April, 2016

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Stepping Up Your Insurance Digital Marketing Efforts

Stepping Up Your Insurance Digital Marketing Efforts

Insurance Digital Marketing for agents is about building brand recognition through creative means. This requires the agency to be proactive, since competition is fierce and the winners are those companies that truly become innovative and constantly step up their game. Social media is, of course, vital in accomplishing this. The majority of people that make up your target market are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so it only makes sense that you should be as well. Remember, these people are interested in hearing what you have to say and your job is to put it out there for all to see.

Dont underestimate the value of giving free advice

People generally assume that, if you have worked half your life in the insurance business for a reputable firm that youre likely quite knowledgeable about the products and services you provide. But before they pay for your services they would probably like to get some useful information and even some sound advice pertaining to their current situation.

Dont wait to be asked a particular question in order to offer your advice. People research insurance online all the time, often looking up policies and the meaning behind some of the language being discussed. You can probably look at the FAQ page and see what people are most curious about and delve into the topics of interest on your site. If you have informative blogs, whitepapers and other resources on your website, this will enable you to capture some of that research traffic.

Insurance Digital Marketing isnt all that tough, but it does require time, patience, and a desire to meet and surpass the expectations of your prospective clients. A lot of agencies look at marketing as a kind of afterthought. But this is where they often find themselves lagging behind those that are willing to put in the time and go the extra mile to strengthen their name recognition and heighten awareness of their brand.

So much of marketing for insurance is about building trust. Remember that people love to get things for free and, if they find your answers helpful, thats a great endorsement of your capabilities.

Insurance Solutions for Manufacturers

Insurance Solutions for Manufacturers

Specialized insurance solutions are necessary for those in the industry of manufacturing. Unique coverage including California product liability insurance will help you thrive in this challenging world. Learn about coverage options and other services you can get when you work with a professional insurance provider.

Insurance Coverage

Product liability is one of the most popular insurance options for manufacturers. It can protect you in the event of lawsuits, property damage, and bodily injury. This can be part of a more broad general liability plan. Other coverage options include the following:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Property insurance
  • Executive liability
  • Commercial automobile

When you contact an agency to learn more about your options you can get an insurance plan tailored to your specific situation. You want professional help that meets your needs.

What Else?

Manufacturers also benefit from receiving other services such as loss control, risk management, human resources, and employee benefits. Believe it or not this can all be accomplished when you contact industry professionals who provide insurance. Getting yourself California product liability insurance and other services will make you more protected. Talking with a professional will ease your doubts and cause you to realize your options. Don’t let yourself wait on getting the help you need. Invest in manufacturing insurance solutions that work for you.

Seek Out the Best Life Insurance in CT Agency

Seek Out the Best Life Insurance in CT Agency

Purchasing life insurance seems simple enough, except for the fact that everyone has different needs and concerns. The type of policy that you should invest in can depend on a number of variables, such as your age, marital status, number of dependent children, and so on. Like any major purchase you make during your lifetime, youll be better off taking the time required to seek out the available options. It can help to speak with an agent who knows the insurance game, particularly personal lines, and can help you in making the decision that is right for you.

Buying your life insurance in CTalso isnt necessarily a one time and your done transaction. You will probably want to make changes to your policy as your situation changes, for example, if you were to get a divorce, or when your children become grown and move out of the house, or after the loss of a spouse. One thing that may change is the beneficiary of the policy. Keep all of these things in mind as time passes and make an effort to review the contract periodically.

Things to discuss with the agent

For starters, go over a list of life insurance companies that are reputable, consumer-oriented, financially strong, and considered easy to do business with. A number of insurance rating services rate the financial strength of companies, and this information can be easily obtained from your agent or from a public, or business, library.

Rating agencies include A.M. Best Company, Standard & Poor’s Insurance Rating Services, Duff & Phelps Inc., and Moody’s Investor Services Inc. Its generally a good idea to make a list of questions and concerns to ask the agent before scheduling a meeting. Ask as many specific questions as you can think of, such as getting an outline of life insurance coverages so you can compare the features of several policies.

Make sure that you fully understand any life insurance in CTpolicy that you may be considering purchasing and that youre comfortable with the company, licensed representative, and products. Your agent should be readily available to take your calls, respond promptly to your voicemails, and take care of any changes without delay. You deserve to receive the best service from a company that will stand behind you all the way.

Cyber Risk and Medical Records in Nursing Home Systems

Cyber Risk and Medical Records in Nursing Home Systems

In the wake of numerous online data breaches, one target group that may be being overlooked is nursing home residents. Its hard not to imagine just how vulnerable people living in nursing homes are for cyber risk. After all, its getting increasingly more difficult to keep healthcare records secure due to what is now the enormous amount of online medical records and billing systems in place.

Many different types of facilities and businesses use the Internet to service and update software. Unfortunately, hackers can break into these systems and easily access nursing home documents. For example, if a cyber thief is able to access an administrators passwords, theyll then be able to gain access to the network of healthcare records and install software to capture medical record passwords.

Nursing homes require stricter security measures

The fact of the matter is that the security currently in place at many healthcare facilities is inadequate and therefore ill equipped to combat cyber theft or keep up with the number of attacks constantly occurring throughout the US. Cyber security is a somewhat relatively new field that is slowly evolving and creating ways to deal with this very serious issue. Hopefully the situation will be less of a concern as more advancement is made to deal with the problems caused by cyber criminals.

Medical data privacy is a major concern and something that needs to be strictly controlled for the simple reason that healthcare records are extraordinarily sensitive. Thieves realize the value of having this information and knowingly sell stolen medical records for profit. Credit card information illegally obtained can go for around $20 per card. Healthcare records are much more valuable because more fraud can be committed with this information, like taking advantage of Medicare and prescription accounts.

Another way to help resolve your clients issues with this type of identity theft is by suggesting that those family members with loved ones in nursing homes stay on top of the records of residents. If they notice any suspicious activity it should be reported to the nursing home administrators right away. Our nations elderly have enough to worry about without the added threat associated with this kind of cyber risk.

Get Dog Owner Liability insurance for a Frightened Fido

Get Dog Owner Liability insurance for a Frightened Fido

The old phrase, April showers bring May flowers was rather incomplete, thought Darlenethe stormy month also ended up bringing a lawsuit after a rainy-day occurrence that would have put her assets (including her home!) in jeopardy, had she not heeded her insurance agents advice and purchased dog owner liability insurance.

It was a dark and stormy night

Darlenes Doberman was normally very well behaved and courageous, but the animal turned into a cowering, shivering bundle of nerves whenever thunder or lighting charged across the sky. Animal behaviorists advise that animals will bite for a variety of reasons, and sometimes its the very opposite of aggressionfear. Gripped by terror from hearing the crash and roar of the storm, Darlenes frightened pet sunk her teeth into a visiting friend who was sitting close by when a clap of thunder shook the house.

The points of protection

Should your pet bite someone, resulting in bodily injury, the policy will cover the resulting claimwhether it is for medical fees to treat the injuries or even court costs in the event you are sued and you are found liable for damages. The coverage can be purchased regardless of the breed of dog to be covered, or the state of residence. All of this protection is available at an affordable price point.

Calm after the storm

After doing some research, Darlene ordered a special shirt for her dog to wear specifically during stormy weather. The shirt is a unique type of firmly woven garment that some behaviorists have found deliver comfort and assurance to an animal through the close compression the tightly woven fibers providealmost like a reassuring, all-over hug. The shirt worked wonders at dispelling a great deal of the pets fear, so now Darlene scans the weather forecasts and at the first sign of a storm, breaks out the shirt for her pet. She also continues to work with her professional insurance agent to make sure her dog owner liability insurance premiums are paid up, that the coverage amounts remain appropriate for her situation. To find out about purchasing this protection for your pet, call your agent today.

Security, Safety and Convenience Stores Insurance

Security, Safety and Convenience Stores Insurance

Deciding to open a convenience store means facing certain challenges and hurdles that require careful and skillful planning to deal with. Besides operational concerns, financing, the hiring of employees, advertising and marketing, all of which are requirements of any retail operation, there are additional government regulations that must be satisfied, as most convenience stores sell beer and hard liquor.

There are also security issues that will not be as prevalent with other types of retailers. Having the necessary foresight and purchasing Convenience stores insurance can reward you with a lucrative business less prone to economic downturns facing other types of retail establishments.

Determining the location of your store is an important factor

The location and the surrounding community should definitely be taken into consideration.
Popular convenience store locations include business districts, where office workers tend to stop in for a quick snack, and near middle and high schools, where students will often stop in for treats before and after school.

There is a perception that convenience stores are magnets for crimes, which unfortunately is sometimes the case. While other factors play into these statistics, an owner should still take all necessary precautions to protect his or her investment. Customers will certainly feel more comfortable and secure when shopping at a location that feels safe. Having a security system with video surveillance helps to protect property and employees.

Make sure all security efforts, whether trained security personnel or cameras, extend not just to the store interior but to the parking lot areas as well. Your entire property should have sufficient lighting and be covered by surveillance cameras to reduce any threat of crime, particularly during evening hours.

Even with surveillance and security systems in place, there are still other concerns to be addressed. Employees working at high-risk hours should always have at least one other worker on their shift. When employees are working alone, make certain that security equipment is in working condition inside the store at all times.

Employees should also be trained on what to do if confronted with a dangerous situation. Local law enforcement agencies, community organizations and security companies offer courses on this topic. Entrepreneurs should also purchase adequate Convenience stores insurance for liability issues in order to protect their investment from claims.

Coverage Lines and Boat Repairer Insurance Brokers

Coverage Lines and Boat Repairer Insurance Brokers

Your clients, many of which are in the boat or yacht building business, have numerous liability exposures and face several exposures associated with their line of work that they must protect themselves against. This requires them to carry multiple lines of insurance in order to be properly covered for any unfortunate event.

Their liability to the public alone is likely the area thats of greatest concern to them, simply because their customers can be injured while on their premises, or traversing their docks, or even while going on rides to demo different craft. One of the first policies they need to procure from boat repairer insurance brokers is builders risk insurance, which covers a vessel from the start of construction through the final delivery to the customer. The boat builder insurance coverage includes launching, and sea trials areas, along with collision liability and protection and indemnity (P&I).

Other important lines of coverage

In addition to builders risk, a builder will need general liability insurance, products liability as well as various property coverages, commercial auto coverage, inland marine coverage, pollution coverage, and employers liability coverage. Another consideration is the fact that their exposures can continue for many years after their customers take charge of their motor craft. For example, if their product, or the work of their service department injures someone, they could be held liable for the injuries and any associated medical bills.

The various aspects of insuring a builder are complex. Boat repairer insurance brokers can help their clients assess the full range of their individual needs and assist them in placing coverage with one of several companies that focuses primarily on insuring builders.

For the most part, their inventory is their biggest asset and therefore they need to take the necessary steps to ensure that it is protected from a major loss. Due to the fact that the inventory values can fluctuate greatly, this should be covered on a monthly reporting form, which also means that they will only pay a premium for the exact value of their inventory, which can result in significant savings.