3 Reasons To Invest in Volunteer Insurance

Volunteer Insurance

Many organizations, particularly those in the non-profit sector, rely heavily on the love and support of their volunteers. Despite good intentions, however, volunteer assistance comes with a number of potential liabilities. Organizations, therefore, depend upon insurance for volunteer workers as a means of protecting themselves against the unknown. Here are just a few reasons why organizations choose to invest in volunteer insurance.

1. Accidents

Despite best efforts, workplace accidents are sometimes inevitable. Whether the accidents affect flesh or property, organizations want to ensure that they are not held personally responsible. Workplace injuries and damages are commonly covered by volunteer insurance.

2. Fraud

Though most volunteers are out to help the organization, the occasional volunteer does not have the organization’s best interests at heart. Some have been known to lie, steal, and cheating so far as to make money or resources from the organizations themselves. Insurance coverage can help organizations detect fraud and take the necessary steps toward not only ending it but also preventing it.

3. Libel/Slander

Words can be the most harmful weapon of all. When volunteers use their voices to defame or otherwise tear down an organization, that word of mouth can lead to a decrease in physical and monetary support. Insurance can help organizations cushion the impact of slanderous claims.

Volunteers are usually resourceful figures who help organizations run as smoothly as possible, but insurance for volunteer workers can protect organizations against possible threats posed by the nature of volunteer work.

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