Comprehensive Coverage to Protect Yours and Your Members Investments

California marina insurance

If you own a marina in California, California marina insurance is a must. Just like out on the road, boating accidents can happen at any time even in the safety of the harbor. Heavy winds might cause significant damage to your member’s vessels, a careless boater may accidentally run into docked yacht or sailing student might accidentally capsize one of your boats out at sea. Unfortunately, when accidents do happen, you could be held liable. The right insurance policy can protect you, your employees, your visitors, and your members in the event that something unexpected happens that results in damaged property or personal injury.

Not all marine boat insurance companies are created equal. Some agencies only cater to smaller, privately owned vessels, while others cater strictly to yacht owners. As the owner of a marina, you have many more exposures to think about than the average boat owner. You need to think about your members, the public, sailing students and event guests. You also need to consider yourself and your employees. The right California marina insurance policy will cover all the necessary parties for the necessary exposures. Whether bad weather wants to wreak havoc on your docks or a sailing student gets a little over-zealous with the sails, a sound policy can ensure that you’re not held financially liable for things that go wrong.