May, 2018

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How a 20 pay Life Insurance Plan Works

20 pay whole life

When shopping for life insurance you may have seen options for a 20 pay whole life policy. With the various plan options out there you may be wondering what makes a 20 pay policy different. Keep reading to learn a bit more about how these work.

Most 20 pay policies include the same coverage as your typical traditional life insurance plan. In both cases you choose the right plan for your needs, pay the premiums until the plan is paid, and when your death occurs your beneficiaries receive the payment. The difference in a 20 pay plan is that the premiums are set to be paid off in 20 years instead of over a whole life time. This means that your payments could be a little higher depending on the plan, but after twenty years the plan has been paid in full and the coverage remains. Like any insurance policy terms may vary depending on which plan you choose.

If you’re considering a 20 pay whole life insurance policy you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the same great coverage as many traditional plans. The big difference is mostly in how the premium payment schedule is set up. If you have any questions your life insurance agent should be able to help.

How Building Property Coverage can Protect Your Business

Columbus building property coverage

Finding the right real estate for your business can be a stressful endeavor, but you shouldnt relax once youve found the right building. Owners and renters alike can further protect their businesses by finding the right insurance coverage. The right insurance agent can help assess your current policies if you have one, or they can find you a new plan to make sure you have the coverage to protect the various areas of your company. Things like theft, fire and accidents can threaten your inventory and equipment, so if you live in Columbus, building property coverage can help protect your business.

There are many factors that go into creating your policy, like the size of the property and location. You may have areas of coverage in mind, but an insurance agent can help you cover areas you didnt think of or didnt know to protect. Damage to your property or equipment can impact your business operations, so you may want to be covered for lost income and the expenses youll still have to pay. In this time, your stock could be also be ruined, further impacting your ability to do business. If you run a business in Columbus, building property coverage from a trusted agent can help get your operations running smoothly again.

What Can a Business Owners Insurance Policy Do for You?

Business Owners Policy in Carmel

Your business is your livelihood. Youve invested time and money into building networks and a client base. You want to make sure that all your hard work is protected from any curve balls life throws at you. When you get a Business Owners Policy in Carmel, youre protecting your business and your future.

A Business Owners Policy offers a variety of coverage, including exterior structures, signage, equipment breakdown, and even specialty items. Property insurance is also available, and covers not only the buildings and contents owned by your business, but others personal property residing on your premises. If your business includes a mobile property component, you may be able to extend your Property insurance to over that as well.

Another key component of Property insurance is Business Interruption insurance, which covers ongoing expenses during a business shut down caused by a covered loss. This means that bills such as payroll and utilities will continued to be paid even as you rebuild, which is vital to keeping your business from falling behind and possibly into financial hardship.

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can cause loss to a business, many of which its impossible to plan for or prevent. However, with Business Owners Policy in Carmel, you can protect against the unexpected and keep your business running without missing a step.

Why Home Health Care Liability Coverages Are Important

home health care liability wholesaler

Home health care is the preferred alternative for patients with some independence who need help with certain aspects of their life and wish to remain in the comfort of their own home. Insurance coverage for home health care providers protects both workers and patients from unplanned for issues. Here is a look at the important care home health providers offer and how coverage from a home health care liability wholesaler can help.

Home health care providers handle certain day-to-day activities such as physical therapy, nursing care, cooking meals, bathing and dressing, cleaning house and companionship. All of these important care aspects house potential pitfalls in the form of accidents, negligence, fraud and false accusations.

A home health care liability wholesaler with decades of experience insuring home care professionals knows how to handle common and uncommon issues. Some of these include work-related automobile accidents and worker’s compensation. A good insurance company can also provide easy payment plans, flexible coverage options and claims for both admitted and non-admitted cases.

Home health care is an important part of making those with limited mobility or mental disabilities feel a measure of independence in their own home. So a provider of this type can continue working, insurance coverage is necessary. Providers choosing to cover a wide range of issues experience less risk of financial penalties.

What Do California Marina Insurance Offer to Business Owners?

Insurance for California marinas

Insurance for California marinas offers a variety of services that are often bundled in different coverage programs. Depending on what type of business they own or what their needs are business owners can choose from yacht, manufacturer, builder, artisan, repairer and cargo insurance programs. These types of marina insurance cover the basics from physical and financial damage to different kinds of liability, such as employee or pollution liability.

Marina insurance is a general term that can be applied to a range of specific types of insurance provided for those who do business with marinas. For example, yacht clubs and marinas have programs especially tailored to protecting their business needs. These programs offer not only general coverage for the boats and property, but also offer coverage for property owned by members of these clubs as well as sailing school training and chartering. They also offer workers compensation for employees. Manufacturer, boat builder, and artisan insurance operate on a similar vein, such as offering basic property and liability coverage, and only differ by the different kinds of equipment coverage they offer. Ship repairer insurance focuses on coverage for specific types of repairs while also offering general coverage for any damages sustained.

Marina insurance as a whole concentrates on the entire range of marina-related businesses. Insurance for California marinas target specific businesses such as yacht clubs as well as businesses that repair ships and boats. Thanks to the range and flexibility in the coverage offered, business owners of any kind will find an option perfect for their businesses.

Common Issues that Require Coverage for Professionals

accountant professional liability insurance

The need for errors and omissions (E&O) insurance includes professionals across a wide range of industries, and some of the people who can benefit by having E&O insurance are doctors, lawyers, architects, and engineers, to name a few. There are however, many others who need this type of coverage and chief among them are accountants, many of whom can definitely benefit by purchasing a policy of this type.

If your business is providing a service to clients for a fee, then chances are you could be sued and therefore you have a definite exposure to address. Just consider what could happen if, for any reason, the service you perform for a client is not done correctly, perhaps you miss a deadline, and this winds up costing your client money, or serious harm to his or her own reputation. Theyre likely to seek retribution through the court system and this illustrates your need for accountant professional liability insurance.

Claims filed for malpractice

Claims against accountants can range from a number of unfortunate missteps, including failing to file an extension resulting in a penalty, or providing a client with poor advice. The majority likely stems from return errors that hopefully can be adjusted without fines, but malpractice often results from poor communication with clients as opposed to any errors due to the complexities of the tax code.

Most of these problems can be avoided through better quality control procedures. CPAs have an ethical duty to handle the business of their clients with proper care and avoid errors and omissions in the work they submit. Some mistakes loom larger than others and will have a greater impact on clients. This can result in a loss of trust, which is certainly bad for business. You’ll want to avoid situations where there is a potential for malpractice damages and will require the need for a legal defense.

The best time to buy accountant professional liability insurance is before an error occurs. If you’re an accounting and tax professional and you know you’re likely to encounter these kinds of exposures, make sure that a policy for errors and other mistakes exists as a part of your insurance portfolio.


Why Insurance Matters for Big Data Companies

big data insurance

No matter what sort of business you operate, it is possible that a data breach could happen. This can mean that your records are available to a malicious hacker, including employee records and sensitive client data. Of course, in a big data environment, keeping information secure is even more critical than for other businesses. There are many ways that your data can be compromised, which is why big data insurance is crucial.

An employee who is traveling with their work laptop, smartphone, or tablet should lose the device. It could also be stolen from their luggage while traveling. If the person who steals or gains access to this device manages to get inside it, it is possible that secure data will be stolen. Other situations that could happen include a phishing attack which opens up your network to hackers. It is also possible for an employee to dispose of essential data improperly, allowing others to gain access to personally identifying information.

Training your employees on the proper way to handle any personal information is an excellent first step, but it does not negate the need for other protection. Big data insurance, such as data compromise coverage, can fill in the gaps. Make sure you have the right security when it comes to your significant amounts of essential data.

Insurance Can Help Avoid a Costly Lawsuit

dog bite homeowners insurance

More than 43 million US households have dogs for pets and according to theCenters for Disease Control (CDC), there are 4.7 million dog bites per year. Without being properly insured, either through dog bite homeowners insurance or a policy from a private carrier, you could face financial responsibility in a dog bite lawsuit. One way that you can help to prevent injuries is by training your dog so that it doesn’t bite or injure someone else or their pet.

Important considerations for dog owners

To keep yourself and others safe you should, when considering the purchase of a new dog, look for a breed that fits nicely with your family, especially if you have young children. Also, consider consulting a professional (such as a veterinarian, animal behaviorist or breeder) for help in selecting the best breed for your situation. Take the time necessary to get to know a dog before buying or adopting it.

You should also spay or neuter your pets and seek professional advice if your dog develops aggressive behaviors. Make sure yourliability insurancecovers the type and breed of dog that you own.

Helpful ways to avoid dog bites

Remember that children are most at risk for dog bites, but anyone can be a victim of an unexpected attack. Instruct others, especially young children, not to approach an unfamiliar dog, nor should they run or scream. Its best to remain motionless and try calling for help.

Dont allow children to play with a dog unless an adult supervises them. Warn them not to stare at the animal, since direct eye contact with a dog can possibly make it feel threatened. Children should never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies. Its also a good idea to allow a dog to see and sniff you before petting it.

No one wants to end up in court as the victim or the owner of a dog following an injury. A lawsuit can be a terrible ordeal, emotionally and financially, particularly if lacking dog bite homeowners insurance. Carry adequate amounts of insurance and be mindful of what should be done when faced with a situation that may be seen as a potential threat.