Businesses that Need Big Data Insurance

Businesses that Need Big Data Insurance

There isn’t a single business in the world that doesn’t need some type of insurance. However, there is a specialized form of insurance that is necessary for only a few key types of business. Big data insurance is one type of policy that is absolutely necessary for select kinds of companies. Here are some businesses that can need this type of insurance.

Doctors’ Offices

It is fundamentally important that doctors’ offices, clinics, urgent care facilities and other similar businesses get big data insurance. These facilities deal with a massive amount of confidential information. Protecting a patient’s medical history and private details is one of the services this insurance provides. In the event of a breach, this insurance will fund efforts to investigate the attack, notify those affected and manage the crisis.


Because lawyers also deal in confidential information, they likewise need data insurance. This type of insurance is used both when the data is compromised and in the event of a lawsuit. If a client should sue the law firm or attorney’s office where the attack took place, this insurance would cover any settlements or judgments.

Protecting your clients and their information is as simple as having the right insurance policy. Offering big data insurance can help your client’s company in the event of an information breach. Make sure that you offer top-quality data insurance to your clients.