tend to live longer than men)
  • Number of smokers
  • Risk-factors associated with the business

For example, a marketing firm would probably have a lower group rate than a roofing company for equivalent coverage, based on the business risk.

Who qualifies for Virginia Group Life Insurance?

Any employee who has a serious medical condition may still be a part of the group, as long as he or she is still an active worker. However, any employees out on disability leave are not eligible for group life insurance until they return to work, unless they went on leave after the policy had been issued.


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How Your Vehicle Affects the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

How Your Vehicle Affects the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

Many factors go into determining the cost of your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois. Your age, the car’s value, where you live, your marital status, and what you drive. Understand how the vehicle you choose affects your premium, so that next time you’re looking for a new car you have information that helps you make a wise decision when it comes to your insurance.

Larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, and cars, have the lowest injury claims. Two-door and 4-door economy cars have the highest collision costs and injury claims. That convertible you’ve had your heart set on is cool, but you could pay two or three times more to insure it than you would a sedan.

In addition to injury claims, your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois is also based on the repair costs of your vehicle. A 4-wheel drive vehicle costs more to repair than a sedan. You should also consider if your vehicle is a “hot” commodity among thieves. According to Forbes, family cars like the Honda Accord and Civic are more frequently stolen. This affects your premium.

Before you purchase your next vehicle, talk to the agent who provides your auto insurance in Sidney Illinois so that you know how your premium will be affected. Work with your insurance to find affordable solutions to drive the vehicle you want and to stay within your budget.


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