Are You the Grasshopper or the Ant?

OC insurance

In the old fable of the grasshopper and the ant, the ant worked hard all day to prepare for the coming winter while the grasshopper whiled away his time. Orange County doesnt have brutal winters, but other unexpected events lie ahead. Adequate insurance coverage is an important part of any personal or business planning. Get prepared with various OC insurance options.

The Ant Did Just Fine, Thank You

Just as the ant was calm in the winter storm, OC insurance can provide peace of mind in the midst of calamity. Consider the following insurance needs:

Personal property insurance, such as auto, earthquake, and flood
Business insurance, including workers compensation and cyber liability
Life insurance, medical insurance, and dental insurance

The Grasshopper, Not so Much

To be caught without insurance when someone is suing your business or you personally for an injury that occurred in your home can bring financial ruin. Umbrella insurance, available for both business and personal liability claims, is your first line of defense. Insurance agents can evaluate your risk of exposure and help you find the right policy to increase your financial security.

Get prepared for the quirks of life. There’s no reason to be left out in the cold when the hard times come.

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