November, 2016

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Easy Ways to Save on Home Insurance

home insurance in CT

Insurance is often one of the biggest expenses facing homeowners, and if you are like most people, you are always looking for ways to cut costs. Luckily, there are a number of ways to save some money on home insurance in CT. Strategies such as bundling your coverage and looking for discounts can significantly cut costs and make your monthly bill much easier. Read on for more information on some of the most effecting saving strategies.

Research Available Discounts

Insurance providers typically have a number of discounts available that can be applied to your bill. In order to take advantage of them, however, you have to ask. Some of the potential discounts to look into include the following:

  • Club membership
  • Longtime customer
  • Installing security
  • Recent renovation

Get In Touch With Your Agent

Talking to your insurance agent can certainly be fruitful in saving money, too. You can bring up your longevity as a customer or bundling policies as bargaining chips to try and snag some discounts on your home insurance in CT. An agent may be able to help you find discounts you werent aware of and save you even more money. Do your research and get in touch with your agent to cut down on your home insurance bill.

Laws Surrounding Workers Compensation in Virginia

workers compensation in Virginia

Acquiring workers compensation in Virginia is necessary for all businesses. For the well-being of your company and the people who work for you, it is prudent to learn a little bit about these insurance policies.

Injuries Covered

Any injury that occurs at a place of work is covered by workers comp under Virginia law. This includes sudden injuries or illnesses that develop over a period of time. Additionally, short-term and permanent injuries are covered, so whether you are in the hospital for a day or have sustained a permanent disability, workers comp should be able to pay out.

Filing Process

An injured worker will likely inform you of an injury shortly after it has happened. Once you know, you need to contact your insurance company promptly. A form needs to be filled out, and you will need to send it to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. You only have 10 days to do this.

Workers comp can cover a lot of different facets of an injury, including medical bills, lost wages due to being away from work and compensation for any permanent disabilities. Business owners are required by law to have this insurance at all times in order to operate. Make sure your worker’s compensation in Virginia is comprehensive so that everyone who works for you remains protected.


Keep Your Data Locked Down

data loss insurance

Your business needs its accumulation of data in order to run correctly in the coming months and years, and to work alongside employees and customers to make a truly excellent experience for everyone involved. However, due to the increased virtualization of record and data-keeping policies, this information is sometimes prone to being lost or stolen. Protect your business from this issue and the fallout of such problems with data loss insurance. Not only does this service attempt to prevent loss from occurring, but has your businesss back in the event that an attack occurs. You can expect your agency to:

  • Handle important press-related matters in a way that keeps your business safe from legal harm while informing the public of what went wrong and how you intend to mitigate the damage.
  • Reach out to employees and customers who might have been impacted by a breach in the credit or information zones, placing their accounts and livelihoods at risk.
  • Provide you with both the legal and forensic services required to analyze how and why the breach occurred, and keep you safe from various lawsuits and other threats in the aftermath of the entire ordeal.

Data loss insurance is there to help your business maintain its professionalism and credulity, regardless of your industry. Speak with a professional to learn more about how this resource can benefit you over the years.

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance Quotes

allied healthcare liability insurance

Your family depends on home insurance that covers unexpected events. You may have researched your options and discovered what kind of coverage you need, but you want to pay the lowest rate you can. There is no need to take quotes for home insurance CT at face value, but there are a number of things you can do to make sure your premiums are reasonable, including:

  • Negotiating and comparing
  • Raising your deductible
  • Working with the same insurance company
  • Showing loyalty and good credit

Negotiating and Comparing

You shop around for the right car, and the same is true of home insurance. Many people tend to be either over or under-insured, so first check that you have the right kind of policy. It may be helpful to use the service of a broker for home insurance CT who can help you find the best quotes. You can also negotiate quotes with the company and come to a rate that is suitable.

Raising Your Deductible

The deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance company starts to pay. The higher the deductible is, often, the lower your premiums will be.

Working With the Same Company

Insurance companies reward loyalties often by offering special quotes for those who hold other policies with the same company. Make sure you buy your flood or fire insurance with the same company you use for you other policies to receive discounts.


3 Reasons to Invest in Oil and Gas Insurance

oil and gas insurance in New Mexico

If you own a company in New Mexico that deals with oil and gas, then you face more challenges on a daily basis than business owners in most other industries. The environmental risks and regulations surrounding your industry can make performing business hard, and a single mistake could shut your company down for good. Fortunately, you have oil and gas insurance in New Mexico on your side. These services offer your business a level of security many only dream of by providing benefits such as:

  • Risk management. While you certainly do your best to keep your potential for mistakes at a minimum, insurance agency have thorough standards and processes that are designed to drastically reduce likelihoods of leaks and other issues.
  • They protect your business from a variety of legal threats in the event that something goes wrong during everyday operations.
  • The services not only cover your business operations, but also your equipment. Pumpers, trucks and several other different types of industry-related machines are covered under this type of insurance.

Working in this industry might be risky, but with oil and gas insurance in New Mexico, you can proceed with your business with less worry and really make a name for yourself across the country. Speak to a professional to learn more about why you need these resources to keep moving forward.

Why You Need Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance Coverage

warehouse legal liability insurance

Warehouse operators have a major responsible to their clients who trust them to store their goods and merchandise until it reaches its final destination. This opens them up to a slew of exposures that could result in claims due to any number of hazards they might face. In the news, we hear about warehouse fires and probably never even consider the impact this has.

In addition, theft or damage to cargo and merchandise owned by third parties contained in your facilities can be quite costly. Anytime you’re found negligent in the care of your customer’s goods, by having warehouse legal liability insurance, your carrier pays the customer for any losses incurred. Warehouse legal liability insurance provides specialized coverage for commercial distribution warehouses and logistics companies. It’s the best available coverage for this industry.

Coverage under these policies varies

Depending on your set of circumstances, you should speak to a qualified insurer to determine your specific policy needs, since not all policies provide the same protections. The agent you choose should have a thorough understanding of bailment liability and how it works. As the company or proprietor having a legal responsibility for cargo in your care that is either lost or damaged, you cannot afford to lack the necessary protection your business needs in the event of a lawsuit and subsequent settlement. You will often find that you have liability concerns in matters such as these, and this means that you have legally assumed these liabilities and must provide the necessary compensation to the injured party. There may also be additional costs that affect your bottom line.

For example, if you experience a fire and have damaged goods and internal damages to your facility this can result in an added cost. Debris removal is also an important thing to consider when choosing between insurance options since the warehouse operator or bailee may incur yet another costly expenditure. There is a price to pay to have damaged property removed from the storage premises, which must be properly disposed of as well.

You should fully understand all contractual agreements between you and your clients related to your warehousing services, including any limitations on recovery associated with the warehousing agreement. This includes keeping copies of all bills of lading, warehouse receipts and invoices issued for the goods being stored on the premises.Having warehouse legal liability insurance in place will help when any problems occur during storage of clients merchandise in your care.

Employment Practices Liability and Staffing Agency Insurance

staffing agency insurance

Employment practices liability (EPL) coverage is designed to protect companies, including staffing firms against any claims or allegations such as discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination brought about by an applicant or employee.

This policy, an integral part of any staffing agency insurance portfolio, is specifically designed to provide coverage to the firm for their in-house employees and for their contract employees working in a temporary capacity. Temp workers are placed with clients and therefore are subject to their client’s workplace environment, which is not controlled by the staffing firm. Coverage is extended to the clients for any actions of the staffing services temporary workers while at their place of business.

Investigations should follow allegations

When an incident occurs where allegations of abuse or misuse of power occur, an investigation can often get to the root of the problem by addressing the problem and hopefully preventing any continuance of workplace issues. A formal investigation can be an important tool for responding to complaints or incidents of suspected misconduct in the workplace.

These investigations often improve employee morale and can even increase productivity, and have been known to put an end to inappropriate conduct by other employees. The holding of these internal investigations is crucial to an employer’s ability to avoid litigation. By promptly responding to employees concerns about their work environment, litigation might in many cases be avoided altogether since employees who feel their complaints are being properly addressed often respond positively to such actions.

Ways for conducting an effective investigation

To effectively address any allegations brought to your attention you need to review company policy to determine which policies are applicable to the complaint. Try to explain the process using simple language to communicate what goes on during the proceedings, and the exact purpose of the investigation, to the complainant and any witnesses.

Ask witnesses to identify corroborating evidence or other documents, and carefully document statements or evidence by taking detailed notes. Always conduct proceedings in a professional and courteous manner. Remind all involved parties of their obligations, which include confidentiality, non-retaliation, and the need for truthfulness and candor.

Finally, make sure to explain what is meant by retaliation and why such conduct is prohibited, and if you receive any reports of acts of a retaliatory nature, report such conduct immediately. Everyone should feel comfortable in the workplace and to deal with claims of this nature your organization will benefit from having staffing agency insurance that deals with EPL issues.

Contractors and Newton Construction Insurance Agency

Newton Construction insurance agency

Working in the construction industry one understands that safety has to be of the utmost importance, and this includes everyone from the workers to those who visit the site. It is vital for all contractors to purchase coverage and this is available locally through a Newton Construction insurance agency. They will provide policies for property damage, theft, or any person injured while on the job site.

Occupational Health and Safety plans

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) require that contractors provide a safe workplace for their employees, one that is free from any known or recognizable hazards.

Anytime you are working where trucks are constantly moving back and forth, along with scaffolding, large pieces of debris, tools, and heavy machinery, these all pose concerns because of the risks involved in working under these conditions. Fortunately, experienced contractors understand these risks and willingly comply and work hard to develop a safe workplace.

Types of laborers available for hire

The construction industry generally secures their crew through subcontractors, hired employees, labor brokers, or independent contractors. While there are no specific laws governing how a company works with subcontractors, it’s generally advised that a contractor drew up a contractual agreement ensuring that all subcontractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. They are equally responsible for the work performed and may be sued by a client if the work is subpar or not completed.

Hired employees, on the other hand, do not have those same requirements. For example, when hiring employees, a contractor takes on additional obligations such as withholding taxes, paying wages and benefits, as well as complying with employment law. They must also provide workers compensation insurance in case there are any on the job injuries.

When engaging a broker to find labor, the contractor must pay the broker directly. They will have a similar relationship as when they hire their own employees since they are also considered employees while performing work for the contractor’s company.

When hiring independent contractors (self-employed individuals), they will pay them directly, but unlike employees, they’re not responsible for paying benefits or withholding taxes. There are, however, strict tax reporting requirements for working with independent contractors that should be understood and followed to avoid breaking any rules or laws regarding this type of employment arrangement, and in all cases, a Newton Construction insurance agency can provide all needed policies, which should be in force at all times.