October, 2019

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4 Tips to Keeping a Restoration Auto Looking Great

classic car maintenance:4 Tips to Keeping a Restoration Auto Looking Great.

Classic cars are a link to the nations past, but they are also something special to look at. Collectors and restorers are often able to capture a different era in the look of the engine, the upholstery, and the paint job. Your classic automobile might already be your pride and joy, so taking these tips to heart shouldnt be difficult. Here are four things to do to keep your car in pristine operating condition.

  1. Change the oil.

    Nothing ruins a car faster than sludge and grime coursing through the engine.

  2. Flush the cooling system.

    At least once a year, you should flush out the engine and replace the coolant with a mixture of distilled water and coolant.

  3. Wash and wax regularly.

    Washing the car helps remove the debris or impurities that can eat away the paint, while waxing puts a protective coat on the paint.

  4. Protect the interior.

    Park your car in the garage or store it under a cover to keep the sun from fading the interior upholstery. You can also use vinyl treatments and leather cremes.

It is expected that these cars will show some wear and tear, but keeping the dream alive comes from a good restoration and a thorough classic car maintenance schedule. The professionals at https://www.byrnesagency.com recommend that carrying good insurance helps supplement your cars protection from damage and loss.

Are You Prepared To Handle Claims of Sexual Harassment?

World Wide Speciality Programs

While no one wants to admit that sexual misconduct in the workplace happens, the truth is that it does. Employers are responsible for providing a safe and friendly environment for their employees, so it is a good idea to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and what an insurance policy can help with.

Insurance Can Help

Sexual harassment can come in many forms and can affect anyone, not just women. Many times, this comes across as inappropriate and unwanted physical contact and abusive language. It is not uncommon for these events to occur at company parties where alcohol may be served. However, it can happen at any time and employers should be prepared. According to World Wide Speciality Programs, sexual liability insurance usually covers the following:

  • Claim investigations
  • Training about what is accepted behavior
  • Negligence during the hiring process
  • Failure for not reporting abusive employees

There are certain things your business should do to minimize the risk of sexual harassment, such as making sure you clearly outline what behavior is acceptable and what will not be tolerated. This shows employees that you are serious about their wellbeing and creates a positive environment.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance Policy

It is entirely possible that your business may never have to face a sexual misconduct claim. However, you should still be prepared for the worst outcome by having the necessary insurance in place to help out just in case.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Need for a Cemetery?

cemetery insurance

A cemetery or a crematorium is a business. If you own one, you know that there are risks involved similar to those faced by other businesses. However, because the services you provide are unique, there are specific problems that can arise. That may mean that you need specialized cemetery insurance, as detailed on www.reganagency.com.

The following is an explanation of the specific difficulties that can arise when running a cemetery and/or crematorium.

  1. Property Damage

A cemetery is outside where the graves and their markers are exposed to the elements. Therefore, weather conditions such as lightning, rain, or hail can cause damage. However, the damage that can occur is not only natural. Unfortunately, some people do not show the proper respect to the final resting places of others and may commit property crimes, such as vandalism or theft.

  1. Employee Injuries

The labor involved in maintaining a cemetery or crematorium can put employees at risk for repetitive stress injuries, burns, strains or sprains, etc.

  1. Third-Party Injuries

A cemetery often has visitors coming to pay their last respects. Despite your efforts to keep your property safe, carelessness on the part of either a visitor or an employee may lead to an accident.

When you run a cemetery or crematorium, you occupy a position of trust for people who are hurting and vulnerable. Having sufficient insurance coverage can aid you in fulfilling your obligation.

How to Choose a Company to Self-Insure Your Business

Arroyo Insurance offers new avenues

Some companies choose to self-insure their business. To cover the alternative risk, companies should work with an insurance agency that understands how self-insurance works. Here are some things to look for when searching for a policy.

Plan Design

The plan looks beyond the commercial marketplace to captive programs and risk retention groups to provide insurance. Arroyo Insurance offers new avenues for self-insurance businesses including pools, catastrophic bonds, large deductibles and event-triggered risk transfer.

Cash Flow

Lower premium costs and fewer claims paid out can mean more cash flow for the business. Self-insurance allows the company to take control of their cash flow rather than allowing an insurance company to handle it. Choose an insurance company to work with that provides the products that help you insure your company while allowing you to benefit from the cost savings of self-insuring.

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons companies choose to self-insure is because of the cost savings due to lower premium costs and fewer claims. The company takes on the task of an insurance company. Work with an insurance company that can help you create an effective risk management plan.
Working with an alternative risk transfer company helps take some of that risk of self-insuring your company and transfers it to a third party.