January, 2017

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Understanding Your Business Insurance Needs

commercial package policy

Each business has its own unique set of risks. Your companys industry, size, customer base, lines of business and other factors larger contribute to the kinds of risk for which you must prepare. Thus, they also dictate what kinds of insurance coverage you should select. In many cases, a commercial package policy distinctly tailored for your business is the best solution to protect your interests.

What Is a Commercial Package Policy?

Commercially packaged insurance differs from business owner policies, which provide coverage for the typically collections or risks for your industry. With a BOP, you usually receive property coverage, business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown coverage and liability. In contrast, commercially packaged coverage allows you to select individual types of insurance and then bundle them together. While this can incorporate business interruption insurance as well as general liability and property, other products such as business auto, inland marine, cyber liability, crime and customized liability can also be added.

A commercial package policy may be best suited for companies that are large in size, or have diversified into several industries or lines of business. Your policies will be constructed based on risk factors for your individual firm as well as your chosen industries. You’ll need to consult your agent to determine which types of coverages are best for you.

How to Detect Employee Theft

commercial crime insurance

Detecting employee theft is not always easy. Employees who want to steal from you aren’t going to do it openly. They will be sneaky and hide their actions. However, filing a commercial crime insurance claim to cover a dishonest employee is not something you want to do, so you are much better off monitoring employees and stopping theft before it occurs.

Stay Vigilant

One of the best ways to spot an employee who is involved in theft is to just stay vigilant and pay attention to how your employees are acting. An employee who is stealing from your company will usually act differently. They may seem distracted or secretive. You may also notice their spending habits have changed, too. Some employees who are stealing may never want to take a vacation or insist on working late all the time.

Pay Attention to Accounts

You should also keep an eye on your accounts. Petty cash that is coming up missing is a good sign there is an issue. Accounts that aren’t balancing are another one. You should be checking and reconciling accounts at least once a month to watch for unusual activity.

Detecting employee theft isn’t something that is always easy to do. An employee who is stealing will do so carefully and try to make it undetectable. However, if you stay alert and keep an eye on your accounts, then you may be able to catch things before they go as far as having to make a commercial crime insurance claim.

Be Prepared for Anything That Happens

business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey

Being a business owner or the leader of a company means being willing to face any challenging situation that might arise. Although everyone hopes for a day filled with success and straightforward operation, this is not always what happens. Sometimes situations arise that require a little protection from your insurance policy. If you do not have business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey, then you risk coming up short when a situation calls for serious remedy.

Protection in Many Complex Circumstances

No leader wants to imagine the worst that could possibly happen to a company but the reality is that problems will inevitably arise. Some of these problems can be easily addressed with the help of a comprehensive business insurance policy. Your policy can provide lines of coverage such as:

  • Commercial auto
  • Commercial property
  • Agents and employees
  • Product liability

Having insurance is perhaps the best form of risk management that a business decision maker can implement. However, a policy is only as good as the coverage it contains; there may be gaps that you are unaware of. Reviewing your policy with an agent is the best way to address this concern.

Your insurance agent is here to help; speak with them today to discover more about how business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey can help you.


Finding Vegan Business Insurance

vegan business insurance

Working in an industry that is equal parts social movement and lifestyle means understanding how every choice in your supply line contributes to your companys overall social footprint. That also helps you to understand how to make the best choices to keep it on an ethical footing, including how to pick the vegan business insurance that will anticipate your needs and work with you to cover your major areas of risk.

Why Business Insurance Just for Vegans?

When you buy insurance, you are essentially contributing to a pool of funds that are used to make companies and consumers whole again in the event of accidents and other unpleasant, unforeseen events. As the operator of a vegan company, this is important to choose carefully because you do not want your money to be used to support companies and causes that work against your worldview, which is why it can be helpful to know that your insurance pool includes like-minded industries and companies, including:

  • Vegan restaurants
  • Community festivals and events
  • Animal shelters and rescue organizations
  • Advocacy organizations
  • Vegan stores and supermarkets

When you are looking for insurance, make sure that your choice reflects your values, the same way that your personal purchasing decisions are informed by your worldview. Find a provider who takes pride in serving the community.

Storm Watch and Yacht Insurance in Newport Beach

insurance in Newport beach

Acquiring adequate yacht insurance in Newport beach can make all the difference when it comes to issues affecting your watercraft, your safety (and the safety of others), as well as the possibility of property damage occurring due to an unforeseen event. While we generally experience good weather every month of the year, there’s always the possibility that temperamental weather off the coast may occur.


There are several precautions every yacht and boat owner can take to stay safe. As anyone who has ever driven a boat can tell you, stormy seas can develop quite quickly, so putting to use a few safe boating tips can make a world of difference.


Be watchful when you’re on the water


It’s winter season now, so even if it’s nice out, there have been occasions where people have had to avoid a disaster on the seas and were able to do so because they were vigilant and aware. By constantly listening to the weather broadcasts, or scanning the skies for any sign of a storm or changing winds, youll be able to decide whether it’s safe to remain in the water or if it may be time to turn around and head back.


Sometimes the weather forecasts can’t predict sudden weather changes. If you see dark storm clouds gathering, or notice the wind picking up rather severely, take precautions because a downpour could be on the way. The weather reports will allow you to know if there is any expected risk of high winds, thunderstorms, or other challenging weather conditions. Listen to the forecast by the National Weather Service on NOAA Weather Radio or your local AM or FM stations.


Whenever things get rough take some added safety precautions. Head for shore when possible so you can get your passengers out of your boat and to safety. If you have to stay on the water, make sure everyone puts on a life jacket or personal flotation device. Ensure that guest’s and particularly children, stay below deck and everyone should know the protocol in place for your emergency plan. Once on shore and things settle down, inspect your craft for any damage. If there is any, you’ll be glad that you have yacht insurance in Newport beach to help with any necessary repairs.


Choosing Insurance for a Childcare Center

CT insurance companies

If you want to run your own childcare center, you must ensure it’s safe for yourself, your employees and of course, the children in your care. To provide a safe environment, you must work with CT insurance companies to get just the right insurance policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance provides a broad range of coverage to meet a variety of needs. In addition to items traditionally covered under this policy, it can also cover taking the children on field trips and child abuse situations.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you intend to provide transportation services or to take your charges on outings of any kind, it is important to speak to CT insurance companies about commercial auto insurance. The coverage will protect you, your employees and the children in case of injuries as well as protect people in other vehicles and any damaged property.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Even in something as safe as a childcare center, it is possible for your employees to sustain an injury. You need workers’ compensation insurance so that you can provide your employees with wages in the event they are off work to recover from an injury.

When seeking insurance for your childcare center, consult with professional and licensed CT insurance companies. They will be able to help you determine which policies you need based on the type of care you provide and where you do it.

How to Get a Customs Bond

Customs bonds

Customs bonds are a requirement when importing items into the country. The federal government has strict rules and regulations in place to carefully monitor and track everything that comes into the U.S. With that in mind, if you will be importing goods, you will need to secure a customs bond.

The First Step

It is important to understand upfront that the government wont actually provide you a customs bond directly. You have to go through a company called a surety. The surety has to be licensed by the Treasury department. This is essential to understand because you cant get a valid bond anywhere else, and you could face potential issues if you try to use a nonvalid bond.

Securing the Bond

Once you know where to get a bond, you will then have to follow whatever process the company has designed for obtaining a bond. Typically, this will include completing an application that will provide your company information and information about what you are importing. Many times, you will need to grant power of attorney to the company so it can file the bond for you. There will also be fees involved, which include taxes.

Once you have a valid customs bond, you can then begin importing your goods. It is important to remember that you cannot import without a bond, so you will have to make sure you go through the process to secure a legally valid bond.

3 Important Components for Your Insurance Agency Marketing

insurance agency marketing

Everyone needs insurance, but not everybody knows how to take the first steps toward acquiring it. When you’re hungry, you go into a restaurant, but people are far less likely to simply contact an insurance company. For this reason, insurance agency marketing is vital for finding clients. Ensure your marketing includes these three components.

Web Design

Even if you have a website, chances are it’s not performing as well as it could. A good website will be well-branded with a professional logo, will have a responsive design that loads well on any internet-enabled device and will be easy for users to navigate. It must also be secure to protect your data and that of your clients.

Social Media

Nearly 50 percent of people rely on social media when trying to decide whether to purchase a product or service. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’re missing out on valuable insurance agency marketing opportunities. Your profiles should match the branding of your website and be updated with fresh content at least a few times per week.

Search Strategy

Search engine optimization is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Keyword research, optimization of your website to use trending keywords and relevant content ensure your page climbs the ranks on Google and other search engines.

For your insurance agency marketing strategy to flourish, you must work with a reputable marketing agency. Together, you can create the web presence your company needs to thrive.