Boating Safety Includes Accident Prevention

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Owners of recreational boats are required by federal law to register their vessels, much like an automobile. Should an accident occur on a recreational boat it must be reported to the Coast Guard whenever there is a fatality, or if someone is seriously injured and requires medical treatment. Also, if damage to the boat or other property exceeds $2,000.00, the boat is lost, or a person disappears from the boat.

From 2015 to 2016, deaths increased 12 percent from 626 to 701, injuries increased 11.1 percent from 2,613 to 2,903, and the total number of accidents increased 7.3 percent from 4,158 to 4,463. Many of these recorded incidents could have possibly been prevented with better safety training. Local boat owners should also carry Newport beach boat insurance to address concerns related to injuries or damage to watercraft.

Coast Guard cites more education about boating is needed

The boating safety community should view these statistics as a stark reminder of the importance of boating safety education, said Capt. Scott Johnson, Chief of the Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety at Coast Guard Headquarters.

We are committed to providing boaters with resources including boating safety classes and vessel safety checks. One person lost or injured to a preventable boating accident is one too many so we encourage the boating public to use these educational resources as a means to prevent accidents.”

Alcohol often contributes to deaths and injuries

Research has shown that alcohol, combined with typical boating conditions such as motion, vibration, engine noise, sun, wind and even spray can impair a person’s abilities much faster than alcohol consumption on land. Boats operated by persons with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 0.10 percent are estimated to be more than 10 times more likely to be killed in a boating accident than boat operators with zero BAC.

Alcohol is often a factor in boating deaths, and was the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents, listed as the leading factor in 15 percent of deaths during this same period. Other factors were operator inattention, and operator inexperience.

Deaths and injuries can be greatly reduced by making sure that any person operating a boat is not doing so under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is an experienced driver (or has someone with experience supervising them), and is giving the task of maneuvering the vessel through water and past obstacles their undivided attention. Make safety a priority, but only Newport beach boat insurance will aid owners when a situation requires financial restitution.