3 Industries That Benefit From Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Regardless of your profession, your employer is responsible for any accidents that occur while you are traveling for company business. Though some of those accidents may be covered by standard insurance policies, these travel-intensive fields often warrant additional coverage to account for the higher likelihood that employees will experience illness, injury, or even death on the job.

1. Healthcare

Countless healthcare workers travel across international borders every year to serve communities plagued by endless war, natural disaster, or deadly infectious disease. These courageous doctors, nurses, and staff members who voluntarily put themselves in harms way in order to save others are covered by business travel accident insurance policies.

2. Media Correspondence

Reporters and journalists often find themselves chasing stories across states, countries, or even continents. Many dedicated correspondents will stop at nothing to get the truth, following work into inherently dangerous situations or regions. This, in addition to increased time on the road and in the air, make those in the media industry viable candidates for business travel accident insurance coverage.

3. Law/Government

Those who pursue peace and justice conduct business with community leaders all over the world. Business travel accident insurance covers the legal and government officials who risk their lives in order to improve national and international affairs.

Other industries that benefit from business travel accident insurance include education, missionary outreach, and international business. This additional coverage assures your employees and your company that location will never be a barrier to business.