Buying the Best Business Insurance in Orlando

business insurance in Orlando 

You’re establishing your new business, buying equipment and hiring employees. Business insurance is another integral part of your new endeavor.

You must have certain kinds of business insurance in Orlando, and you need additional types to adequately protect yourself and your business. Still, you don’t want to over-insure, and you may not know what you really need.

Required Insurance

By law you must have:

  • general liability insurance,
  • commercial auto insurance on any vehicles used in your business, and
  • workers compensation insurance if you have four or more employees.

Additional Insurance

You need business property insurance to protect your business’s building(s), inventory, and production and office equipment, especially computers and other electronics. Having commercial hurricane and flood insurance is very important for Orlando businesses. Be aware that if you’re operating your business from home, your home-owners policy does not cover anything related to your business.

You also need to think about protecting yourself and your key employees with:

  • life insurance
  • professional and employment practices liability coverage
  • protection from loss of earnings due to business interruption

Choosing Your Insurance Company

Choose a well-established insurance company that offers a wide variety of coverages and packages. After they meet with you to learn the specifics of your business and its potential risks, they will be able to determine what you need and what you don’t and provide you with the best business insurance in Orlando.