Common Hazards and California Manufactured Home Insurance

Common Hazards and California Manufactured Home Insurance

Your clients that are owners of manufactured or mobile homes are often concerned about insurance, and the fact is many of them don’t factor in some of the exposures that they may face when it comes to purchasing an insurance policy. Having California manufactured home insurance is vital for wildfires and other hazards such as strong winds, which can cause major damage, even a total loss for many residents residing in high wind or high fire zones.

Another key aspect with manufactured homes is the depreciation that takes place on mobile homes as they begin to age. The good news is that, since the value of their homes has likely gone down since they originally purchased their insurance policy, they can likely look into reducing the limits on dwelling protection and liability coverage (not to mention the overall premium) since it could be higher than your clients’ need this to be.

Fire and other main concerns

The most common cause of fires in manufactured homes, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), is electrical distribution equipment. This problem is amplified because mobile-home fires can occur more easily when no one is home, which allows the damage to spread quickly and unpredictably. To make matters worse, also according to NFPA, smoke alarms are missing in half of all manufactured homes.

Insulation is another bone of contention. The difference in construction between site-built homes and traditional homes continues to bring about some insurance issues, one of which is poor insulation. You may mention winterizing or insulating their mobile homes to them, which will further decrease their risk.

Another common and serious concern regarding manufactured homes is damage from heavy windstorms. Since these dwellings are usually lighter than most site-built homes they are at serious risk of blowing over, which would greatly damage, if not completely destroy these properties. You might suggest that they consider increasing limits on their California manufactured home insurance policy in case they wind up needing to repair their home in the event that it’s damaged by major winds.