January, 2015

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Essential Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Sidney Illinois

Having auto Insurance in Sidney Illinois is a legal requirement for all drivers. There is a difference between the level of cover the law says that you must have and the actual coverage you should be carrying.

Upgrade Minimum Coverage

In Illinois, drivers are required to carry basic liability insurance. The minimum standards are $20,000 per person bodily injury, $40,000 for a total claim, and $15,000 in property damage. In the event of a serious accident, costs can quickly escalate beyond what your minimum coverage provides for, and you may still be held responsible for damages. It is always wise to upgrade your coverage beyond the minimum requirements, and be ready to avoid lawsuits.

Add Comprehensive and Collision

Liability only protects the other driver. Collision and comprehensive insurance covers your expenses. Protecting against your own losses due to an accident, theft or weather damage is especially important if you still owe money on your vehicle. Even if your vehicle is no longer drivable, you are still responsible for the payment of the loan. Be prepared to face a total loss situation.

Include Additional Insurance features

Gap insurance is for those who owe more than their vehicles are worth. Claims are paid based on the market value of the vehicle. Without gap insurance, you may still have a sizable debt left over. Some insurance policies include extra coverage to help you with expenses while you recover from an accident. Rental car benefits are also available. Make sure you ask your agent about additional features that may be helpful.

Even though basic liability auto insurance in Sidney Illinois is a requirement, the additional levels of coverage are still a good idea. Be prepared for the unthinkable, and protect yourself against unnecessary costs.


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Protect Against Loss From Construction Project Mishaps

Construction Management Risk

On a sizable project, the construction manager operates on behalf of a project owner to pull it all together. A manager is responsible for the work of whatever sub-consultants may be involved, such as the architect or the engineers who deliver the design. Construction management risk deals with the possibility of the work coming in below performance expectations, or not at all.

Opportunities for Risk

A construction manager has a long list of jobs, and a long list of people to supervise in those jobs. There is potential for disruption at any point in the process. Some of the main responsibilities are:

Insurance for Mistakes

One of the top reasons a claim is made against a manager is construction delays. Postponements or stoppages can result in a domino effect of broken agreements and escalating costs. Another main reason for lawsuits is a project going over budget. When it is seen as the managers responsibility to keep the cost within range, going in excess of the agreed price may lead to a claim of financial misconduct. Construction management risk offers professional liability coverage to protect against loss due to a real or perceived failure of organization. It is also a policy that may demonstrate good faith and responsibility, and therefore good business practice.


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Running a Bakery? Here’s What You Need to Protect Your Staff and Business

Bakery Worker Comp

When you run a business in the food service industry, inherent risks are involved. These risks only escalate with the number of people you employ, so it’s essential that you hold adequate amounts of bakery worker comp insurance to ensure youre protected in the event of an accident.

Common Types of On-the-Job Accidents

From slips and falls to burns and broken glass, there are numerous ways your employees can hurt themselves at a bakery job. Dealing regularly with heavy equipment is cause for concern, as are the high temperatures of the oven and other appliances commonly used in the profession. If your business offers catering or delivery services, your risks are even more enhanced because of the potential for traffic accidents or injuries that occur while transporting heavy equipment.

What Workers’ Comp Covers

Generally, worker’s compensation insurance covers any medical expenses or lost wages accrued by your employees as a result of fulfilling their job requirements. Workers’ compensation requirements vary from state to state, so be sure to check the specific rules of your home state to ensure your business is in compliance. In the event that you conduct business across state lines for any reason (say, for a catering job) you’ll want to read up on that state’s workers’ compensation requirements, too.

Your business is one of the most important parts of your life, and making sure its appropriately protected with bakery worker comp is the only way to ensure it lasts well into the future.


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Insurance Helps Lawyers Perform with Confidence

Lawyers Malpractice Insurance

Knowing that you and your firm are protected even when you make mistakes is the only way you can work confidently and do your best on the job. Lawyer’s malpractice insurance is one important kind of protection.

Professional Liability Insurance

As professionals who offer a service to the public, lawyers can be found liable for damages directly related to that service. These damages can be physical, financial, or emotional and are often valued at millions of dollars. Legitimate cases can bankrupt even the most solvent law firms, while even meritless cases can tie up valuable time and resources. Lawyers malpractice insurance is the best way to protect your firm from these professional liability claims.

Specialized Insurance Agencies

Not all law firms are created equally. Some firms are small, while others are large. Some firms take high profile cases while others prefer to build their businesses beyond the limelight. Some firms serve wealthy, educated clients while others focus on helping those with fewer resources. Each of these and many other qualities that can define a specific law firm can also affect the kinds of lawyers malpractice insurance that will best serve that firm’s needs. One of the best and most reliable ways to ensure that your firm purchases the right plan for them is to work with an insurance agency that has experience writing and servicing legal policies. In the same way that you wouldn’t go to a defense attorney to draft your business contracts, you shouldn’t go to your car insurance agent for professional liability coverage.


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Errors and Omissions Coverage Can Save Your Business from Financial Disaster

Errors and Omissions Coverage Can Save Your Business from Financial Disaster

Errors and omissions coverage is essential to just about every industry. Without these protections in place, business owners may face costly lawsuits as the result of one dissatisfied customer or client. That’s why it’s important to select a suitable E&O wholesaler when considering prospective insurance options.

Why Errors and Omissions Is Important

In the world of business, mistakes can often occur without warning. If these mistakes involve services rendered to customers, they can quickly result in court proceedings and pricey defense costs for all involved.

That’s where errors and omissions insurance comes in. An E&O policy affords a business the necessary funding to handle legal issues related to allegations of poor service. Such financial support is crucial for a business to remain operating while dealing with legal fallout stemming from customer dissatisfaction.

All Businesses Must Have an E&O Policy in Place

No matter the industry, all businesses should have some form of errors and omissions coverage in place. This includes high-profile professionals, as well as smaller businesses affording much-needed services to the general public.

Even the most competent businesses can run into issues from time to time. By implementing the right insurance policies, these issues can ably be addressed without sacrificing the business as a whole in the process.

Protect What Matters Most

The right E&O wholesaler can provide your clients access to superior insurance products intended to mitigate risk in every form. With such protections in place, all businesses can retain the ability to thrive, even in the midst of allegations that may lead to exorbitant lawsuits.


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Considerations About Your Physician Disability Insurance

Considerations About Your Physician Disability Insurance

Even if you already have physician disability insurance, you could be underinsured. As a doctor, you have highly specialized training and potential earnings that many plans do not take into account when calculating disability benefits. Disability insurance is very complex, with extremely specific definitions as to what constitutes an inability to work. Make sure you have the level of coverage you need as a physician by taking time to ask questions about your policy.

The occupational classification on your policy determines your rates and benefits. You will have additional policy features under different classifications and with various companies. Work with your insurance representative to find the right policy for you.

Ask about the monthly benefit payout and if it is capped at a certain amount. You should know if the policy keeps pace with inflation for an extended disability. Group policies are often taxed as ordinary income and may be reduced if you receive other benefits like workers compensation. Make sure you understand how the benefits from your personal policy will be paid out to you.

Check with your insurance agent to ensure you have enough insurance to meet all of your needs in case you are ever disabled. You don’t want to find out that you are underinsured by your physician disability insurance after an accident or injury that leaves you unable to work.


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Three Questions to Answer Before You Buy Car Insurance

Auto Insurance in Pigeon Forge

When buying auto insurance in Pigeon Forge, it is important to have coverage best suited to your specific needs. There are many factors that can influence your policy options. The following questions can help in your evaluation of the best insurance for your situation.

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

The value of your vehicle can have a big impact on your auto insurance premiums. If it is old and there is no loan or lease, it might make more financial sense to skip comprehensive coverage. On the flip side, a vehicle that is leased or dealer financed may come with specific insurance requirements including mandatory comprehensive coverage.

How Much Can You Afford to Spend Fixing Your Car?

Most policies have a deductible, which is a set amount you must pay out of pocket before your auto insurance in Pigeon Forge policy kicks in. If you dont have a lot of money to spend fixing your car if you get in an accident, it might make more sense to have a lower deductible.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Auto insurance can be structured to include medical payments coverage for drivers and passengers, so if you dont have health insurance you may want to consider adding some to your policy.
These are only of few variables that can influence your car insurance premiums. Discussing your needs with an insurance agent can help ensure you get the best coverage.


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