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3 Tips for Harvesting Cannabis Plants

Cannabis Plants

After a full season of carefully monitoring and nurturing your cannabis plants, its finally time to harvest them. Cannabis harvesting is one of the most crucial steps in the cannabis cultivation process, but you can ensure a successful harvest by keeping in mind a few tips for success.

1. Be Prepared

Before you begin the process of harvesting your cannabis plants, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment to do so. At the very least, you will need garden shears to remove and trim the cannabis branches. Other useful equipment includes gloves, which will protect yours hands from resin and make it easier to gather the substance, and string for hanging your drying bud.

2. Time It Correctly

Perhaps the most common question regarding cannabis cultivation is, How do you know when the plants are ready to be harvested? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It depends on the strain of cannabis and when the plant flowered. A close examination of the plant, however, shows when white hairs have darkened and the trichome color becomes cloudy, both of which are indications that the plant is ready to be harvested.

3. Dry and Cure It

Drying and curing your cannabis plants ensures that they achieve the correct level of moisture. Since the moisture level affects everything from the plants potency to its taste, this step is essential to producing a quality product.

Cannabis harvesting is an exciting activity for those who have poured their time and money into growing cannabis. The process takes some practice, but preparation and patience will reward you with a successful harvest.

What Should I Vape?

cbd vape oil

If seeing a group of hardened bikers outside a bar puffing on something that smells like lemon tart makes you curious, youre not alone. Vaping has become a hot new trend, especially among young adults. Whether youre a cigarette smoker or not, never fear: There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Vaping for Health

If you don’t want to try nicotine even in e-cig form, you have other options. CBD vape oil is available in many different flavors and brands. Another benefit to choosing CBD vape oil? You get the medical benefits from it.

Vaping the Green

Assuming you live in a legal recreational state, vape cartridges are also available with THC infused in them. Some of these THC levels are pretty heightened, so depending on the length of the puff and the temperature of the e-cig itself, you can get a pretty effective high very quickly.

Vaping instead of Smoking

The jury is still out on whether or not vaping is actually better for you than smoking cigarettes. However, vape cartridges with levels of nicotine are the OG of vaping. If you smoke cigarettes but want to try vaping, check at your local smoke shop to see what would work out best for you.
As with all new technologies, make sure that you do your research and decide for yourself whether you want to try vaping or not. Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that fits your life.

Why Securing Your Assets With Owens is The Right Choice

owens insurance agency

In today’s world, securing your assets with the right insurance provider is more important than ever. The Owens Insurance Agency can do just that and save you money in the process. Our rich history in the industry goes back three family generations and spans over six decades. This experience has allowed us to perfect our service and build excellent relationships with amazing insurance partners around the country. Here are just a few reasons why Owens is the best insurance provider.

1. Commitment to Service

Since Owens opened its doors in 1957, it has been operated by the hardworking Owens family. This family-centered history has allowed Owens to create understanding and warm professional relationships with clients, both big and large. Team members work on a daily basis to keep the same commitment to great customer service as its founders each and every day.

2. Vast Expertise

The decades of work of the Owens Insurance Agency has let the agency amass vast amounts of knowledge on many different insurance policies. Owens offers both personal and commercial lines that fit the situations of each client. Obtain auto, life, employee, cyber, umbrella and aviation insurance with just a phone call.

3. Outstanding Relationships

As an independent agency, Owens continuously works towards building a better relationship with some of the nation’s largest carriers. Clients receive customized packages from a number of different carriers to create protection that works just for them. Contact Owens Insurance Agency as soon as possible to start securing your assets.

Protecting Non-Profit Organizations

Protecting Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations provide very important aid to community members living in their respective areas. These types of organizations often provide services and supplies to help improve quality of life or lend an extra hand to those needing extra support to get ahead in life. Despite their altruistic nature, they are not immune to many of the common challenges that many businesses face, in addition to risks unique to this line of work. By being practical about all possible outcomes and having protections in place such as non-profit insurance, NY community members, employees and volunteers can feel confident being part of these types of establishments.

Types of Non-Profits

While the goal of many non-profits is to provide for the community at little to no cost, there are many different types with different goals. The following are just some of them:

Cooperative hospital services

Religious organizations

Health organizations

Veterans support groups

Burial services

Management of retirement funds

Recreational or social clubs

Professional or trade associations

Foundations and charities


Regardless of the category in which these organizations are categorized, they must all take similar precautions in protecting their assets, including the progress made toward their company goal. By getting non-profit insurance, NY can be a good fit for an establishment’s needs. With the proper coverage, your organization can thrive in any state.

Encourage the Client on Your Insurance Website

insurance web designs

When putting together an insurance website that will hopefully attract new customers and clients, you may think you only need to teach the visitor about you and what you can do. While it’s important to make it clear what is within your abilities and business, insurance web designs should look to entice the viewer, not simply inform them. Only writing about insurance is, frankly, boring. Instead, encourage the website visitor on their progress, depending on what insurance you are offering. For example, show support for the growth of the potential client’s project if you offer business insurance. After all, insurance itself may be boring, but the client likely puts a great deal of care and interest into whatever they’re looking to protect.

How to Inspire Visitors

Using appealing, helpful, navigable and responsive insurance web designs for insurance websites is vital, but also consider what types of pages and information you can include to draw someone in. Some possible inclusions may be:

  • Client testaments including the story of their endeavors
  • FAQ and other pages that can answer common concerns
  • Giving advice rather than presenting a sales pitch
  • Allowing easy and direct contact
  • Blog posts with more personal content

These are only some possible ways to go beyond informing and, instead, support whoever is coming for insurance. Get creative with insurance web designs and it can help make you stand out.

Comprehensive Coverage a Must for Fuel Dealers

propane dealers

Due to the nature of the business, propane dealers are exposed to a greater than normal number of liability risks. In order to ensure total protection, it is essential that fuel suppliers obtain broad-based insurance coverage.

The Basics and More

When considering insurance coverage, it is important to consult with an agent who is experienced in dealing with a niche industry like the fuel supply business. Under expert guidance, insurance can be specialized to fit the specific needs of the company in question.

Most packages of insurance for propane dealers include general liability, property, crime and inland marine coverage (which protects against the loss of property while in transit). Within this package, businesses have the option of adding additional endorsements or stand-alone policies. Typically, a comprehensive bundle of insurance may include the following:

  • Pollution and umbrella liability for potential environmental risks encountered by handling and distributing fuel
  • Mobile and fixed equipment coverage for pipes, fixtures and tank barns
  • Business income for possible work stoppages due to fuel shortages or natural disasters
  • Business auto/truck for vehicles used for delivery or any other business activity
  • Workers compensation coverage to satisfy the legal requirement of almost every state for companies with at least one employee
  • Employee benefits insurance for protection in case of errors or omissions in the administration of employee benefits plans

Consider your coverage options. Contact an agent who can design a plan tailor-made for propane dealers.

Protect Your Employees Beyond Workers Compensation

New Jersey workers compensation

Companies operating in the state of New Jersey are required by law to cover their employees with a workers compensation policy. Even if your company has all the safety protocols in place, eventually someone may file a claim. Beyond New Jersey workers compensation, FMLA and other options may be available for your injured or ill employees.

First Steps

Once you know that your employee is injured, your office can start the claims process with the insurance company. With the aid of your insurance agent, you can select a specific medical provider to send your employee to for treatment. The insurance company should handle most of the claim paperwork and follow-up with the employee following the accident.

Beyond Insurance

While New Jersey workers compensation offers monetary benefits for the injured employee, it does not guarantee their job while they recover from that injury or illness. Discussing the options open to your employee can help them fully recover from the accident or illness.

Looking beyond the benefits of New Jersey workers compensation to help your injured or ill employees can have long reaching benefits for your company. Employees who feel well taken care of and safe are less likely to reinjure themselves and take a greater pride in their work. Good employees are often hard to come by, protect yours as much as possible.

Insurance Solutions for Marinas in California

California marine insurance

Marinas can require several types of insurance coverage to protect property on dry land and water while managing liability. Owners or operators considering California marine insurance could benefit from a network of top-tier insurers offering plans that may protect against a variety of risks. Each marina has unique needs with regard to property on land and water including buildings, watercraft, docks, and other floating structures.

Generally speaking, the more comprehensive the coverage, the more exposure to risk can be managed. Watercraft can be insured based on the value of the boat itself and the personal effects and supplies on board. Property and liability insurance plans may also protect marina operators who offer services like boat repair or towing. Other types of liability insurance could prove useful in the event of boating accidents resulting in property damage or bodily injury. Insurance plans can be combined to cover marina property, operators, employees, and members, while offering protection against a wide range of eventualities.

California marina insurance may offer protection against standard and some non-standard risks. Operators might also be interested in coverage for sailing to certain countries, including Mexico. Operators should consider the full scope of their business and protect themselves as completely as possible with a combination of commercial insurance plans.


Rule Changes Regarding the Use of ATA Carnets

ATA Carnet

Jointly administered by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the International Chamber of Commerce through its World Chambers Federation, the ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of goods for up to one year. Carnets apply to three broad categories of merchandise: commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods for use at exhibitions and fairs. With the exception of perishable or consumable items, the product range is nearly limitless. Carnets are regularly used to facilitate movement of everything from display booths to racing yachts.

Prior to October of 2014, all goods traveling under a carnet were exempt from the Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing requirement. Now, many carnet shipments are required to provide the information requested. Some shipments however are exempt, and the exceptions to this requirement are goods valued at less than $2,500.00, unless subject to licensing or other export controls, hand goods traveling under ata carnets, and goods travelling under a US to Canada carnet, again provided that no licensing or export controls are required.

The purpose of the EEI filing is so that the Census Bureau, via the Automated Export System (AES) collects the EEI for the purpose of developing export trade statistics. Other Federal government agencies use the EEI for export control purposes to detect and prevent the export of certain items by unauthorized parties or to unauthorized destinations or end-users. This is done as part of the Federal government’s effort to secure our borders and the international supply chain.

Rules pertaining to carnets issued outside of the US

All goods traveling under foreign carnets to the US, whether hand-carried or shipped, are required to file the EEI through the AES upon re-export from the US. Although a carnet shipment may be exempt, a carnet specialist may suggest filing the EEI, especially during the initial implementation period, to avoid delays at Customs. Failure to file the EEI is sufficient grounds for U.S. Customs and Border Protection to potentially issue penalties against the exporter for violations of the Foreign Trade Regulations.

The Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary import bonds. So long as the goods are re-exported within the allotted time frame, no duties or taxes are due. Failure to re-export all or some of the goods listed on ata carnets results in the payment of applicable duties and taxes. Failure to remit those duties results in a claim from the foreign customs service to the importer’s home country.

Overnight Rental Insurance to Protect Your Assets

cabin insurance in TN

Having a cabin in eastern Tennessee can be a great investment, but if you’re always worried about damage to the property, it can be unsettling. The answer is cabin insurance in TN. This insurance is available for single-home and multi-dwelling landlords, homes or all sizes and styles, condominiums, townhomes and vacation properties.

It’s not only damage to your property that is an issue. Guests get injured while on vacation, too. If a guest holds you liable, the legal bills could cripple you financially, even if you’re ultimately not found liable.

Pools, stables and other buildings on the property should be covered separately. Ask your insurance agent to assess your earthquake and flood risk, because these events are typically not covered by a general policy. Know the limits of your policy so that you aren’t taken by surprise when a claim is made or denied. Being under-insured is just as bad as being uninsured in some cases.

Protect your assets with cabin insurance in TN. If you have guests staying overnight in your property, you can’t be caught without the insurance that makes sure your financial future isn’t devastated by one accident. Review your insurance policies and have peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy the income and the location for years to come.