Aegis General Helps By Serving Underserved Markets

Aegis General Helps By Serving Underserved Markets

There are agencies that specialize in insurance solutions for underserved markets because they understand full well that these niches are ripe with potential. Motorcycle programs fall under the realm of underserved markets, in part because many owners are reluctant to buy insurance. They form a select group that dearly needs insurance because they are much more vulnerable than motorists that drive cars and trucks.

Aegis General is just one insurance innovator who is willing to take on the challenge of creating opportunities in areas that may seem unprofitable and connect with those consumers who are not being taken well care of. The question is, how do you connect with them, and how do you get them to buy a product that they need and can afford, but simply don’t know how to go about getting it?

Teaching your clients motorcycle safety

Motorbike riders might feel more comfortable working with an insurer who wants, not only to pique their interest in purchasing a policy, but also cares about their safety and well being. Aegis General presents some safety tips to pass on to riders that they should consider before starting their engines:

  • Test the lights, brakes, and turn signals
  • Check the oil and fuel levels
  • Make sure mirrors are positioned correctly
  • Check the cables to make sure they aren’t worn or frayed
  • Lube the chain and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s specs, and
  • Invest in good riding gear

When on the open road, there’s not much between a motorcyclist and the pavement, so wearing tough protective gear is always the right move. Riders should also wear a high-quality helmet that fits well and meets federal safety standards, preferably with a face shield, or wear goggles or glasses with safety lenses. Wearing durable non-slip gloves and boots that cover the ankles also helps considerably.

Other tips while on the road

Those trucks and cars that motorcyclists often dodge between can do a lot of damage, so they’ll be much safer while riding by always using their signals, sticking to the speed limit, knowing the bike’s limits, and never tailgating other vehicles.

Being respectful of other drivers is important and never weaving through traffic or driving on the shoulder. They should make sure other drivers can see them at all times, and avoid riding in blind spots and always using headlights, both day and night. Aegis General wants to be the full service Program Administrator your company trusts and looks to for viable solutions.