November, 2018

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What Insurance Should You Get for Your Temporary Staff Members?

temporary staffing insurance

Insuring your company and its employees is an important part of caring for a business. Things can go wrong and accidents happen, so having an insurance program that has been carefully tailored to your business’s needs can save you and your company from trouble and financial loss.

In the case of coverage for employees, there are many basic types of policies made to protect them and anything that may poorly affect your business. However, when you have an agency to hire out temporary employees to different clients, some specified temporary staffing insurance is required to cover more than what’s standard.

Why Do You Need Special Insurance?

Most general liability policies that cover qualities such as property, professional acts, crime, etc. often are made to be limited to a specific are. That is, general liability often covers anything that happens within the premises of your business, meaning your company building. However, once an employee is hired out to a client and does work for them, basic insurance does not reach the client’s workplace or company. The temporary employee will not be covered by the client’s insurance, so any harm done or caused by them will have to be paid by your business. Temporary staffing insurance, however, extends coverage to wherever your employee goes to work. It’s safe to consider this type of coverage so that anything going wrong with your employee doesn’t create financial loss for your business.

Benefits of Using an Insurance Wholesaler for Your Marine Business

Boat builders insurance wholesalers

Business owners shop around for a variety of insurance needs regardless of niche or industry. Marine businesses have additional risks they must address. Rather than doing all the legwork yourself, consider using an insurance wholesaler. Boat builders insurance wholesalers offer services not available with traditional insurance agencies.

Featured Benefits

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to save both time and money while still getting the best deal. Enter the insurance wholesaler. Some of the best reasons to use boat builders insurance wholesalers for your insurance needs include but are not limited to:

  • Years of experience working in the marine industry
  • Offer risk management services
  • Competitive pricing and flexible, comprehensive coverage options

Time Savers

Marine businesses often need more than one policy to effectively cover all exposures. Since an insurance wholesaler handles the majority of the market research, they can save your company a significant amount of time. They know where the best deals are and the coverage options your business needs.

Whether you build, sell, repair or otherwise cater to the marine industry, boat builders insurance wholesalers can help you find the right insurance for your business at the best cost. Comprehensive coverage that meets your needs can save you money and hassle. In business, time is money. Save both with an insurance wholesaler.

“Guesstimating” Your Coverage Cost

quick insurance estimate

If you are shopping for a new insurance policy, you might find you don’t even have to talk to an agent in order to get a rough estimate. Even in areas of industry specialization, the use of internet technology offers opportunities for a quick insurance estimate. There are several things you will need to have in order to make use of this great service.

Know What You Need

There are many different types of insurance policies available for a small business. By understanding the needs of your business and the most comprehensive coverage option, you will be in a better position to complete a form generating a quick estimate.

Have Your Information Ready

Once you have determined the best type of policy for your business, you can generally find a quick quote form on a company website. You will be asked to provide the details important to generate a substantial quote. This will range in specifics from location, revenue, number of employees and potentially any past claims you may have filed. Being prepared allows you to complete the form in a timely but accurate manner.

Even though you may provide the best information, keep in mind that a quick insurance estimate is still just an estimate. More than likely, you will receive a follow-up call from an agent to discuss a potential policy.

Without Insurance Your Laundry Could Get Taken to the Cleaners

laundry insurance

Humans are a grimy bunch. Owning a dry cleaning or coin-operated laundry to help clean up the masses is a brilliant idea. Don’t let it get washed away because you don’t have the right laundry insurance.

Commercial launderers should make sure they have at least liability and property insurance before opening for business. These two policies will help ensure you are protected as soon as you take your first client, whether the business accidentally destroys someone’s wedding dress or a flood sweeps away the washers and dryers.

The Two Policies You Must Have

Each policy protects your laundry in different ways. Here’s the difference:

Property insurance: The right property insurance policy helps you repair your shop and replace equipment if it is damaged due to flood, fire or other disasters. The policy covers everything from machines to window glass.

Liability insurance: This coverage protects you and the business from accidents that may occur. For example, if a leaky washer causes a customer to slip and fall, liability insurance will help cover any medical expenses owed the customer.

With these two laundry insurance products, a business owner can feel confident serving clients. An experienced insurance agent can also help the owner determine what other coverages the business may need, like workers compensation and umbrella policies.