April, 2018

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Why Get Cyber Security Insurance

planned unit development

Working in a community association such as a homeowners association can be potentially more difficult than one may realize when starting out. For example, did you know how many risks there could be associated with being part of a community association? This is why there are planned unit development insurance programs specific to this line of work. One thing that may not have crossed your mind is to get cyber security protection for your business.

With the increase in technology paired with the fact that many people are putting their entire lives online, cyber security breaches may be becoming much more common in recent years. This can be bad news for the homeowners in the community that you manage, because you may have sensitive data such as financial information or more stored in your system for each homeowner. Someone who hacks into this information could steal a persons identity or get their credit card information before anyone realizes that there is a problem, and in this event it could come down on your business for liability. Getting insurance for this case can help keep the association from going bankrupt in the event that a liability case comes against them, and it could help keep those in the community protected, as well.

Getting cyber security protection is just one of many planned unit development insurance programs you should look into. There are many more that could use your consideration, as well.

Benefits of Carrying Bar Insurance

wholesale bar insurance

As an insurance agent, your job to is to find the best insurance plans for your clients and keep them covered for as many liabilities as possible. With wholesale bar insurance, this means finding coverage for general liability, assault and battery liability and much more. You can find these types of coverage through insurance markets designed to handle plans for bars and clubs.

The more types of insurance you carry, the more clients you can help find coverage. This means having programs for the different business types in your area as well as comparing those plans to find the best. Most of the time, your local area will have a bar, sports bar or even night club which will need liquor liability plans as well as assault and battery ones. Some of these plans will be required by law and some are highly recommended based on the risks of different business models.

Wholesale bar insurance can offer your clients the benefit of having the right coverage for the risks they face. This means that carrying these plan options can help you get and keep more clients in your local area. You can find plans and programs through insurance markets designed to help bars with various types of alcohol and bar liability coverage.

Take Out Life Insurance on Your Most Valuable Employees

key person life insurance

While it is wonderful to have a truly indispensable employee, one who seems to know everything about the company and the position he or she is in, it can be a liability as well. What happens when that person is out for a day, or a week or even longer? If the office comes to a standstill then it may be time to consider key person life insurance. This protects the company from expenses incurred should this valuable employee pass away, leaving a large whole in operational efficiency.

With this type of insurance the company takes out a life insurance policy on the employee, with the company as the beneficiary. The amount of the policy is determined by how much it would cost to recruit and train the new employee, the amount of disruption to the companys operations and other factors. Payment would only be in the case of death, and coverage would cease if the employee leaves the company for any other reason.

The advantages to key person life insurance are numerous. The transition period may be quicker and less expensive with coverage, and vendors and customers may be more reassured about the company’s continuity. Most importantly, this coverage compensates a company for a major loss of institutional knowledge and helps it get back to full strength.

Understanding the Risks of California Home ownership

insurance in Torrance, CA

Few things are more exciting than looking for your dream home. As one of the most significant investments you will likely every make, your home deserves protection and care. Still, owning a home in California exposes you to risks that homeowners in other parts of the country never face. With the right insurance in Torrance, CA, you safeguard your house from California-specific hazards.


From severe thunderstorms to blizzards, California’s climate spawns the sort of tough storms that can destroy your home. While a multi-national insurer may not know the unique risks storms pose to California homes, a local insurer can likely use his or her expertise to recommend adequate coverage.


California homes are susceptible to earthquake damage. Ask your insurance provider whether your home is in a quake hot spot. If it is, be sure you have enough insurance to cover all replacement costs.


Parts of California have been incredibly dry in recent years. Instead of leaving your homes condition to chance, check with your insurer to see if you are protected from wildfire damage.

Even if your home doesn’t fall victim to storms, earthquakes or fires, it may sustain damage from vandalism or other criminal activity. To keep your home safe, be sure you have comprehensive insurance in Torrance, CA. By working with a skilled agent, you have the tools you need to protect your most significant investment.

Where Can You Find Healthcare Facilities Insurance?

healthcare facilities insurance market

Brokers work with many different types of insurance markets, each designed to offer specific plans to various industries. This is the best way to find the detailed coverage that your clients need, especially if they are running healthcare facilities such as staffing agencies and assisted living facilities. You can find a healthcare facilities insurance market online to meet your needs if you know where to look.

Finding the right market for your healthcare facilities plans can be easier than you think. Once you head online to find the markets available for insurance in your location, you can narrow that down to the ones which deal with healthcare facilities. This allows you to compare programs and the companies offering them to get the best plans and savings for your clients. It also allows you to do additional research while shopping the marketplace, so you know the terms better before you commit.

The best place to find the right wholesale plans for your clients is a healthcare facilities insurance market. These marketplaces can allow you to compare the plans, programs and companies to find the best fit for almost any client. You can find a lot of this information online and be able to conduct much of your additional research at the same time.

Practice Best Boating Safety Policies

insurance for California boats

While you will certainly need insurance for California boats the cost may be significantly less when you put routine boat safety into practice. When planning a trip along the waterways, before you launch your craft, you should check the local weather forecasts prior to sailing to ensure boating conditions are favorable. Always tell someone you know the area where you plan on going and the approximate time you expect to return, especially if you’re going alone.

Perform safety checks on your engine, fuel, and electrical and steering systems, especially for concerns like exhaust-system leaks. There literally are thousands of recreational boating accidents each year, often resulting in injuries and/or damages. Some of the factors associated with boating calamities include driving too fast for conditions, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or failing to follow boating rules and regulations. Coast guard officials also cite cases where accidents were due to carelessness or the inexperience of the driver navigating the craft.

You are responsible for anyone traveling on your boat

Anytime that you have passengers travelling with you always pay close attention when having them load onto or off of the boat. Distribute the load evenly making certain not to overload your craft. Warn passengers not to stand up or to suddenly shift their weight as this could capsize a small vessel. Don’t permit anyone to ride on the bow, seat backs or gunwales and make certain that each person on board is wearing a life jacket.

When travelling in shallow waters always keep on the look out for other watercraft, swimmers, floating debris and rock formations that jut out of the water. Doing so will give you time to steer clear and avoid the potential for injuries to occur.

Your vessel should be properly equipped with required navigation lights and a safety whistle, horn or bell in order to sound alarms. Make sure to have on hand the necessary amount of life jackets and emergency safety devices such as paddles or oars, a first-aid kit, a supply of fresh water, a tool kit and spare parts, a flashlight, flares and a radio. Carry one or more fire extinguishers readily accessible and in proper condition for immediate use.

Following these measures can help ensure a fun and safe trip for everyone involved. Your insurance for California boats is designed to aid you in the event that something happens to go wrong.


Insure Your Home, Insure Your Future

house insurance in Bergen county

Many people go back and forth on whether to purchase insurance for their home. One might say to themselves, is another monthly bill added to the stack really necessary? A statement that also could be made is- these eventualities covered by the plan will never happen. Alternatively, one could think: these kinds of disasters never happen to the nice folks of Bergen county. Purchasing house insurance in Bergen county should be a breeze of a decision.

The undecisive thinking and contrary views listed above are not only false and self-defeating, but they are dangerous to a familys well being both physically and financially. Insurance companies wont insure a dangerous domicile that isnt up to code or that looks like it will fall over with the next gust of wind. In this way the act of successfully buying insurance for a home can be like a safety check for the structure. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of having insurance is the financial one. Yes, insurance does cost money every month, but this is often recouped ten-fold when a disaster strikes.

House insurance in Bergen county should be bought, just like it should be bought by homeowners in every county of the United States. Protection of personal assets with insurance is always a good decision, and home insurance is no exception.

What is the Difference Between Tail Coverage and Extended Reporting Coverage?

insurance tail coverage definition

The short answer to the question Whats the difference between tail coverage and extended reporting coverage? is that there is no difference. A solid insurance tail coverage definition can tell you why.

Tail coverage is a benefit to various forms of errors and omissions insurance, including lawyers professional liability insurance and different types of malpractice insurance. Those insurance products are written on a claims-made basis. For the insurer to cover the claim, the claim must be made against the business professional and reported to the insurance carrier during the time the policy covers. For example, if the liability policy covers the insured between January 1 and December 31, 2018, the claim must be made during that same time frame.

For claims made within a reasonable time after the expiration of the policy, extended reporting coverage will allow coverage of those claims. Because that benefit occurs after the policy has expired, or at the tail end of the coverage, it is sometimes called tail coverage.

Those insured by tail coverage must remember that extended reporting coverage typically comes with a time limit, usually no more than a year after the expiration of the original policy. Also remember that work conducted after the expiration period, but during the tail coverage period, will not be covered.

Find Insurance That Fits Your Lifestyle

high-value insurance program

If you find yourself part of the fortunate ranks of people who earn over $200,000 annually, it is probably time for you to do some thinking about your insurance coverage. The steadily increasing number of people reaching this level of income often do not consider upgrading to a high-value insurance program to match their growing net worth. Insurance is something traditionally that is easy to forget about. However, if an accident or other claim-worthy incident occurs, insurance coverage can soon become the pivot on which everything turns. Make it a point to understand the risks you face as a member of the newly affluent community.

Step one is to find a good insurance professional that you can work with closely. You have to break the habit of treating your insurance agent or broker as a salesperson, and start thinking of him or her as a trusted consultant. Schedule annual reviews to assess your changing insurance needs. Speak candidly and try to learn as much as you can. Do everything you can to build trust in the relationship by asking for and following valuable advice concerning your high-value insurance program. Over time, you will likely develop a deeper understanding of the insurance process and instinctively know when it is time to adjust your coverage levels.

Because Even Engineers Arent Perfect

E&O insurance for engineers

Errors and omissions by professionals like engineers can have a huge impact on the construction of any building. This weight of responsibility for a rigid timeline, exceptional design and attention to detail can create a high probability for claims. E&O insurance for engineers from a top insurance company can alleviate the stress so the focus stays on the construction, not the risk involved.

Facing Some Of the Main Issues

There are many things that could potentially go wrong during the construction process. Even the most skilled professionals are at risk for issues like

  • Improper implementing of the original design, putting the progress of the construction behind
  • Extended completion dates, causing the owner loss of time and money
  • Overlooking a design component, leading to additional blueprint changes and reconstruction

Finding the Right Insurance Company to Face These Issues

Because even the most talented experts arent perfect, its important to find an insurance company that will provide quality E&O insurance for engineers. Look for an insurance provider that can handle any companys needs regardless of its size, and provide for both individuals and firms. They should be able to customize an insurance plan to fit exactly what is needed.

Dont take any chances when dealing with the potential for errors and omissions claims. Having the best insurance company on your side keeps the focus on what you do best and not on potential risks.