2Reasons To Purchase Educators Insurance

Directors and Officers For Educators In today’s litigious society, no one is exempt from a lawsuit—even those in the education industry. There are many benefits to carrying insurance specifically designed to cover the exposures faced by teachers, specialists, directors and officers for education. Whether you are a private or a public educational institution, here are two reasons to purchase educators insurance.

 Attract And Retain Better Employees

The shortage of qualified educators has made the job market more competitive than ever.

Insurance that covers directors and officers for education will make your facility a more desirable place to work. This will give you an advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. They can take comfort knowing that you are protecting their best interests. If they are named in a frivolous lawsuit by a parent, student or even another teacher they know that they will be protected.Additionally, educators insurance often includes auto insurance for teachers who are required to use their personal car for professional purposes.

Prevent A Financial Crisis

 Many educational institutions are experiencing budget cuts or funding shortfalls. As a result, they are choosing not to carry insurance for directors and officers for education as a short term cost cutting solution. This, however, can have devastating long term financial ramifications. In the unfortunate event that a lawsuit is not frivolous but actually warranted, educators insurance can prevent financial devastation from a lawsuit. Besides general liability coverage, coverage is typically provided for abuse and/or molestation that may occur during school hours or during extracurricular activities. An umbrella cause is typically included as well as will pay for legal fees, court costs and expensive judgments that may be incurred as a result of such lawsuits.