February, 2018

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The Difference Between Shorthaul and Longhaul

short-haul trucking insurance programs

For many truckers, the type of insurance you have can be extremely important because it may be the difference between keeping your business or shutting down in the event of an accident. However, there are many different kinds of insurance out there for different types of truckers. For example, there are both long-haul and short-haul trucking insurance programs. Here is the difference between them.

One main difference between these two types of trucking is that short-haul usually only involves driving within a 150-mile radius, where long-haul will go further out. Because of these differences, some truckers may spend more time on the road than others, with long-haul truckers on the road for weeks or months at a time and short-haul being able to come home every night or every other night.

The reason you may want to look into short-haul-specific insurance is that a lot of these drives may spend time driving on smaller streets with trickier turns, making it more likely to get in an accident. You want to make sure that your drivers are insured in the event that something like this happens, so looking into specific short-haul trucking insurance programs may be the way to go so that you can ensure that your worker and your cargo are protected if something goes wrong.

The Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance

insurance in Delaware

When purchasing auto insurance in Delaware, there are two specific types of optional policies you can buy to cover repairs to your vehicle collision and comprehensive. Without understanding the differences between them, you may opt out of the wrong policy and end up stuck with a big bill. These are some of the distinctions between the two to help you decide on one or both.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is just what it sounds like. It covers your vehicle repair when youve been involved in an accident with another vehicle or a fixed structure. This means if you crash into another car in a parking lot, hit a tree, flip your car or damage your vehicle in a pothole, youll be covered by this policy. Collision insurance in Delaware will cover you despite who was at fault and since the insurance agency wont have to investigate, your claim is often processed faster than property damage.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies cover damage not caused by driving into something else. This often includes acts of God such as natural disasters, theft and vandalism or falling tree limbs. Basically, anything that is out of your control will probably be covered by this policy.

The main difference between collision and comprehensive insurance policies is the amount of control the driver has over the damage. By knowing the variances, youll have a better idea of which policy you want to sign up for, but both is probably your best option for full coverage.

Why Bundle Policies Are the Best Option for Commercial Businesses

commercial policy in Glen Rock

As the owner of a commercial business, you understand that your risks are greater than the average small business owners, and that you have more to lose if one of those risks affects your business, which may be why you have decided to invest in a commercial policy in Glen Rock. However, deciding that you need coverage is just the first step. The next step involves determining what type of coverage you actually need. A Glen Rock insurance agent can help you with that.

The right insurance agent can help you identify your risks and understand what you have to lose if you dont invest in certain coverages. He or she can also help you build a comprehensive plan that is affordable but that will save you thousands to millions in the long run. How is that possible? By bundling.

By bundling insurance options under one greater plan, you can protect yourself from all possible exposures but only pay for one premium. With a bundle commercial policy in Glen Rock, you may be covered for everything from professional liability to fiduciary liability, and from car accidents to cyber attacks, all for one low monthly cost. If you want to protect your business with the best coverage possible, contact your local Glen Rock insurance agent for more information.

Services You Can Expect From an Insurance Wholesaler

American Team Managers Insurance

It can be difficult for small or medium insurance firms to get a hold on the market. Fortunately, insurance wholesalers such as American Team Managers Insurance can meet that need. From specialized knowledge of the industries they serve to building symbiotic relationships, your MGAs can help your small firm become competitive.

Market Expertise

With a vast understanding of various industries such as transport, small business and restaurant services, your MGA can put together a solid insurance package. Experience in the field gives wholesalers access to top-rated carriers, making it easier to find competitive rates.

Training and Support

Insurance wholesalers such as American Team Managers Insurance want the agencies they serve to thrive. To that end, they often offer opportunities for training. Online training and webinars are common tools used to advance agents understanding of insurance markets.

Excellent Service

Your promise to your clients is only as good as the underwriters who back up that promise. Excellent MGAs perform at efficient rates, sometimes allowing you to get an indication of a quote online in a couple of minutes. Coupled with quick turnaround rates for finished applications, this level of service helps you build a trusting relationship with your clients.

Your small firm does not have to struggle to get off the ground on its own. Consider an insurance wholesaler that can open the door to opportunity for you.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

insurance for California boats

From the smallest of fishing boats to spacious yachts, obtaining insurance for California boats is imperative for enjoying the open water. There are a myriad number of ways in which having the right policy makes every cruise on the water feel like smooth sailing. Read on to learn how boat insurance provides peace of mind.

Property Insurance

Even the most pleasant, relaxing and sun-soaked days can unexpectedly turn. Carrying property insurance on your watercraft is a must for protecting against various forms of damage to the following:

  • The hull and sails
  • Furnishings and built-in equipment
  • From accident collisions that are caused by you

This insurance for California boats can also cover towing costs and salvage expenses for when the unthinkable happens. Sometimes high-quality policies will even provide for additional roadside assistance for your boats tow vehicle.

Marine Liability Insurance

No one wants to think about worst-case scenarios when heading out on the water for a day of fun, but being prepared is crucial for recovering from unfortunate circumstances and events. Marine liability insurance for California boats offers coverage for damage incurred to property, or injuries caused to others, by you. Some additional coverage that could be provided under one of these policies include:

  • Broader coverage for passengers on your boat
  • Legal defense in the event that you are sued
  • The payment of judgements or monetary settlements against you

From protecting your vessel, your passengers and fellow boaters out on the water, there’s an insurance policy sure to meet your needs and help you navigate the waters when they become choppy.

Tips for Finding the Right Home Coverage

high value home coverage program

When you own a high end home, there are certain considerations that are unique simply because of the value of your property, and finding the right high value home coverage program is one of those considerations. Because of the higher value of the home itself, regular insurance coverage may not be adequate for you. There are a few tips that can help make sure your get the right coverage to put your mind at ease.

First, make sure the policy will include flood coverage adequate to the value of your home. Most insurance policies won’t include flood insurance but most high value insurance providers will provide this coverage for you. Next, if you have additional properties, covering them through the same high value home coverage program may be a good idea to help save money a keep full coverage over all your properties. Finally, make sure you can add excess liability coverage so you have full coverage to help cover the cost of injury lawsuits if you should ever need it.

With a high value home, there are extra precautions and steps to take to make sure your property has the right coverage, but considering these tips when buying that coverage may help ensure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to insurance.

Insurance Agents Need the Protection of E&O Insurance

Errors and Omission policy (E&O)

Insurance agents are constantly looking to expand their customer base. One objective is to get clients to purchase several policies for everything from their business insurance to health, auto, and other necessary coverages. But a problem may arise when these same clients find that certain exposures still exist and they may place blame on the agent for not making them aware of certain exposures. It only takes one error to have the whole relationship start to unravel.

Since the industry is constantly changing, it helps to keep up with new laws and regulations as they present themselves. As an agent, you have to have accountability for the services you provide. This is why an Errors and Omission policy (E&O) is such vital coverage for any successful agency. Errors are likely to occur sooner or later, so having insurance that addresses these concerns makes plenty of sense.

Many challenges facing insurance agents

Changing healthcare laws are at or near the top of the list of concerns for many agents. There has been a lot of confusion as to how new healthcare laws will affect insureds. There is a need to sort out all the nuances of coverage options, which includes knowing how to go about securing coverage, with many still hoping to keep their existing coverage and avoid any penalties.

Technology has made it easier to avoid making mistakes, but it hasn’t eliminated the problem completely. Clients often believe they have coverage for risks faced only to find exclusions exist in their contract that they were unaware of. A lot can also go wrong between the time invoices go out and payments are received. Any issues that arise could potentially cause customers to either request revisions to their policy or cancel altogether.

The trick is to be thorough and not have costly errors that could end up ruining a solid relationship, not to mention the likelihood of litigious consequences that could result from mistakes, which should be a primary concern. Your Errors and omission policy can really help when customer satisfaction becomes a serious issue.


How Much Boat Insurance Should You Buy?

Newport Beach boat insurance

Before you get that new boat out on the water, you have a few decisions to make. The first is what kind of boat insurance you will buy. The second is how much you should purchase. It doesn’t matter where you boat, either. The cost of Newport Beach boat insurance, for example, will depend on all the same factors as insurance purchased on the West Coast or deep in the Midwest.

The amount you should purchase begins with the value of the boat you are covering. While value is factored into many of the coverages in your policy, it is typically the only thing that determines the amount of collision coverage and comprehensive coverage you should purchase. Since collision and comprehensive covers costs of repair to your vessel, the cost to repair or replace the boat is vital in determining this number.

Value also plays a part in coverages like bodily injury and property damage liability. These two products covers injury to you, your passengers and, if you are at fault, those you have collided with, as well as damages to property sustained in the accident. Motor size, vessel age and how the boat is used play a bigger part in this calculation, however. For example, you are more likely to get in an accident driving a speedboat than a small fishing boat.