January, 2019

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When Your Furry Friend Isn’t So Friendly

Federation of Insured Dog Owners

Dogs have been said to be man’s best friend, but occasionally, you will find some dogs have a momentary lapse in judgment and bite the hand that feeds them. The Federation of Insured Dog Owners recommends that every dog owner retain dog bite insurance to protect their pup and financial future in the event of an incident.

There are several things people mistakenly assume about their canine, leading to assumptions that dog bites won’t occur.

“My dog is friendly.” Although your dog is friendly, other dogs might not be. This could lead your dog to respond out of fear or nervousness, potentially encouraging aggression.

“My dog is trained not to bite.” In spite of your best efforts, any dog has the potential to bite under certain circumstances. Training your dog not to bite lowers the risk, but improper training can have the opposite effect.

“My dog’s breed doesn’t show aggression.” Assuming a canines’ behavior based on breed can create problems with those unfamiliar to the dog. Assumptions that a dog won’t bite are a primary cause of aggression towards strangers who attempt to make contact.

The Federation of Insured Dog Owners offers resources to help reduce the liability risk of dog bites. Proactively addressing these situations is one of the best defenses.

Protecting Your Investment As A Marina Owner

marina insurance

As a marina owner, you face an incredible amount of risks. Your piers, docks, buildings, equipment and furniture are all exposed to potential loss. Add that to the potential liabilities that you’re exposed to and it’s easy to see why having an airtight marina insurance policy is critical to your success. Here are some of the coverages you should expect to include in your policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers all your business property against loss. From your docks to the data on your computers, various coverages are available that will pay to repair or replace these items. Examples of property insurance include yacht dealer, real and property and piers, wharves and docks insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you in case a lawsuit is filed against you due to a third-party experiencing a loss because of your business activities. This can range from a customer injuring themselves on your property to one of your boats not performing as it should. Examples of liability insurance include general liability, ship repairers liability, pollution liability and marina operators legal liability.

You’re also going to need other coverages likes worker’s compensation to cover your employees in case of injury. The key is to work with your agent to customize your new marina insurance policy so that it meets both your business and regulatory needs.

Keep Club Members and Their Boats Safe With Insurance

yacht club insurance

A yacht club places many people and property items under their care: large boats filled with the owner’s belongings, the entire docking area, those who care for and work on the boats, along with various other people and things that are often put at risk on a daily basis. However, with yacht club insurance, you can continue to operate with recreational activities without dampening the fun if something were to happen.

General Liability

When it comes to the policies within the programs specially made for yacht club insurance, general liability often will cover anyone involved within the club. This can include:

  • Club members
  • Junior members
  • Workers
  • Directors and officers
  • Volunteers


A yacht club allows for the docking, sailing and care of members’ boats, which can be quite costly to repair or replace in the case of an accident, vandalism, weather and various other causes. Specialized yacht club insurance will typically be able to handle the costs for such liabilities and claims, protecting your club from significant financial loss.

Other Policies

There are numerous other helpful policies to consider looking for when choosing your insurance program.

  • Regatta Liability
  • Facility and Grounds Coverage
  • Pollution and oil spill
  • Sailing training
  • Chartering
  • Racing Errors & Omissions
  • Jones Act

Depending on your needs, it’s important to find coverage to protect those under your care as a yacht club owner.

The Advantages of Using a Template To Design Your Insurance Website

insurance agency website templates

Thanks to the internet, the world becomes increasingly connected each day. With easy access from multiple devices at home or on the go, it is vital to be able to market your insurance agency online. While there are multiple strategies that can help you appeal to an online audience, one that can help define your business is a website that not only represents your product but can also reach your target audience. Coding and custom website designs can be costly, but thanks to insurance agency website templates, you can create a high-quality layout that can drive traffic to your business.

What They Do

Website templates can be extremely helpful. By using them you can look forward to several benefits such as:

  • Being to take advantage of SEO capabilities with modern templates
  • Following a formula that is user-friendly and easier to view on multiple devices
  • Being easier to design with a clean-cut format
  • Cost is much more affordable than sites built from scratch

With millions of people online every day, a website has the potential to leave a lasting impact on future clients. Using insurance agency website templates that are proven to be effective and appealing to your target audience is a practical strategy in driving traffic to your business. Speak to a marketing specialist today about how this tool can give your insurance agency a valuable advantage over competitors.

Two Factors that Determine Marina Coverage

insurance programs for marinas

Operating a marina can be a fun and unique opportunity that offers the enjoyment of boating, the entertaining of elite clubs and the beauty of the water and sun. However, without the right insurance coverage, you can find yourself waist deep in financial chaos and liability claims should your customers get injured or their property damaged. There are many insurance programs for marinas that can protect from these liabilities, but you need to know just what coverage is recommended.


Before you consider what you want for insurance, check out any federal, state or local regulations concerning coverage. For starters, you will have to account for Federal Maritime Laws, OSHA, Coast Guard Security, EPA regulations and Homeland Security requirements. This will necessitate a carrier with expertise in navigating these waters.


Your marina operations or amenities will be unique to your location, your employees, your experience and your clients. A comprehensive policy takes into account the specific risks and exposures of your business and is underwritten according to these liabilities. Coverage amounts will also vary, and a bundled policy may be necessary to make sure all risks will be covered.

Insurance programs for marinas will have unique items and limits that can only be explained by those with experience in the field. Make sure your carrier and agent are qualified to underwrite a policy that covers your exposures.

What Agencies Consider When Providing Boat Coverage

boat insurance average cost

Whether you are buying your first boat or expanding your already impressive fleet, the boat insurance average cost should be something you keep in mind before taking the plunge into boat ownership. Even if you have already dealt with boat insurance before, agencies take each boat’s unique situation into consideration before offering rates. Therefore, the premium of one boat may not be the same as your past watercrafts. Here are few factors agencies take into account when offering boat insurance.

Present Safety Measures

Many agencies look favorably upon those who have completed a boating safety course. They see that you take your boating seriously and are prepared for emergencies. Therefore, providing proof of course completion may lower your rates.

Use of Boat

If you are using your boat to travel long distances in open water, then your boat’s premium may likely be higher than that of a boat that is primarily used for local fishing.

Your Past Boating History

Agencies may likely look into your past boating history. If they see that you have several accidents or have been caught sailing while under the influence, they may likely hike up the prices of your premium.

When it comes to boat insurance average cost, you may see an agency charge around 1% to 2% of your boat price. Now you are ready to budget your wallet around boat insurance.

Is Your Online Presence Working for You?

insurance agency website builder

Today’s consumer often turns to the internet and digital sources for information about purchases or investments. A solid marketing plan will capitalize on the trends of the consumer and create a strong online presence. As an insurance broker, you will want to rely on an insurance agency website builder to reach the right audience.

Give Them What They Want

Although your company might have really great services, your online presence should be streamlined to attract attention from committed shoppers. Experienced marketing plans explore the data of website browsing, and can hone the presentation to reach the specific needs of those who are visiting your website.

Get Their Information

Many companies who view their website hits notice a gap in converted customers. Traffic does not always lead to a sale or contact. Using an insurance agency website builder will bring you the tools that create points of contact or conversion. They have a wide variety of ways to draw the customer to making a phone call or submitting an information form without being too aggressive.

Insurance websites need to inform potential consumers of their services, but they should also serve the customer after they obtain a policy. An insurance agency website builder understands the balance and will craft the best site for your business.

How To Choose a Good Insurance Broker

insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar

Insurance is a necessity to protecting yourself, your business and your assets. However, shopping for insurance can leave you with more questions than answers. Here are some tips to choose among the insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar to find the right one for your needs.


Friends, family, colleagues and mentors offer a great starting point in your search for a quality insurance broker. They can offer you a review of the broker they use and any past experience that didn’t work out. You are left with a small list to start searching from.


Take the time to vet the broker to make sure they understand your needs whether personal, business or both. Look at both the firm’s website and by contacting current clients if possible. They can answer many of the questions you have regarding the broker.


While referrals offer a great place to start, ultimately each person has a different thought on what quality service means. Businesses need to keep apace of changing insurance requirements that may affect cost. A broker who understands the changing marketplace, keeps you informed during the claims process and is prompt with renewals may be the best match.

Once you’ve narrowed down the insurance brokers in New England like NorthStar that meet your requirements, you can request a quote and further narrow down your options. Reevaluate your broker on an annual basis to ensure they still meet your needs.

Marina Insurance 101: A Guide to Marina Insurance

marina insurance programs

Insurance coverage might seem like it’s the same from company to company. In some businesses, there are many similarities. However, if you’re looking into marina and yacht club coverage, you’re going to find that there are very specific risks.

Risks to Be Aware Of

Marinas and yacht clubs are prone to different risks. In a marina, you are not only dealing with your own property, but vessels owned by other people. What happens if one of your boats or one of your member’s boats suffers damage? What happens if one of your members damages the water or property? Without marina insurance, you may be personally liable for all damages.

Types of Marina Insurance Programs

Now that you know some of the risks involved, you need to understand a little more about the programs themselves. Marina insurance comes in a lot of different forms, depending on what you need. Here are some of the most common coverages:

  • Protection and security
  • Third party marina liability
  • All risk coverage for equipment
  • Liquor liability
  • General liability
  • Physical damage coverage

When you own a marina, you have to keep risk in mind. Without the proper marina insurance programs, you may be liable for damages. As with most businesses, not having insurance can break your company.

Three Concerns for the Manufacturing Industry

Orlando insurance for manufacturers

While manufacturing companies continue to provide foundational support for all manner of industries and services, there are several risks inherent to operations that incite safety and financial concerns. Fortunately, by looking into Orlando insurance for manufacturers, you can help address these three concerns in the industry.

Serious equipment failures. Not only does a malfunction in equipment increase the potential for a safety incident, but the inability to produce or offer a service can also result in financial loss. Outsourcing repairs can be costly, just as trying to operate it without full use.

Inexperienced talent. It takes a working knowledge of both the physical equipment and the control processes of the industry to run an efficient but productive operation. Securing the talent necessary to maximize services and production will require comprehensive employee benefits packages that address workers’ compensation.

Property and location. Having the right location, in that, you have the size and expanse necessary to carry out your responsibilities, is important to customer awareness, improving safety measures and establishing growth opportunities. However, owning or renting property comes with additional risks and concerns for both safety and security.

Many agents specializing in Orlando insurance for manufactures will have experience addressing these potential liabilities with comprehensive insurance policies. Their expertise can share the benefits of coverage for everything from equipment to property.