Commercial Coverage

Don’t be fooled in thinking that your auto coverage extends to vehicles being used for business purposes. The truth is that a majority of auto insurance companies do not include coverage for a vehicle being used for commercial reasons.  If a titled vehicle is used for work, you should have commercial insurance in Orlando FL.

Don’t Be Caught UnawaresCommercial insurance Orlando FL

 Some misinformed individuals may have you thinking that you don’t need commercial insurance in Orlando FL for a business vehicle. Even though you might feel that spending money on commercial insurance for a business vehicle is too expensive, the cost will be well worth it in the event that a serious auto accident reduces your business to shambles. Think about the legal costs and medical costs that you’ll have to pay out of your pocket.

Non-Owned Auto Insurance

 If your employees use their own vehicles for business, then you should consider adding non-owned auto insurance to your commercial insurance plan. This type of commercial insurance in Orlando FL protects both you and your employees. Non-owned auto insurance also extends to your car if you ever have to use it for business as well as any other vehicles that are used that don’t belong to your business.


Make sure you have all of your bases covered when it comes to commercial auto insurance. While it means spending extra money now, it keeps you from spending even more money later on and possibly losing your business.