July, 2018

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Understanding Your Business Insurance Coverage

business insurance coverage in Orlando

Businesses can be exposed to a number of risks, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Niche industries can be exposed even further, which is why its so important to have the right coverage in case of disaster. While extra coverage is available, you should understand a basic policy first, so that you know exactly where the gaps are. If you’re looking for business insurance coverage in Orlando, here are some basics.

At any time, your business could be moments away from disaster. A customer or employee could slip and fall, water damage could ruin your stock, a storm could force you to close for repairs, or a hacker could get into your computer. Insurance products like general liability, commercial property, professional liability, D&O liability, cyber liability and workers compensation can help protect you from many different instances. Some of these include data breaches, accusations of negligence and property damage. However, if you don’t follow regulations and keep track of your coverage limits, you could be forced to pay for repairs or fees. An insurance agent can help you develop a plan to limit your risks, and when you invest in the protection of your company, the faster you should get back to normal when unfortunate events do occur with business insurance coverage in Orlando.

Interstate Truck Insurance Required by the FMCSA

interstate trucking cargo insurance programs

Not all interstate truckers perform the exact same duties and therefore have different exposures for the industries they serve. Hazardous materials have different coverage requirements than food and beverage, just as an example. Most interstate trucking cargo insurance programs examine each company on an individual basis to determine which policies address their current needs.

Since carriers are responsible for the cargo they control while it is in their possession, it is cargo insurance that covers losses or damage to the commodities youre hauling while the goods are in transit. While operating under a Bill of Lading, starting at the pointat which the cargo is taken into your possession, and up until it reaches its destination and issigned for, you need to insure the safety of the cargo at all times.

What happens when a loss occurs?

The policyholder will be covered in the event that a loss occurs while cargo is in transit, as long there are no perils or any cause of loss specifically excluded in the policy. Cargo policies are written based on the actual commodities being hauled and are very specific. Its vital that your policy addresses the type of cargo youll be transporting at all times. Cargo insurance policies are usually endorsed or modified to meet the needs and exposures of the particular carrier for hire.

You should also look into physical damage coverage. Physical damage covers the investment you have made in your truck. It covers a variety of perils other than collision, including fire, theft, vandalism, and wind and hail.

Public liability insurances coverage for interstate truckers that protect them and public citizens when an accident occurs where the trucker is at fault. The bodily injury portion of liability insurance pays for hospital bills of pedestrians, or other motorists, when injured in accidents.Property damage pays for repairs to other peoples property damaged in an accident and each type of coverage is available through interstate trucking cargo insurance programs in your area.

The price of trucking insurance is determined by several factors, many of which are outside of your control. The best thing you can do to lower your premium for a specific policy is to contact an agent and compare rates between different agencies.Its as easy as filling out a form and finding the best quote for your sector of the trucking industry.


Complete Coverage for All Your Needs

ISU insurance

Whether it is for your home, car or health, finding the best coverage for your specific needs is more challenging than ever before. Comparing plans from one company to another is time-consuming and frustrating. After hours of searching, even an unattractive policy starts to look great. Instead of taking on the task yourself, explore the benefits of an ISU insurance agency and enjoy the ease of one-stop shopping. Getting expert help from agents who care, not only saves time and money but can give you peace of mind.

Sitting down with an ISU agent provides you a rare opportunity to lay out all of your unique needs and concerns with one, dedicated individual. Through the agencys direct access to a comprehensive database of plans and resources, your knowledgeable agent will know exactly where to look for the best policy for you.

No one has the same insurance requirements, and throughout the years, even your own needs will change. Finding the right plan to match your current situation should not leave you feeling powerless and defeated. To ensure your coverage keeps up with your dynamic life, let an ISU insurance agency do the hard work for you, gathering the complete set of answers you deserve.

Finding a Great Insurance Agent in Orlando

Orlando insurance agency

Choosing an Orlando insurance agency is not difficult if you know what to look for. First, seek out a company that’s been around for a while, and that has a solid reputation. They should offer a wide variety of commercial and individual plans, with the ability to customize their services based on your needs.

If you’re looking for commercial coverage, they should be able to examine your company’s asset base and determine your liability exposure, then look at what the potential is for financial loss and your current measures for loss prevention. Based on this, the agency should be able to make sound recommendations. They should offer a range of commercial solutions, including workers’ compensation insurance, insurance for surety bonds, liability insurance and commercial property insurance.

If you’re looking for insurance for personal needs, make sure the agency is a local company that knows the Orlando area and the kind of challenges people there face. A wide selection of coverage choices should be available, from renter and home owner insurance to flood insurance, car insurance and life insurance.

No matter what kind of coverage you need, whether for yourself or your business, the Orlando insurance agency you choose should be one that can provide you with a solid solution at a reasonable price, customized to your needs.

What Does an Insurance Wholesaler Do?

Highland insurance

If you sell insurance to niche markets, you probably have a wholesale broker such as Highland Insurance. You may be wondering exactly what wholesale brokers do. These brokers act as intermediaries between you and the insurers, relying upon their experience and specialized knowledge to find the right coverages so that you can offer your clients the best protection for their money.

While wholesale brokers can work as retail brokers, more often they work with those on the retail side. Insurers tend to favor working with wholesalers because they have cultivated relationships on both sides that allow them to match up the business that retailers produce with the product that insurers create.

Insurance wholesalers often focus on one or more key industries so that they can give specialized service to their clients. Highland Insurance, for example, focuses on healthcare, real estate and cyber coverage. Retail agents and brokers who serve those industries can benefit from the information that a wholesaler who can get them customized insurance packages that take the particular needs of their client’s market into account.

Wholesalers are the liaisons between the business side and the coverage side of insurance. Working with wholesale brokers can improve the quality of your service to your clients by taking advantage of their expertise and years of experience in the field.

Take Steps To Safeguard Your Company

Cyber risk insurance

Your company is in danger of a cyber-attack. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in; if you use a computer, your business is at risk. That doesn’t mean you’re helpless against these attacks, though. Cyber risk insurance, when included in a comprehensive cyber-security plan, is a great way to ensure your company survives a cyber-attack. Whether the assault on your computers comes from external hackers or internal sources, your company could face overwhelming financial burdens as you deal with the fall-out from the attack. It doesn’t have to be this way. Cyber insurance can give your business the legal protection it needs to survive a cyber-attack.

The two most common types of cyber liability insurance cover first and third-party damages. First-party coverage provides you with the financial means to handle the costs of, among other things, alerting your customers to the attack, reimbursing your company for computer system damage resulting from the attack and the forensic services to determine if the attack breached your data warehouse. Third-party coverage protects you from the costs of defending your company against litigation resulting from the cyber-attack.

Running a business requires you to accept certain risks. Take steps to protect yourself from those risks by making sure your Cyber risk insurance package has what it takes to handle the threats of the computer age.

Manufacturers Need Insurance for Product Liability

Needham Insurance Agent

Manufacturing companies create products for many different industries, both locally and across the US. Retailers and wholesale companies rely on you to provide them with items that have been properly tested and deemed safe for public use. Items that lead to injuries or create hazards can cause great concern in this litigious society in which we live. The fact is, companies cannot escape being sued for producing faulty products. A business is always vulnerable to the possibility of a lawsuit.

Its important to know just what you could be found liable for and what product design standards need to be met. How rigorously do you test your products before making them available to wholesalers? What are the risks, if any, involved in packaging and what is the effect of product service on liability? Defenses available in a liability suit include any knowledge that confirms the safety of any product produced and product liability coverage from a Needham Insurance Agent.

Defect issues can often plague a manufacturer

Products may be deemed unsafe for any number of reasons. It could be due to a lack of proper testing, or it could simply have defects that prevent it from performing its necessary functions. For most companies there are ways to reduce the likelihood of facing a product liability lawsuit, along with the odds of losing one.

Your company cant be held liable unless there’s a defect in your product, therefore you must strive to reach the goal of no defective parts, as this is the key to steering clear of ruinous claims. You should have a department whose job it is to target and eliminate those defects that can cause injuries.

Defendants in litigation are often caught by surprise by the product characteristics courts identify as defects. They will be held responsible even if those defects show up somewhere else in the distribution chain.

A good gauge to use in your quest to eliminate or limit any risk is to examine the design of your products and surmise what could possibly go wrong when someone attempts to use it. This can go a long way towards helping you to understand how, perhaps, your product should have been designed.

Zero defects, is probably an unachievable goal, although that’s how high you should aim. In the meantime, secure your organization with product liability coverage from a Needham Insurance Agent so that you have the capability to defend a claim.


Coverage You Can Expect From Pet Liability Insurance

dog liability insurance in Florida

If you own a dog, you need pet liability coverage. Your dog liability insurance in Florida can cover the exorbitant costs of legal fees and damages awarded if your dog happens to attack or bite someone. It can also cover any additional insureds that you add to your policy.

Pet liability insurance covers a wide variety of acts committed by your canine friend. If your dog bites or scratches a person or causes bodily harm to another animal, you may be sued. Dog liability insurance handles the legal fees for claims made against your pet. It also may cover the medical or vet bills to take care of injuries your pet causes. If your landlord or employer is added to your policy, they are covered as well. Most rental or home insurance policies don’t cover acts of pets, so it’s important to purchase additional coverage.

Out-of-pocket costs for a dog attack can be expensive. Responsible dog owners know that proper training is not enough. No matter how well an animal is trained to withstand stresses, accidents occasionally happen. When they do, dog liability insurance in Florida can protect everyone involved. It protects the owner and additional insureds from expenses, and it give the victims of the attack the resources to be made whole again.