October, 2015

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Why Veterinary Liability Insurance Is Vital for Your Practice

Why Veterinary Liability Insurance Is Vital for Your Practice

As a veterinarian, veterinary assistant, or owner of a veterinary clinic, you understand that precious lives are in your hands daily. While the threat of a malpractice suit may be an obvious concern, many other circumstances exist for which you will want Pennsylvania veterinary liability insurance.

Professional Liability Coverage

Just like any healthcare professional, you could be liable if anything were to go wrong in your clinic. If, for example, a cat died on the operating table or a dog contracted an airborne illness, the animal’s owners could sue you for malpractice. With veterinary insurance, you will be protected in one of these unfortunate situations.

Coverage for Property, Employment Practices, Workers’ Compensation, and More

Running a veterinary clinic is just like running any other kind of business. Therefore, to best protect your operation, equipment, and employees, you will need additional coverage. Property insurance covers the building and your property within from damage or theft. If an employee sues you for any number of reasons, employment practices insurance will keep you financially secure. Workers’ compensation covers you if an employee is injured at work. In addition to these types of coverage, insurance agencies will likely offer you a wide range of other options from which to decide.

Keeping Pets and People Happy

As a veterinary provider, your goal is to serve pets and their owners. Pennsylvania veterinary liability insurance helps you do so while safeguarding your business.