Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Insurance Sales

Internet marketing strategies

For many agencies, digital Internet marketing strategies have become a big part of the equation in the insurance field. Agents need to constantly be interacting with customers in order to provide them with a good understanding of the policies being offered and the benefits of securing different types of coverage.

Online advertising, as digital marketing goes, is where insurance agents will provide a detailed description of the services rendered and customers may make inquiries. A lot of successful insurance agencies have made it a point to buy paid social media ads because this has been proven to be a very effective way to reach their target audiences.

Search engine optimization

We’ve said it before, and well say it again; search engine optimization is by far the fastest growing digital marketing tool for insurance, showing truly positive results over a short period of time. What it requires of the agency is the use of specific words, called keywords, in any blogs or articles written, words that are frequently used by people on search engines looking for products or companies in any given industry.

Any blog or website using a maximum number of common words or phrases will often show up in the top results. This can help to steer customers to your website without having to first engage them. This is perhaps the most cost-effective marketing strategy for bringing organic traffic to your business while boosting your marketing efforts to a higher level.

Another good way to raise awareness of your brand is through affiliate marketing. This is where known publishers provide space on their pages for you to advertise, allowing your agency to take advantage of the footfall of their website and you simply pay them based on a compensation model. A strategy often used by startups to generate more traffic to their websites.

Posting advertisements alone on social media is not going to get the job done in trying to get customers to understand the benefits of your coverage. Its important to interact with customers in order to get a handle on what it is that they’re looking for and then you can present them with options on policies and services. The use of digital internet marketing strategies can be a highly useful tool alongside your other advertising avenues.


Properly Designating Workers for Insurance Purposes

employment agency insurance

For most people, the terms staffing agency and temp agency are interchangeable. While both organizations overlap in the way they operate, they are different and separate business models. They do, however, sometimes provide the same types of services. Staffing agencies usually offer a wider range of options on the type of candidates they provide, offering more solutions that will suit their clients needs. Both business models must rely on employment agency insurance to address exposures they face providing their specialized services.

Its a given fact that staffing agencies and temp agencies both provide their corporate clientele with workers dependent upon a particular skill set and experience level. In certain situations, corporate clients may ask the agency to fill a short-term position, even on very short notice, or they may give advanced notice of the need for a long-term or permanent position. The agency tasked with filling the position then consults its worker database, contacts a worker they deem qualified for the job, and sends them directly to the corporate client.

Where issues may need to be addressed

Most companies providing staffing to clients will utilize contingent workers in a variety of different ways. The often end up using a combination of temporary workers and independent contractors to satisfy their clients needs. But there are significant differences between independent contractors and temporary workers that should be understood, and erroneously referring to one as the other could lead to problems and ramifications. So getting the definition correct, and having clarity of the type of position and the work being committed to, is critically important.

Staffing agencies are in the business of providing on-site support staff to their clients from a pool of individuals that are hired (as employees of the staffing agency) and assigned to a specific company for a limited period of time on a fill-in basis, or perhaps for a finite project time span, usually for less than one year.

Independent contractors are specifically not temporary workers since they do not fill out time sheets, or are paid and taxed using a W-2 form. Independent contractors are responsible for the delivery of a product or service, by a specified deadline, no matter how many hours are spent working. Independent contractors are also responsible for calculating and paying their own taxes, generally using IRS Form 1099.

Employment agencies must carefully designate between temp and contract workers in order to remain compliant with regulations regarding workers. Having employment agency insurance helps to address any concerns related to this arrangement when issues occur.


Does Your Company Need Bailment Coverage?

bailee insurance application

Various businesses provide services where a temporary assumption of ownership occurs between company and client. Services like this could include dry cleaning, vehicle mechanics or furniture restoration. To protect from liability in situations like these, a company may look for specialized insurance through a bailee insurance application.

How Does It Work

When one person transfers their property to the care of another during the purchase of a service, the transaction is called a bailment. The business taking temporary ownership is considered the bailee, and is held liable for any damages done to the property while in their possession. General liability insurance would not cover these items, as they are not the property of the business. Bailee insurance generally provides coverage for the following situations:


  • Burglary
  • Water/flood damage
  • Robbery
  • Explosion
  • Wind damage
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Collision


What Businesses Need Coverage?


Any company whose primary services take custodial care of another belonging would benefit from a bailees insurance policy. Service providers could include:


  • Storage units
  • Banks
  • Jewelers
  • Computer repair shops
  • Couriers
  • Auto mechanics
  • Watch/ and lock repair shops
  • Tailors
  • Warehouses
  • Restoration and refurbishing companies

Bailees insurance policies are generally one of three types: unlimited bailee, damage in process and mysterious disappearance. After you complete your bailee insurance application, the insurance provider will assess your services and the type of coverage which will best protect your business and client possessions.


Tried and True Insurance Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agents

Marketing for an Insurance Agent

The rise of digital marketing, which can be done on various platforms and used to interact and present your products and services to your prospects, will help you to take your business to the next level. For insurance agencies, its vital that you interact with potential customers in order to give them a fair understanding of the policies and services being offered.

In all likelihood you’ve heard of, or used most of the strategies outlined here, but are you getting the most out of your efforts? Go over this list and see which ones are, or aren’t working for you, and perhaps you’ll look at some strategies for Marketing for an Insurance Agent from a different angle.

Search engine optimization

Perhaps the fastest growing digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization, one that has shown tremendous results in a rather short span of time. What it entails is simply using some specific words in the blogs or articles you write, those same words that are frequently used by people on search engines. A blog or a website that utilizes many of the same common words will often show up in top results. This will help to steer customers towards your website.

Social media marketing

If you havent been posting regularly on social media then youre not giving potential customers a chance to understand the benefits of the insurance policies being offered. Its important to interact with people to get a better idea of their mindsets allowing you to then present them with the type of policies and services they might see as beneficial.

People shopping for insurance often look to others for their opinion, on a policy or on a particular agency or agent. Social media allows people to share their experiences, which is yet another way to heighten awareness of your company. Your website should include a page that allows people to refer their friends to your agency, as that has proven to work for many agents. Make a point to post this on social media, and send an email blast to your clients as well.

Advertisements and email marketing are two other tried and true methods that help Marketing for an Insurance Agent a lot less difficult to achieve. Just a few ideas for how to market yourself and your services that’s so easy to implement and often gets the desired results.

Considerations for Insuring Commercial Assets

commercial property insurance

The expansive nature of commercial property insurance often leaves businesses willing to only pay for what is absolutely necessary. However, instead of concentrating on the bigger picture of total insured limits or premium expenses, a smarter investment will take into account each element of coverage as it relates to whole plan.

Deductibles or Excluded Areas

As you discuss coverage options for your property, be clear on what situations are covered by a general deductible or what is associated with its own deductible. For some insurers, certain natural disasters or occasion are also considered excluded from coverage. In other cases, these same elements require a separate deductible. The situations involving both scenarios could include:

  • Comprehensive peril from fire or water damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Earthquake/Flood/Wind/Hail/Storm damage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Per-Unit Deductible

Limits and Replacement Value

Many owners assume commercial property insurance will completely replace or reimburse the entire value of a property that has been damaged. Policies have established limits with prearranged valuation procedures. These methods are often replacement costs or actual cash value payout. Replacement costs are generally a better settlement, yet there are considerable difference to be understood when making the choice for policy inclusion.

Commercial property insurance is not a decision that should be made with a desire to simply cut cost. Investing in comprehensive coverage will better protect your assets in the long run.

Industry Standards for the Hospitality Industry

us risk underwriters

Your clients in the hospitality business need insurance solutions for the many risks and exposures they often face. This includes hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Tainted food is an obvious concern, along with other items that fall under products and completed operations. If a customer were to claim that they became ill from any item they were served and wound up being admitted to a hospital, then your client would be looking at the real likelihood of a lawsuit.

Since your clients are constantly exposed to issues over serving alcohol, or food-borne illness, including allergic reactions or other incidents triggered by providing services or products to consumers, they need coverage options available through us risk underwriters. Having a comprehensive hospitality insurance program is important for business owners that may come under scrutiny and need the type of policies that cater to their exact needs.

Safety training can alleviate many concerns

Making sure that products and completed operations insurance coverage is in your clients hospitality insurance program will help when faced with any legal fees or costly settlements and judgments. It can help to select a carrier able to provide risk mitigation services as this can greatly reduce the odds of issues of this nature occurring in the future.

Having a management team in place that understands these concerns and do their part to ensure that staff is well trained, keep an eye for any existing problems, and are constantly aware of their surroundings, can alleviate concerns over health violations that could pose a risk to customers.

The kitchen staff should be conscious of not participating in the sort of activities that could result in cross-contamination of food products and carefully examine all foods or beverages prior to serving them to the public. They need to check expiration dates and smell certain items to determine their freshness. Should they experience equipment malfunctions, particularly refrigeration units, these must be addressed immediately to avoid the spoiling of products intended for consumption.

Venues that service large capacity crowds have additional concerns that also need to be addressed. Your clients can only benefit by having a stringent hospitality insurance program from us risk underwriters that focuses on their particular needs and can help to safeguard their enterprise.


Protection for Staffing Drivers

hired and non-owned auto insurance

It is no secret that staffing companies work with employers in a variety of industries. Sometimes, the employees of staffing companies have to drive vehicles that belong to their clients. When this is the case, the staffing group is often responsible for insurance. If this occurs within your company, you must be sure that you have hired and non-owned auto insurance to protect your business and your clients in the case of an accident at the hands of your employees.

Cover All of the Bases

There are multiple people at risk if an employee is involved in an accident while on the job. The best insurance plans protect everyone.

  • The named inured – This would be the staffing company that has the policy for their employees.
  • The client – This would be the clients of the staffing agency and often the owners of the vehicles the employees may drive.
  • Rental companies – When staffing group employees are required to rent vehicles, the rental vehicle is covered under this policy.
  • Others – When an employee is involved in an accident that causes property damage or bodily harm to another person, those impacted by the accident are protected.

Hired and non-owned auto insurance is an essential policy for any staffing group with clients that operate vehicles. With it, you can make sure your needs are met and your business is protected with any employee drivers.

Understanding Your Business Insurance Coverage

business insurance coverage in Orlando

Businesses can be exposed to a number of risks, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Niche industries can be exposed even further, which is why its so important to have the right coverage in case of disaster. While extra coverage is available, you should understand a basic policy first, so that you know exactly where the gaps are. If you’re looking for business insurance coverage in Orlando, here are some basics.

At any time, your business could be moments away from disaster. A customer or employee could slip and fall, water damage could ruin your stock, a storm could force you to close for repairs, or a hacker could get into your computer. Insurance products like general liability, commercial property, professional liability, D&O liability, cyber liability and workers compensation can help protect you from many different instances. Some of these include data breaches, accusations of negligence and property damage. However, if you don’t follow regulations and keep track of your coverage limits, you could be forced to pay for repairs or fees. An insurance agent can help you develop a plan to limit your risks, and when you invest in the protection of your company, the faster you should get back to normal when unfortunate events do occur with business insurance coverage in Orlando.

Interstate Truck Insurance Required by the FMCSA

interstate trucking cargo insurance programs

Not all interstate truckers perform the exact same duties and therefore have different exposures for the industries they serve. Hazardous materials have different coverage requirements than food and beverage, just as an example. Most interstate trucking cargo insurance programs examine each company on an individual basis to determine which policies address their current needs.

Since carriers are responsible for the cargo they control while it is in their possession, it is cargo insurance that covers losses or damage to the commodities youre hauling while the goods are in transit. While operating under a Bill of Lading, starting at the pointat which the cargo is taken into your possession, and up until it reaches its destination and issigned for, you need to insure the safety of the cargo at all times.

What happens when a loss occurs?

The policyholder will be covered in the event that a loss occurs while cargo is in transit, as long there are no perils or any cause of loss specifically excluded in the policy. Cargo policies are written based on the actual commodities being hauled and are very specific. Its vital that your policy addresses the type of cargo youll be transporting at all times. Cargo insurance policies are usually endorsed or modified to meet the needs and exposures of the particular carrier for hire.

You should also look into physical damage coverage. Physical damage covers the investment you have made in your truck. It covers a variety of perils other than collision, including fire, theft, vandalism, and wind and hail.

Public liability insurances coverage for interstate truckers that protect them and public citizens when an accident occurs where the trucker is at fault. The bodily injury portion of liability insurance pays for hospital bills of pedestrians, or other motorists, when injured in accidents.Property damage pays for repairs to other peoples property damaged in an accident and each type of coverage is available through interstate trucking cargo insurance programs in your area.

The price of trucking insurance is determined by several factors, many of which are outside of your control. The best thing you can do to lower your premium for a specific policy is to contact an agent and compare rates between different agencies.Its as easy as filling out a form and finding the best quote for your sector of the trucking industry.


Complete Coverage for All Your Needs

ISU insurance

Whether it is for your home, car or health, finding the best coverage for your specific needs is more challenging than ever before. Comparing plans from one company to another is time-consuming and frustrating. After hours of searching, even an unattractive policy starts to look great. Instead of taking on the task yourself, explore the benefits of an ISU insurance agency and enjoy the ease of one-stop shopping. Getting expert help from agents who care, not only saves time and money but can give you peace of mind.

Sitting down with an ISU agent provides you a rare opportunity to lay out all of your unique needs and concerns with one, dedicated individual. Through the agencys direct access to a comprehensive database of plans and resources, your knowledgeable agent will know exactly where to look for the best policy for you.

No one has the same insurance requirements, and throughout the years, even your own needs will change. Finding the right plan to match your current situation should not leave you feeling powerless and defeated. To ensure your coverage keeps up with your dynamic life, let an ISU insurance agency do the hard work for you, gathering the complete set of answers you deserve.