March, 2019

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Encourage the Client on Your Insurance Website

insurance web designs

When putting together an insurance website that will hopefully attract new customers and clients, you may think you only need to teach the visitor about you and what you can do. While it’s important to make it clear what is within your abilities and business, insurance web designs should look to entice the viewer, not simply inform them. Only writing about insurance is, frankly, boring. Instead, encourage the website visitor on their progress, depending on what insurance you are offering. For example, show support for the growth of the potential client’s project if you offer business insurance. After all, insurance itself may be boring, but the client likely puts a great deal of care and interest into whatever they’re looking to protect.

How to Inspire Visitors

Using appealing, helpful, navigable and responsive insurance web designs for insurance websites is vital, but also consider what types of pages and information you can include to draw someone in. Some possible inclusions may be:

  • Client testaments including the story of their endeavors
  • FAQ and other pages that can answer common concerns
  • Giving advice rather than presenting a sales pitch
  • Allowing easy and direct contact
  • Blog posts with more personal content

These are only some possible ways to go beyond informing and, instead, support whoever is coming for insurance. Get creative with insurance web designs and it can help make you stand out.