Why Blogs are Important to Insurance Web Design

Insurance Web Design

Insurance web design is vital in today’s market. Generating sales in the insurance industry is difficult for two reasons: Competition can be fierce, with plenty of agencies vying for the same share of the market, and it can take an awful lot of work to perform this task and do it well enough to succeed. An important aspect of any insurance agency web site is providing information, and doing it in an interesting, even entertaining way.


This is generally accomplished by writing regular blogs. The word blog is short for “web log,” which means a kind of online journal or diary. The first “bloggers” wrote mainly about their personal lives and experiences. But over time, blogs began to show up all over the web, and featured all types of information on almost every subject, including insurance.


In just a few short years, blogs have skyrocketed to become a form of conversational marketing used by all types and sizes of businesses, from big brand name corporations down to mom and pop-style companies. And now even insurance agents have come to appreciate just how much blogging can enhance their prospects.


Insurance agents understand the potential of good content


Blogging is getting the attention of web-savvy insurance agents for many reasons, including:


  1. New content for search engines


Websites need to have good content in order to keep search engine rankings up. Hosting the blog on the agency’s own website allows flexibility to add new content quickly.


  1. Keep visitors coming back 


By writing interesting posts on a regular basis, visitors are given a reason to return.


  1. Educate online visitors


A blog is a way to educate visitors about relevant insurance issues that may be out of place on other sections of the website. Giving someone valuable information puts him or her one step closer to buying from an agent when they’re finally ready.


  1. Engage visitors


Enabling comments on a blog can often begin a back and forth dialog with customers, and answering their questions presents the agent as something of an expert.


The most important thing to remember is blogs, while integral to insurance web design, take time and maintenance. This means taking the time to post at least once a week!


photo credit: Thomas Rockstar cc