What is a Commercial Package Policy?

Paramus Commercial Liability Insurance

If you own a mid-sized business, your company may be eligible for a Commercial Package Policy from Paramus Commercial Liability Insurance. This bundle of insurance policies can save you money while keeping your business fully insured. Before you jump in and switch to a CPP, be sure to understand whats included and if it will benefit your business.

What Coverages are Included?

The exact policies that are bundled in a CPP depend on your business needs and industry. However, you can generally expect this Paramus Commercial Liability Insurance package to include general liability coverage and property insurance.

Furthermore, you can add commercial auto insurance, marine coverage, or a business income policy. If you may be liable for fiduciary or professional responsibilities, you can include coverage for that as well.

Why Choose a CPP?

The chances are that your business needs each of these coverages. After all, they can save you from financial trouble if something goes wrong. However, purchasing them separately can be expensive. Bundling with a CPP is a cost-effective way to get the insurance you need.

Furthermore, when you choose a CPP, you cut down on the hassle. As a business owner, you dont have time for things that are needlessly complicated. This insurance bundle keeps your to-do list short and helps you keep everything in order.