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Aegis General is on a mission to help their distribution partners aid people with insurance needs in many underserved markets. Motorcycle insurance is just one of those markets, with serious motorbike accidents resulting in extensive medical issues that can be quite costly.

Aegis wants to do their part by providing pertinent information to help in deciding how your clients will best be served, help you to suggest what insurance policy they will need to avoid problems and get the helped they’ll require after an accident.

Properly insuring a motorcycle

Many riders overlook the importance of insurance and many tend to under-insure their motorcycles. As an agent, you should help them by pointing out several factors they should consider when obtaining their motorcycle insurance policy. Most people simply take into account short-term medical and health expenses, such as hospital and surgery bills, neglecting to take into account any possible ongoing medical expenses such as follow-up physician visits, prescriptions, rehabilitation fees, and any ongoing injuries.

These are the types of expenses that can be crippling, and will likely become more costly than any initial fees for medical treatment. This is why it’s important that you convey that regarding motorcycles, as it is vital that they obtain the correct amount of insurance (most motorcyclists are, in fact, under-insured, and this is unfortunate).

Aegis General wants you to also keep in mind that motorcycle owners must not only insure their own vehicles, but they must also be aware of the possibility that other drivers may be under-insured. A motorcycle insurance policy must (1) be sufficient to cover more than the cost of repairing or replacing the motorcycle, and (2) provide for possible medical expenses in the case of an injury and lost wages in the event those injuries render the owner unable to work for any length of time.

A $100,000 policy may seem sufficient, but what happens if their injuries leave them unable to work for as long as six months? You might suggest that your clients carry comprehensive umbrella coverage that not only covers the rider, but also an under-insured or uninsured driver with whom the insurance policy carrier may get into an accident with. This policy should provide coverage for at least one million dollars, which may seem excessive, but the minimal additional monthly cost makes it more than worthwhile.


photo credit: Hillsborough Concours (license)
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