4 Tips to Keeping a Restoration Auto Looking Great

classic car maintenance:4 Tips to Keeping a Restoration Auto Looking Great.

Classic cars are a link to the nations past, but they are also something special to look at. Collectors and restorers are often able to capture a different era in the look of the engine, the upholstery, and the paint job. Your classic automobile might already be your pride and joy, so taking these tips to heart shouldnt be difficult. Here are four things to do to keep your car in pristine operating condition.

  1. Change the oil.

    Nothing ruins a car faster than sludge and grime coursing through the engine.

  2. Flush the cooling system.

    At least once a year, you should flush out the engine and replace the coolant with a mixture of distilled water and coolant.

  3. Wash and wax regularly.

    Washing the car helps remove the debris or impurities that can eat away the paint, while waxing puts a protective coat on the paint.

  4. Protect the interior.

    Park your car in the garage or store it under a cover to keep the sun from fading the interior upholstery. You can also use vinyl treatments and leather cremes.

It is expected that these cars will show some wear and tear, but keeping the dream alive comes from a good restoration and a thorough classic car maintenance schedule. The professionals at https://www.byrnesagency.com recommend that carrying good insurance helps supplement your cars protection from damage and loss.