How to Avoid Common Business Insurance Pitfalls

Commercial insurance in Bergen County

Commercial insurance in Bergen County as its applicability to your business needs. Follow these tips to avoid paying too much for insurance or finding yourself underinsured.

The first step in avoiding insurance pitfalls is cataloguing your assets. Your assets include land, buildings, production equipment, supplies and inventory. Calculate the worth of your assets, and insure accordingly. Dont let the insurance of a $200,000 building be upsold to a $1 million policy. Review your coverage options to weed out the possibility of overlapping coverage. The goal is to keep costs low while securing essential coverage.

The second step in securing sufficient commercial insurance in Bergen County is to identify your potential liabilities. When you fail to do so, you can end up with insurance gaps. Your liabilities depend on your type of business, whether you provide products or services, your number of employees and the inherent risk in your line of work. Think of specific scenarios that could occur in your business, i.e. an employee is injured after slipping in spilled coffee in the breakroom, and discuss coverage with your insurance agency. Be sure to pick an insurance company that offers ready answers to your hypotheticals. The proper insurance package can help you avoid business liability headaches without breaking the bank.