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How to Avoid Common Business Insurance Pitfalls

Commercial insurance in Bergen County

Commercial insurance in Bergen County as its applicability to your business needs. Follow these tips to avoid paying too much for insurance or finding yourself underinsured.

The first step in avoiding insurance pitfalls is cataloguing your assets. Your assets include land, buildings, production equipment, supplies and inventory. Calculate the worth of your assets, and insure accordingly. Dont let the insurance of a $200,000 building be upsold to a $1 million policy. Review your coverage options to weed out the possibility of overlapping coverage. The goal is to keep costs low while securing essential coverage.

The second step in securing sufficient commercial insurance in Bergen County is to identify your potential liabilities. When you fail to do so, you can end up with insurance gaps. Your liabilities depend on your type of business, whether you provide products or services, your number of employees and the inherent risk in your line of work. Think of specific scenarios that could occur in your business, i.e. an employee is injured after slipping in spilled coffee in the breakroom, and discuss coverage with your insurance agency. Be sure to pick an insurance company that offers ready answers to your hypotheticals. The proper insurance package can help you avoid business liability headaches without breaking the bank.

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Understanding Your Business Insurance Needs

commercial package policy

Each business has its own unique set of risks. Your companys industry, size, customer base, lines of business and other factors larger contribute to the kinds of risk for which you must prepare. Thus, they also dictate what kinds of insurance coverage you should select. In many cases, a commercial package policy distinctly tailored for your business is the best solution to protect your interests.

What Is a Commercial Package Policy?

Commercially packaged insurance differs from business owner policies, which provide coverage for the typically collections or risks for your industry. With a BOP, you usually receive property coverage, business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown coverage and liability. In contrast, commercially packaged coverage allows you to select individual types of insurance and then bundle them together. While this can incorporate business interruption insurance as well as general liability and property, other products such as business auto, inland marine, cyber liability, crime and customized liability can also be added.

A commercial package policy may be best suited for companies that are large in size, or have diversified into several industries or lines of business. Your policies will be constructed based on risk factors for your individual firm as well as your chosen industries. You’ll need to consult your agent to determine which types of coverages are best for you.

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Three Qualities to Look for in an Insurance Agency in New Mexico

Insurance Agency New Mexico

Are you looking for an insurance agency in New Mexico that can meet all your needs? Whether you are a contractor, healthcare professional, electrician or manager of a public entity, you have certain risks associated with your industry. You need protection from an insurance policy that will cover all the bases. The following are three qualities to look for in your insurance agency to make certain you’ll receive the best coverage.

  1. Vast Knowledge You may want to look for an insurance agency with a vast knowledge about multiple industries. There are different products that each different client will have, and its important your agent knows what products will be required for your specific business. Technical knowledge about legal aspects of those products is also helpful.
  2. Customer Service Skills When you’re dealing with insurance, the way your agent interacts with you is important. Working with someone who puts your needs ahead of their own is a great way to ensure your policy is the very best for your situation. If your agent can answer the questions you have in a timely manner, its even more impressive.
  3. Honesty Your insurance agency should employ agents who are willing to stay honest no matter the outcome. If you feel you can trust your agent, you have probably found a great agency to work with.

As you can see, there are certain qualities you should look for in an insurance agency in New Mexico in order to ensure superior service. Contact an agent today to learn more about what they can do for you.

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The Expertise and Safety That Daniels Insurance Offers to New Mexico Residents

Daniels Insurance

Daniels Insurance proudly builds upon its successful history. They have been serving individuals and a wide variety of businesses in New Mexico since 1937. They cover everything from personal risks such as automobile, homeowners and personal umbrella insurance to business needs that range from complex, huge corporations to new local businesses that spring up.

Expertise You Can Count On

As an experienced firm and global partner of Assurex, Daniels has wide and varied industry expertise, covering the following:

  • Public Entities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Electricians

Within each of those fields, they work closely with you and your business to determine where your greatest risks are, how to best prevent catastrophes and how to draw and retain the best talent so that your business is as strong as it can be. Daniels Insurance agents will work out a comprehensive plan that has the right employee benefits, such as good health, dental and more, and the right liability coverage for your business, combining general liability, cyber liability, commercial auto, commercial property, workers compensation, executive liability, commercial umbrella, risk management coverage and more so that your business can push forward and feel safe knowing you have the liability coverage you need.

A Company That Supports You

Lastly, one of Daniels Insurances biggest assets is that their connections with the best insurers allow them to support businesses that often get turned down because of their high liability. Work closely with their agents and feel safe knowing that your future is covered.

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The Burden of Workers Comp Insurance for the Little Guys

workers comp insurance

Many small business owners have a difficult time purchasing workers comp insurance coverage per their states regulations. For some, it’s just too expensive; for others, the job to be insured is too dangerous. As an insurance agent, it’s your responsibility to match the policy to the client, so work with a wholesaler that has the ability to handle small accounts just as effectively as large ones.

Small Account Issues

Some reasons why small business owners find getting workers compensation coverage tough is because many insurance companies are only interested in larger clients. Corporations mean money, and the small enterprise might find itself being rejected due to its lesser needs.

Another issue is your client’s niche. If you’re looking to secure workers comp insurance for a business office, you probably wont have too much trouble. If your client specializes in demolition, well, you’re going to be more hard-pressed to find a suitable carrier willing to take on the risk.

Variety Is the Spice of Insurance

In order to cater to the specialized needs of small business owners, you should work with a wholesaler that has a strong presence in the insurance industry. Even if your client does work in demolition, a wholesaler that knows several workers comp insurance markets can secure the policy you need, alongside educating your clients in OSHA regulations and safety.

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Is Your Photography Business Insured?

insurance companies in Connecticut

There are many different types of businesses, and nearly all of them can benefit from insurance. When you purchase coverage from insurance companies in Connecticut, you can cater it to your specific needs. For example, if you are a photographer, then the coverage can be designed to address your specific risks.

Professional Coverage

Many photographers sign contracts with their clients. They agree to meet with them on a specific date and at a specific time. If something happens, and they are unable to meet their obligation, professional liability coverage can be beneficial. Even if you tried to be perfect, mistakes can happen. Insurance will give you peace of mind that you can protect yourself professionally.

Equipment Coverage

Photographers own a lot of expensive equipment. This equipment is costly to replace if it breaks, gets lost, or is stolen. In any of these scenarios, insurance can help the individual replace the piece of equipment so that they are not worse off financially. This type of coverage is especially beneficial. After all, if your camera breaks the day before a big wedding, you need to know you will be able to get a new one.

To learn more about catering your insurance to the needs of your photography business, contact insurance companies in Connecticut. You will be glad you did.

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What is a Commercial Package Policy?

Commercial package policy

When you purchase personal insurance, chances are you need more than one coverage option. Most people invest in coverage for their automobiles, homes, and lives. In many cases, they bundle these policies to save money and time. A commercial package policy offers the same benefits for today’s businesses.

Every Business Is Different

Because every business is different, every business insurance needs vary. Some businesses need basic liability coverage and business automobile coverage. Other companies need more extensive policies that include coverage for property, equipment, errors, business interruption, and more. With a commercial package policy, your company can customize your business insurance to meet your specific risks. Instead of carrying multiple policies, you can simply pay for a package that will address all of your needs.

Bundle and Save

Much like personal insurance, package policies can save businesses money. It is usually more expensive to pay for individual commercial insurance policies. This can happen because you are often paying for more coverage that overlaps. A package policy can eliminate the areas that overlap and help you reduce your fees.

To learn more about a commercial package policy and how it can benefit your business, contact an insurance agency today. This is a great way to decrease your risk without spending more money than necessary.

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