October, 2017

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What Business Insurance Can Do

Brooklyn business insurance

Creating a business is a bold step, and insuring it is a good way to avoid certain risks. Brooklyn business insurance is helpful whether you have a single small store or are working to build a digital empire. Here is a look at areas you may need to cover.


Businesses large and small have some component that is digital. Anything stored on a computer is liable to cyber-attacks, so insurance to cover this eventuality can cover some of the expenses incurred when sensitive data is stolen. Such protection can also be important if you lose customer information.


Most businesses have some impact on their environment and these impacts are regulated with various laws. Brooklyn business insurance may help if an accident causes environmental harm that your business becomes liable for.


A business with employees needs insurance for many reasons. A work accident would require worker’s compensation while other liability insurance protects your company if the accident harms physical assets. Insurance to cover drivers is another way to protect both employees and your products.

If you plan on starting a business, make sure you know how to protect it. Business insurance can cover a variety of eventualities and part of a good business model is planning for both good and bad outcomes.

Selecting the Right Provider for Your General Liability Insurance

New Mexico insurance agency

If you’ve just opened the doors of your new business to the public, the odds are that getting good, solid liability insurance is at the top of your list. However, it’s important to remember not to jump on board with the first provider you find. After all, not every New Mexico insurance agency is on your side, and some may not be able to deliver what they promise in the long run. Being selective when choosing your provider is an absolute must, and some of the qualities you’ll want to keep an eye out for include experience, local expertise, and reputation.

Experienced agencies have generally dealt with more cases than newer options, and therefore have the know-how needed to handle more issues that might lie in your future. Local expertise means the agency is better able to protect you from the threats your business will face on a day to day basis, and reputation just helps you understand a bit more about the company’s integrity and what it really has to offer.

Adding these simple yet imperative search criteria to your list helps narrow down the field of available options to reveal the truly great insurance providers out there. Paying close attention to these qualities can help you choose your ideal New Mexico insurance agency easier and quicker, and ensure you have a reliable support system for your business at all times.

E&O Insurance is Essential for Working Professionals

New Jersey errors and omission liability

Because we live in an increasingly litigious society, the chances of getting sued for professional liability are even greater now than ever. However, most small businesses are not aware of their need for this coverage, the only way to mitigate the risks of such litigation. Business owners often question whether New Jersey errors and omission liability insurance applies to their situation.

Every business needs to have property insurance (which pays for fire damage to a building), general liability (for damage committed to someone else’s property), and workers’ compensation insurance (that pays legal fees if workers file a suit for injuries).
Errors and omissions coverage offers protection from a civil lawsuit settlement arising from an implied faulty business practice resulting in fines or penalties.

The Scope of E&O coverage

E&O is a limited insurance category designed to protect against professional errors. In medical circles, it’s widely known as malpractice insurance. A professional error is considered a risk that takes place in any business environment. For example, shipping a customers order to the wrong location, providing or selling software that causes a customer’s computer systems to break down, or hiring a subcontractor who causes damage while performing a routine plumbing job.

There is an infinite number of possible professional errors, many of which may cause a customer to sue for any damages or losses. The benefit of an E&O policy is that it offers protection across a spectrum of legitimate professional errors, and even protects against frivolous lawsuits by paying for any legal costs incurred.

Who Needs E&O?

Practically all businesses face some type of professional liability risk. For the majority of small businesses, perhaps the need isnt so great, but for most professionals it is essential coverage to have. That’s because the legal system in the US tends to punish professional error with award judgments often in the millions. Even with a favorable judgment, there’s still the question of paying the legal fees.

Remember, a single unfavorable ruling in court can shut down the vast majority of businesses that lack coverage. A New Jersey errors and omission liability policy is the best line of defense you can have.

Whole Life Isnt Your Average Life Insurance Policy

life insurance for the whole family.

Why is it that if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of an accident, injury, illness or even death that you have to purchase multiple types of insurance? You need car insurance to cover property damage in the event of a car accident. You need health insurance to help pay for medical expenses. You need life insurance to provide your loved ones with financial stability in the event of your death, and you need liability coverage to protect yourself from legal claims. After you purchase all those policies, you barely have enough left over to put in your savings account. Fortunately, there is a way to save and protect yourself from all of the lifes curveballs: life insurance for the whole family.

A Whole Life insurance policy is what it sounds like: insurance for your whole life. Not only can a Whole Life policy provide your heirs with financial stability in the event of your untimely death, but also, it can be used at any point throughout your life for major expenses and setbacks. If you are laid off, you can count on your Whole Life policy to fund your expenses until you get back on your feet. If you need help covering your mortgage payments, you can surrender your policy for the full cash value of it. If you want your child to go to college but you cannot afford tuition payments, you can use your Whole Life coverage to fund their education.

Whole Life isn’t your normal life insurance policy its life insurance for the whole family.

What Your Errors and Omissions Insurance May Not Cover


Errors and Omissions insurance is an essential policy in any business profile. It can protect you against lawsuits that may arise if your firm makes a mistake. Furthermore, a comprehensive errors and omissions plan from AXIS can cover the legal fees to protect your business against erroneous suits. Unfortunately, there are some things that most business insurance plans do not include.

Employee and Hiring Issues

Customers are not the only people who can sue a business. Sometimes, employees or job candidates may file a lawsuit. Your errors and omissions policy from AIS may not cover your legal fees from these suits. However, you can purchase management liability policies that will keep your business financially safe from these legal fights.

Intentional Harm

Errors and omissions policies are meant to cover accidents. If a customer can prove that your company intentionally and knowingly caused harm, your plan may not pay for your legal fees or settlement. Its not just AIS; no insurance policy can legally cover these acts.

Illegal Acts

Just like intentional harm, business insurance cannot cover illegality on the part of the company. Be sure that your business toes the legal line, and you may not have to worry about this critical exclusion.

If you arent sure what your policy covers, be sure to ask your agent and read your policy carefully.

What to Look For In a Manufacturing Insurance Provider

manufacturing insurance.

If youre seeking manufacturer insurance, there are a number of factors you should take into account. The right insurance can make a huge difference if disaster ever happens to strike. Here are a few of the top things to look for in an insurance provider.

First of all, be sure that you choose a carrier that is willing to tailor a plan specifically for you and your business. One-size-fits-all strategies arent usually the most effective choice. Finding the right plan means finding a provider that will work with you individually.

If youre looking for manufacturer insurance, make sure you pick an organization that understands you and your industry. Manufacturers have special needs that might not always be fully met by insurers specializing in other areas. Its a good idea to seek out specialists in this field.

Finally, be sure to choose a provider that is willing to help you with an affordable and cost-effective plan. The whole purpose of insurance is to help protect your company financially, which means that you should search for coverage that will fit within your budget.

Finding the right insurance provider doesnt have to be difficult. Just look for a carrier that is experienced in the industry, willing to work with you personally, and committed to affordability when it comes to manufacturing insurance.

Effective Ways to Market Insurance

When it comes to marketing insurance, many agencies do not know where to even begin. The next time you wonder how to market insurance to prospective clients effectively, follow these tips for better campaign in the future.

Aim for Brand Consistency

Your brand consists of several different components. To keep it consistent, you should use the same headshot for every social media profile as well as the same logo. When you update information, you want to update every profile you have. That means if you post something on Facebook, then you also want to talk about it on Twitter.

Use Different Formats

You may maintain a blog to advertise your insurance agency, but you want to try out different formats to more effectively engage with the community. This can include video content related to customer testimonials or videos explaining a certain service. It can be daunting for a consumer to learn the ins and outs of insurance coverage through big blocks of text, so make things easier with educational videos.

Learning how to market insurance efficiently will draw in new clients and help grow your business. Not every strategy will work for every individual agency, but you never know if something is going to be successful unless you try it.

Understanding Coverage Needs and Policy Options for Your Watercraft

yacht insurance in Newport Beach

Although many types of coverage are provided by a commercial boat insurance policy, there are two primary or basic coverages that should always be considered. First, theres liability coverage, often called protection and indemnity coverage. This provides coverage for legal obligations to third parties. Your legal liability typically arises from bodily injury, loss of life, or damage to another’s vessel or other property as a result of operation of your vessel.

Hull coverage, equally vital, is the part of a commercial boat policy that pays for physical damage to your vessel and should be purchased on an all-risk basis, meaning that if the cause of the loss is not excluded under the policy, it shall be covered. The coverage will provide protection for the hull, attached equipment, (and unattached equipment) and personal belongings. It’s important to note that the owner is responsible for maintaining the vessel, which means normal wear and tear is typically excluded from your yacht insurance in Newport Beach. If you have further questions then you should seek the advice of an agent.

Terms of coverage should be specific to your needs

Before buying yacht insurance in Newport Beach you should make sure you understand just what the policy covers. Not all insurance is the same and the coverage you purchase may only apply to certain terms and conditions. For example, most boat policies require territorial limits of coverage, and the policies include a warranty of navigation.

That is to say, as the boat owner, you agree as part of the insurance contract, to stay within a certain geographical area with your yacht in order for the contract to be valid. You can purchase insurance that will allow you to travel outside of any specific area, but its important to be sure you have coverage at all times, both on land and in the water.

Don’t forget that you also need to properly maintain your trailer. Its subject to a lot of wear and tear from the amount of use you’re likely to get out of it, especially from exposure to salt water. Most boat owners have to be concerned with issues like frozen brakes, flat tires, and badly worn bearings. The majority of boat policies don’t include coverage for a trailer, but this is certainly something that can be added.