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What Insurance Coverage Do You Need for a Cemetery?

cemetery insurance

A cemetery or a crematorium is a business. If you own one, you know that there are risks involved similar to those faced by other businesses. However, because the services you provide are unique, there are specific problems that can arise. That may mean that you need specialized cemetery insurance, as detailed on

The following is an explanation of the specific difficulties that can arise when running a cemetery and/or crematorium.

  1. Property Damage

A cemetery is outside where the graves and their markers are exposed to the elements. Therefore, weather conditions such as lightning, rain, or hail can cause damage. However, the damage that can occur is not only natural. Unfortunately, some people do not show the proper respect to the final resting places of others and may commit property crimes, such as vandalism or theft.

  1. Employee Injuries

The labor involved in maintaining a cemetery or crematorium can put employees at risk for repetitive stress injuries, burns, strains or sprains, etc.

  1. Third-Party Injuries

A cemetery often has visitors coming to pay their last respects. Despite your efforts to keep your property safe, carelessness on the part of either a visitor or an employee may lead to an accident.

When you run a cemetery or crematorium, you occupy a position of trust for people who are hurting and vulnerable. Having sufficient insurance coverage can aid you in fulfilling your obligation.

How to Choose a Company to Self-Insure Your Business

Arroyo Insurance offers new avenues

Some companies choose to self-insure their business. To cover the alternative risk, companies should work with an insurance agency that understands how self-insurance works. Here are some things to look for when searching for a policy.

Plan Design

The plan looks beyond the commercial marketplace to captive programs and risk retention groups to provide insurance. Arroyo Insurance offers new avenues for self-insurance businesses including pools, catastrophic bonds, large deductibles and event-triggered risk transfer.

Cash Flow

Lower premium costs and fewer claims paid out can mean more cash flow for the business. Self-insurance allows the company to take control of their cash flow rather than allowing an insurance company to handle it. Choose an insurance company to work with that provides the products that help you insure your company while allowing you to benefit from the cost savings of self-insuring.

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons companies choose to self-insure is because of the cost savings due to lower premium costs and fewer claims. The company takes on the task of an insurance company. Work with an insurance company that can help you create an effective risk management plan.
Working with an alternative risk transfer company helps take some of that risk of self-insuring your company and transfers it to a third party.

Keep Your Facility Protected

Operating water or wastewater treatment facility comes with a number of unique considerations. When exploring insurance policies to protect your business, you need to think about the unique risks that exist within your industry. Properly insuring water treatment plants can take a bit of time and research. Whether you are a small plant or a global organization, an appropriate policy will play a large part in your continued success.

Important Areas of Coverage

As reported on, there are a few key areas to focus on when you are exploring different policies. While you might already be aware of the need for general and professional liability, other options to consider include:

Pollution liability
Property coverage
Workers compensation

Dangerous Work

The nature of your business plays a big part in what policy you should take out. Since your plant utilizes a number of hazardous chemicals in daily operations, you absolutely want to make sure your plan covers you in the event of injury, exposure, or damages done to property and the local environment.
In order for you to keep your business safe against the unknown, it can be a good idea to explore your options with insurance. Take time to research what policy will provide the most comprehensive coverage and keep your plant protected.

Do You Need Liability Coverage for Media Content?

As reported by Axis Insurance Services

In today’s internet age, web content and news coverage happen 24 hours every day. Like the ceaseless information flow, lawsuits for slander, libel, or infringement of copyright can happen anytime.
General liability may not cover all circumstances, leaving you responsible for paying your own defense and possibly other costs. Proper coverage from a reliable company can help you publish without fear of a lawsuit wreaking financial havoc.

Specialized Insurance

Media liability insurance is a focused type of protection called an errors and omissions policy. It protects against claims of slander, privacy invasion, libel, and infringement of copyright. As reported by Axis Insurance Services, this highly specific coverage can protect your right to publish without malicious intent as well as save your bottom line.

Protection for Publishers

Today, the term publisher no longer refers to an elite newspaper magnate. The internet, social networks, and blogging sites make it easy for anyone to publish anything quickly and easily. Unfortunately, convenience and ability bring with them increased potential risks for lawsuits that can affect many types of internet publishers.

Large media outlets such as major newspapers and magazines
Small or startup publications
Freelance writers

Lawsuits can be filed quickly, and it is important to have the right coverage in place.
Insurance for media liability is quite particular. You need media industry experts to help you choose the best coverage for you so you can publish with peace of mind.

Save Your Financial Institution With BPL Coverage

Banks, credit unions and other institutions perform an invaluable service. Unfortunately, they also have a lot of risks associated with them. Here is why it’s crucial to have bankers professional liability insurance.

Protect Your Financial Institution

On the site, it suggests that if you want to protect against business risks, you need a BPL policy. Without it, you may lose your assets and integrity due to allegations of wrongful acts or claims of poor advice. When you’re working in an industry that handles large sums of money, your clients will often look to you as the liable party if something goes wrong. In other instances, your company may be at fault. Remember that accidents can and do happen.

Cover Defense Costs

Even if you know that you did nothing wrong, you still have to fight the claims in court. When you’re taking to court, you will have to pay the costs of the court and defense fees. In addition, if the other party wins, you may also have to pay for their fees. This is why it’s crucial that you have coverage for these costs.
When it comes to running a financial institution, you have to consider the risks involved. With the right insurance policy, you won’t worry about claims or the occasional mistake.

Types of Liability Insurance

Most people believe that the most basic and necessary type of insurance is General Liability Insurance or GLI. Its certainly the most common type of business coverage and is often required for contracted vendors. However, depending on the type of business you run this may not be the best option for liability coverage.

General Liability Insurance

GLI is a very broad type of coverage. It can protect businesses from liability associated with negligence, defective products or injuries that may occur on the premises. As the name suggests, it is generalized coverage.

Public Liability

PLI insurance is specifically designed to protect businesses from losses and property damage that are specifically caused by members of the public while they are on your site. It can also cover the cost of necessary medical treatment for members of the public if they suffered an injury while on your business grounds. Research on states that if the primary purpose of your business is to serve customers, then you may want to make sure you have coverage that matches your biggest liability. If you run a beauty salon, for example, where customers may be walking to different stations on slippery floors.

Workers Compensation

Some people may confuse PLI coverage with workers compensation coverage. The difference between these two is very clear. Workers compensation only covers employees, it does not cover visitors. PLI covers all visitors, including customers and any delivery personnel.

Understanding Marine Insurance Exclusions Before You Buy

Merrimac Marine Insurance

Any type of insurance you purchase will come with exclusions, and it’s important to understand what you’re getting into when you open a policy, especially if it’s for a single major asset like a boat. Most boat insurance exclusions are common sense things you would predict if you are familiar with the exclusions on auto insurance, but many are unique and hard to predict without marine experience. That’s why Merrimac Marine Insurance recommends all agents review the details of policies with clients, including the details about exclusions on the policy.

Common Insurance Exclusions for Boats

These are the exclusions you can almost count on when you take out a policy on a boat:

Degradation from age
Wear and tear damage due to lack of maintenance

In addition, some policies exclude certain types of marine damage, including damage from animals. These exclusions are not universal and do not necessarily affect all incidents in the class, so it’s important you understand the ins and outs of your policy. The best way to do that is to work with an agent who discusses those exclusions up front and includes the options that allow you to buy higher-level coverage if you need it. Of course, no coverage offers universal insurance without any kind of exclusion, so you will need to find the best cost trade-off for your protection.

Working With Electricity Requires Special Insurance

New Mexico’s top insurance agency

Anyone that works with electricity is a special type of person with a detail-oriented mind. They are also individuals that may face a large number of professional dangers each day on the job. Working with so many talented people on a job site can also be innately dangerous when you are working with a crew that often doesn’t know who is doing what at any given moment. That is why having complete insurance coverage for electricians and electrical contractors are essential.

Why Insurance?

What insurance does an electrical contractor need? Since the safety and health of both the contractor and employees are key to the success of each job, it is important to have sufficient insurance, whether the project is a large one spanning many months, or a small job requiring only a few days.

What Insurance?

According to New Mexico’s top insurance agency, there are many types of policies that can be bundled for a complete protection package, or umbrella policy. The coverages can include commercial auto, professional liability, life insurance, general liability, workers’ compensation, and commercial property, just to name a few.
You can be prepared for any type of emergency that may befall the job site. Your electricians are special people, so protect them with a special insurance bundle.

Professional Liability Insurance to the Rescue

what is mpl insurance

No matter where you are, you hear about someone getting sued or filing suit over a perceived wrong or injustice. That is why many believe this is a litigious world, and insurance has come to the rescue for many businesses and their employees. Here are a few reasons you should get MPL insurance and keep it.

What is MPL Insurance?

MPL is Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance coverage. Sometimes referred to as Professional Capacity Errors or Omissions insurance, it covers professional services. This includes misunderstandings, misstatements, misrepresentation, mistakes, and other possible problems resulting from a failure of two minds to understand one another.

What is MPL Coverage?

Professional services are excluded from coverage by general liability policies. The MPL policy begins coverage of all claims where individuals alleged you or your employees provided negligent services or advice while in a professional capacity. MPL also covers incomplete work, failure or contractual promises, and hundreds of other professional omissions or mistakes.

What is MPL Insurance Value?

Your company can be sued, whether you or your employees did anything wrong or not. Whether the suit has merit or not, it costs a great deal to defend the case. The Small Business Administration says 36% of businesses are sued in any given year. Let MPL help you.

Dont become a statistic. Ask yourself what is MPL insurance and what it can do for your business. Then find coverage and protect your company, employees, and yourself from the litigious world you live in.

Insuring Your Farm Equipment

agricultural machinery insurance

When working in agriculture, the viability of your business venture rests heavily on how well your equipment functions. Whether you are just making your first purchases or you have existing equipment that needs protection, be sure to invest in agricultural machinery insurance and secure the financial support you need for your enterprise.

Costly Repairs

Equipment failure can be costly for the farmer. Not only does it take a considerable amount of money to make repairs or hire a technician, but the downtime you experience is also just as damaging to your production schedule. By investing in an agriculture equipment insurance policy, you will minimize your financial liability when your machinery is down for maintenance or repair. This allows you to focus on the priority of getting back up and running.

What’s Covered

You might be wondering what is covered with an equipment insurance plan. The following items are usually a part of a comprehensive agricultural package, but you will want to check on the specific with your local insurance agent.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Farm Office Equipment

Farm property is often uneven with rocks or other obstructions, further increasing the risk that damage might occur to your machinery and the wheels. Mechanical arms might malfunction, or sprayers might experience a motor burn out. When these things take place, an insurance plan can be what you need to avoid substantial loss.