That Charming Irish Tavern Gave You an Idea

tavern liability coverage programs

You and your wife finally took the vacation of your dreams. You went to Ireland. Aside from the beautiful landscape and friendly people, your favorite part of the trip was staying at the old-fashioned taverns. On your flight back to the States, you came to one conclusion: You must own one yourself. Tired of your job, and your boss for that matter, you decide you’re going to bring a bit of Ireland to your hometown. You inform your wife you’re opening a tavern. Her mission, should she decide to accept it, is to look into tavern liability coverage programs. This type of facility has special policy needs.

Tavern insurance goes way beyond your standard business general liability and property policies. You must secure added protection. Owning a tavern opens your business up to unique liability. When people drink, they can get unruly, and you must ensure your patrons and your premises against bar fights and the increased risk of accidents inside and outside your tavern. You must also carry special licenses and permits to stock and serve alcohol, and if you’re going to open a traditional tavern, you’ll have guests staying overnight. Your wife can call an insurance wholesaler to find the best prices on tavern liability programs. After all, you need to save money where you can without skimping on protection.