Avoid a Lapse in Car Insurance Coverage

Allegiant Insurance Services

A lot of different variables can negatively impact your car insurance rates. In addition to your driving and accident history, your insurance coverage history can have a considerable effect on your rates. When you reapply for coverage, you may find that allowing your car insurance to have lapse can cause your quotes to be surprisingly high.

Even Explainable or Brief Lapses Affect in Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, the reason for a car insurance lapse doesn’t really matter in an insurers’ estimation. Even if you weren’t driving because you were away on a long trip or you were simply keeping your car garaged, it won’t necessarily matter in the eyes of an insurance carrier. Moreover, the length of the lapse may not necessarily help you; missing even just one day in an otherwise continuous coverage period can cause your rates to be higher. According to experts at Allegiant Insurance Services, some insurance companies will reject your application altogether if you have had a recent car insurance lapse.

 You Can Avoid Lapses in Coverage

One way to avoid a lapse on your insurance record is to get a lower cost policy meant for touring or driving cars that you don’t own. This type of low-cost policy will allow you to have a continuous coverage history without any interruption in being insured.