September, 2019

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Potential Claims Filed Against a Fiduciary of Employee Benefits explains about some examples of fiduciary liability claims

Occasionally, mistakes are made in regard to a business employee benefits plan. These mistakes can be costly for both the employees and the business. Taking a look at some common claim examples can help you to better understand what dangers to look for.

Common Reasons a Claim Is Filed

When it comes to employee benefits, fiduciaries need to be careful about how information is handled and how advice is given. Something as small as a simple miscalculation or lack of communication can result in financial damage for the fiduciaries and for employees under a benefit plan. If an employee believes any of these situations have occurred, they can sue the fiduciaries and other individuals involved. The information found on explains about some examples of fiduciary liability claims, such as the following:

Missed or improper calculations
Pension rights
Mishandling of funds
Poor advisement for investment opportunities
Administrator errors due to inaction or delays

Protecting Employee Benefits Programs

There are multiple scenarios in which a claim may be filed against fiduciaries regarding employee benefits, as shown by the claim examples above. If employees are aware of these situations and know their rights regarding their benefits, they can take action. On the other hand, it is equally as important for fiduciaries and others involved with employee benefits to handle these plans responsibly and with the utmost of care.

Keep Your Facility Protected

Operating water or wastewater treatment facility comes with a number of unique considerations. When exploring insurance policies to protect your business, you need to think about the unique risks that exist within your industry. Properly insuring water treatment plants can take a bit of time and research. Whether you are a small plant or a global organization, an appropriate policy will play a large part in your continued success.

Important Areas of Coverage

As reported on, there are a few key areas to focus on when you are exploring different policies. While you might already be aware of the need for general and professional liability, other options to consider include:

Pollution liability
Property coverage
Workers compensation

Dangerous Work

The nature of your business plays a big part in what policy you should take out. Since your plant utilizes a number of hazardous chemicals in daily operations, you absolutely want to make sure your plan covers you in the event of injury, exposure, or damages done to property and the local environment.
In order for you to keep your business safe against the unknown, it can be a good idea to explore your options with insurance. Take time to research what policy will provide the most comprehensive coverage and keep your plant protected.

Do You Need Liability Coverage for Media Content?

As reported by Axis Insurance Services

In today’s internet age, web content and news coverage happen 24 hours every day. Like the ceaseless information flow, lawsuits for slander, libel, or infringement of copyright can happen anytime.
General liability may not cover all circumstances, leaving you responsible for paying your own defense and possibly other costs. Proper coverage from a reliable company can help you publish without fear of a lawsuit wreaking financial havoc.

Specialized Insurance

Media liability insurance is a focused type of protection called an errors and omissions policy. It protects against claims of slander, privacy invasion, libel, and infringement of copyright. As reported by Axis Insurance Services, this highly specific coverage can protect your right to publish without malicious intent as well as save your bottom line.

Protection for Publishers

Today, the term publisher no longer refers to an elite newspaper magnate. The internet, social networks, and blogging sites make it easy for anyone to publish anything quickly and easily. Unfortunately, convenience and ability bring with them increased potential risks for lawsuits that can affect many types of internet publishers.

Large media outlets such as major newspapers and magazines
Small or startup publications
Freelance writers

Lawsuits can be filed quickly, and it is important to have the right coverage in place.
Insurance for media liability is quite particular. You need media industry experts to help you choose the best coverage for you so you can publish with peace of mind.

Save Your Financial Institution With BPL Coverage

Banks, credit unions and other institutions perform an invaluable service. Unfortunately, they also have a lot of risks associated with them. Here is why it’s crucial to have bankers professional liability insurance.

Protect Your Financial Institution

On the site, it suggests that if you want to protect against business risks, you need a BPL policy. Without it, you may lose your assets and integrity due to allegations of wrongful acts or claims of poor advice. When you’re working in an industry that handles large sums of money, your clients will often look to you as the liable party if something goes wrong. In other instances, your company may be at fault. Remember that accidents can and do happen.

Cover Defense Costs

Even if you know that you did nothing wrong, you still have to fight the claims in court. When you’re taking to court, you will have to pay the costs of the court and defense fees. In addition, if the other party wins, you may also have to pay for their fees. This is why it’s crucial that you have coverage for these costs.
When it comes to running a financial institution, you have to consider the risks involved. With the right insurance policy, you won’t worry about claims or the occasional mistake.