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What to Look for in an Insurance Wholesaler

What to Look for in an Insurance Wholesaler

As an independent agent to the trucking industry, you deal in niche insurance solutions. To find a quality insurance wholesaler, you need a company that understands the unique risks of truckers. Here is what you need to look for when searching for an insurance wholesaler.

Necessary Packages

There are a lot of different packages that you’ll be able to offer your clients. Like any insurance policy, there are necessary policies and there are policies that some truckers don’t need. Here are some of the coverages that you need to make sure that you have access to:

Primary liability insurance

General liability insurance

Motor truck cargo insurance

Physical damage insurance

Medical payments coverage

Workers compensation coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage

The more options that a wholesaler gives you, the more likely you are to be able to serve your client’s needs.

Experience in the Industry

Does the wholesaler have experience in the industry? With experience comes the knowledge that other insurance wholesalers might not have. Look for a company who specializes in niche coverages, particularly when it comes to the trucking industry.

To find a trucking insurance wholesaler is easy when you know what to look for. Experience, knowledge and a variety of packages are what you need to keep your clients happy. This is what you should be on the lookout for in regards to trucking insurance.

Protecting Non-Profit Organizations

Protecting Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations provide very important aid to community members living in their respective areas. These types of organizations often provide services and supplies to help improve quality of life or lend an extra hand to those needing extra support to get ahead in life. Despite their altruistic nature, they are not immune to many of the common challenges that many businesses face, in addition to risks unique to this line of work. By being practical about all possible outcomes and having protections in place such as non-profit insurance, NY community members, employees and volunteers can feel confident being part of these types of establishments.

Types of Non-Profits

While the goal of many non-profits is to provide for the community at little to no cost, there are many different types with different goals. The following are just some of them:

Cooperative hospital services

Religious organizations

Health organizations

Veterans support groups

Burial services

Management of retirement funds

Recreational or social clubs

Professional or trade associations

Foundations and charities


Regardless of the category in which these organizations are categorized, they must all take similar precautions in protecting their assets, including the progress made toward their company goal. By getting non-profit insurance, NY can be a good fit for an establishment’s needs. With the proper coverage, your organization can thrive in any state.

How Insurance Can Protect a Cleaning Company

cleaning business insurance and bonding

When operating a cleaning company, it’s important to have enough workers and supplies, but what about insurance? Believe it or not, this is more important than most company owners realize. Here are a few things to know about why cleaning business insurance and bonding is crucial to have to protect a business.

Insurance Can Protect Against Accidents

Accidents occur on just about any job, including those where cleaning is involved. It’s possible for employees to slip and fall while cleaning, which can lead to worker’s compensation cases. The homeowner or business your company cleans for can hurt themselves too, as a result of employee carelessness. Having insurance that offers general liability can offer the solution you’re looking for.

Coverage Plans That Are Easy for You

It’s now possible to find an insurance company that offers payment plans and is flexible enough to work with you. It’s not unheard of for companies to offer 24-hour services to help you with a claim no matter what time it is. This makes it easier to focus on the business.

When seeking cleaning business insurance and bonding, it’s important to have the right coverage. This protects both employees and customers in the event of an accident. Many insurance companies offer several different plans, making it easy to get help any time of the day or night.

Protect Important Items With Valuables Insurance

palisades insurance

Protect Important Items With Valuables Insurance

It stands to reason you own a number of items that you would like to keep secure. Whether you’ve been given a family heirloom or you recently purchased a piece of jewelry that cost a significant amount of money, these possessions tend to rank pretty high in regards to personal importance. To keep yourself and your assets protected in the event of damage, loss, or theft, you may want to consider taking out a Palisades insurance policy.

You Never Know When Disaster Might Strike

Keeping your valuables safe is all about taking precautionary measures. An insurance policy designed to cover valuable items can do wonders for your feelings of security. These plans can often be customized to include a range of different coverage options, including:

Protection in the event that a sensitive item is damaged or destroyed

Coverage for groups of items as well as individual pieces

Itemized coverage

Additional Coverage Considerations

Since valuables can take many forms, there are also additional policy options to take into consideration. When exploring your policy choices with Palisades insurance valuable coverage, be sure to ask about:

Protection for valuable art pieces

Coverage for items stored in protected bank vaults

To ensure you have important valuables in your life for many years to come, you need to take action. Consider taking out Palisades insurance to cover your valuables and stay protected.

Most Common Types of Production Insurance for Filmmakers

film production insurance

The key to getting the best film production insurance is to make sure that it’s catered to your specific project’s needs. Since no two film projects are alike, you will want to assess your liabilities and coverage needs before each and every project. Film production insurance can protect you, your company and/or the project from costly claims and provide the coverage you need to ensure you complete your project with confidence.

Four Most Common Types of Production Insurance

General Film Production Insurance: This is a standard package policy which usually includes general liability, commercial auto insurance and worker’s compensation. Depending on the policy it may also cover costs tied to production schedule changes because of inclement weather, damaged sets and/or equipment failure.

Cast Insurance: This coverage can protect you from costs associated with losing an actor, director or other key personnel necessary to complete your film. Cast Insurance coverage actually represents the largest number of film-related insurance claims.

Completion Bonding: Completion bonding coverage is important because it protects you from situations which may otherwise make it impossible to complete your film. There are so many situations that can arise and jeopardize the completion of your film.

Errors and Omissions: Errors and Omissions insurance provides coverage for lawsuits that arise out of issues such as personal rights or slander.

Although these are the most common types of film production insurance you want to make sure policies meet your individual needs.

Timeshare Insurance: Do You Need It?

timeshare liability insurance programs

Timeshare Insurance: Do You Need It?

If you want to make the most of your trips, then you might want to think about timeshares. Timeshares allow you to vacation in your favorite destination. If you purchase a timeshare, however, you may need to have it insured. Here are the situations where you need timeshare liability insurance programs.

Deeded Ownership

If you have a deeded ownership timeshare, you live in one place a few weeks out of every year. When you are not there, other people will use it. Now, you own the unit and may sell, lease or donate it. If you have this type of timeshare, you need insurance.

Types of Insurance

If you have deeded ownership, then the first insurance you need is title insurance. This ensures that the title for the units is clear and owned by you. Next, you need the deeded timeshare property insurance. This covers your property against weather, vandalism, theft or fire. Another policy that you should consider is the comprehensive policy. This will insure the building and your assets. Likewise, it can pay medical expenses, court costs and cover liability.

If you own a timeshare, you need to consider insurance. While there are some circumstances where you may not need it, if you own a deeded timeshare, then you need to timeshare liability insurance programs as crucial purchases.

So What if its Recreational?


Alcohol has been a part of the history of the United States from its inception. From our Founding Fathers to today’s newest 21-year-old, drinking alcohol for pleasure is a commonality. It would be interesting to see how legalizing marijuana would compare to the anticipation of someone’s first drinking experience. When compared side by side, you may be surprised to see how marijuana and alcohol differ.

Marijuanas Effects vs Alcohols Effects

The side effects of marijuana are minimal and include:

Relaxation and the ability to unwind

Increased appetite (the munchies)

Euphoria and slight confusion (being high)

Temporary short-term memory loss

Compare these side effects to those of alcohol, which include:

Loss of coordination and inability to walk properly

Nausea and vomiting

Impaired judgment

Blacking out (loss of memory)

Binge-drinking is defined as consuming several alcoholic drinks in a short time period for the purpose of getting drunk. Between 2006 and 2010 there were 88,000 reported deaths from over-excess of alcohol. While alcohol poisoning is very real and potentially deadly, none of those worries exist with marijuana. In all of history, there has never been a report of someone overdosing on marijuana and dying.

The truth is that alcohol is more dangerous to the brain than marijuana. If the country were to put the same emphasis on marijuana as it does alcohol, what would happen?

Mortgage Brokers and Insurance: Why You Need It

insurance for mortgage brokers

Mortgage Brokers and Insurance: Why You Need It

Mortgage brokers are prone to lawsuits. Any company that deals with clients, their investments or finances, is going to have to deal with the possibility of a lawsuit. This is where insurance for mortgage brokers comes in handy. Here is why you need adequate coverage.

Client Allegations

Even if you think youre on the best terms with a client, it doesnt mean that you arent going to suffer a lawsuit. Clients become unhappy for many reasons. If a client feels like you did something wrong or if your advice didnt come true, then the client might sue you. Its important that you have insurance to cover any damages that you owe, not to mention the legal fees involved.

Errors and Unintentional Wrongdoing

Mistakes happen. When youre handling clients and their finances, however, one error can mean a lot. As long as there is no malicious intent or criminal act, then insurance will cover any errors or omissions. Likewise, it covers if you give your client bad advice. When it comes to errors, you have to keep in mind that everyone makes them. While youre still liable, insurance can cover it.

Insurance for mortgage brokers is crucial to the life of your agency. If you suffer a lawsuit that you cant pay for, then your company may suffer or fail. Its best to have protection.