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Three Qualities to Look for in an Insurance Agency in New Mexico

Insurance Agency New Mexico

Are you looking for an insurance agency in New Mexico that can meet all your needs? Whether you are a contractor, healthcare professional, electrician or manager of a public entity, you have certain risks associated with your industry. You need protection from an insurance policy that will cover all the bases. The following are three qualities to look for in your insurance agency to make certain you’ll receive the best coverage.

  1. Vast Knowledge You may want to look for an insurance agency with a vast knowledge about multiple industries. There are different products that each different client will have, and its important your agent knows what products will be required for your specific business. Technical knowledge about legal aspects of those products is also helpful.
  2. Customer Service Skills When you’re dealing with insurance, the way your agent interacts with you is important. Working with someone who puts your needs ahead of their own is a great way to ensure your policy is the very best for your situation. If your agent can answer the questions you have in a timely manner, its even more impressive.
  3. Honesty Your insurance agency should employ agents who are willing to stay honest no matter the outcome. If you feel you can trust your agent, you have probably found a great agency to work with.

As you can see, there are certain qualities you should look for in an insurance agency in New Mexico in order to ensure superior service. Contact an agent today to learn more about what they can do for you.

Premier Personal and Business Insurance Products in Virginia

Goodrich & Watson

You can rely on the experts at Goodrich & Watson when you need insurance coverage for your home or business. As the premier insurance provider in Virginia, we are dedicated to helping you protect your family and mitigate business risks.

Personal and Business Insurance Products

Our industry expertise enables us to partner with top-rated insurance companies to provide comprehensive insurance solutions. Some of the insurance products our agents at Goodrich & Watson offer include:

  • Personal. Our personal insurance products range from auto insurance to high value homeowners insurance to protect your family and valuables against unforeseen losses and accidents.
  • Business. Our business insurance programs offer competitive pricing and customized features to meet your needs, including crime and fidelity insurance, cyber liability, and much more.
  • Specialty. We review your current insurance coverage to ensure it appropriately protects your unique exposures and can tailor programs that cater to a variety of industry niches.

Our professionals will work with you to provide affordable options for your business or personal insurance needs.

Serving Your Individual Needs

As a trusted, independent insurance agent, we offer a complete portfolio of insurance products. The wide range of business and personal insurance coverage through Goodrich & Watson means we can obtain a competitively priced solution that is ideal for you.

Indiana Cyber Security Insurance Reduces Liability Issues

Indiana cyber security insurance

Cyber breaches and cyber crimes in general have become a major concern for many businesses and are now almost a daily occurrence. With smartphones and laptops only adding to concerns of files and personal information being at risk, along with the ability to access Wi-Fi at local bookstores, coffee shops and businesses that cater to the public, the problem is only magnified.

While all of this technology has made doing business a lot simpler and quicker it unfortunately comes with a price. The Internet has given criminals easier access to invade company databases and steal confidential records. This affects companies both large and small. The issue of cyber liability is a serious one and can end up being quite costly. A breach occurring at a major corporation can run in the millions of dollars, and a smaller company risks being brought to the brink of ruin. Indiana cyber security insurance is required to help local businesses deal with acts related to cyber crimes.


Convenience comes at a price

Business owners, while excited about the convenience of using computers, and also doing business online, must take certain precautions to avoid being infiltrated. Companies that rely on wireless and mobile communication for their business must constantly be aware that there is a serious risk at hand. Never use a shared computer to log into bank accounts or other confidential websites that may be compromised. Employees should only conduct financial transactions on a secure network.

Employees must protect the confidentiality of emailby never sharing passwords, and making sure that no one is able to steal their login information. This just makes it easier for someone to steal private information, as well as credentials. For example, when using public kiosks be aware that they may be infected with malware that has the ability to record keystrokes.

Owners should have their IT team develop a system with checks and balances to ensure all large transactions are safe from the possibility of cyber hackers. In addition, make sure to only log into legitimately sponsored networks. Turning off the Bluetooth feature when not in use will make it much more difficult for hackers to access laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With the constant use of online banking a company’s business assets can easily be the target of severe criminal activity.

While Indiana cyber security insurance cannot prevent cyber breaches, it can be used to settle claims and pay for losses related to cyber crimes.


3 Reasons You Need Insurance for Your Small Business

small business insurance virginia

If you devote most of your time and energy to running a small business, insurance might be the last thing on your mind. It’s essential, however, and you should make sure you and your business are protected should misfortune strike. Here are three important reasons to get small business insurance in Virginia.

1. Protection for Your Property

The most obvious type of business insurance is for physical property. Policies vary, but you can find coverage for buildings, machines, inventory and even furniture. Some policies also cover expenses from problems such as equipment malfunction.

2. Protection From Lawsuits

Accidents happen, and you may get sued if an accident involves your business. There are two main types of liability coverage. General liability coverage protects you from lawsuits filed because of accidents or injuries, while product liability coverage relates to harm cause by the products your business sells.

3. Protection from Data Hacks

Data breaches don’t just happen to large corporations. If your customer’s stored personal or financial information is hacked, you could face unique legal challenges and expenses. Data compromise insurance covers these situations.

Small businesses face many obstacles, so it’s a good idea to protect your investment from the challenges that are sure to come. Talk to an insurance agency about your options for small business insurance in Virginia.

Building a Website for Your Insurance Agency

Agent insurance marketing

Agent insurance marketing

Having an online presence is all but essential for modern insurance companies, but the issue of getting your insurance agency to stand out from all the others presents a challenge for many companies. Agent insurance marketing gets the name of your business out where potential customers can see it and easily access your services. Here are some of the benefits provided by agent insurance marketing.

Specialized Webpages

Because different insurance agencies specialize indifferent types of services, a template website is often not the best way to explain their policies to customers. A custom website specifically targets regions and audiences, and explains products and services in the clearest possible way. It is also a good idea to have a website that can be easily change to reflect growth and changes to your business.

Optimized Content

Optimized content shows up higher on search engine results which means that your webpage reaches more people. Search engine optimization works best when written by professionals with experience in and knowledge about the field.

Hosting and Updating Services

Finding reliable hosting is another challenge for businesses building a website. Being able to change and update your website without going through a third party webmaster is also very useful. Finding a marketing company that provides hosting and allows you administrator access to your website is often a very good idea.

Use agent insurance marketing to get the name of your business displayed prominently online today.