Contractors and Newton Construction Insurance Agency

Newton Construction insurance agency

Working in the construction industry one understands that safety has to be of the utmost importance, and this includes everyone from the workers to those who visit the site. It is vital for all contractors to purchase coverage and this is available locally through a Newton Construction insurance agency. They will provide policies for property damage, theft, or any person injured while on the job site.

Occupational Health and Safety plans

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) require that contractors provide a safe workplace for their employees, one that is free from any known or recognizable hazards.

Anytime you are working where trucks are constantly moving back and forth, along with scaffolding, large pieces of debris, tools, and heavy machinery, these all pose concerns because of the risks involved in working under these conditions. Fortunately, experienced contractors understand these risks and willingly comply and work hard to develop a safe workplace.

Types of laborers available for hire

The construction industry generally secures their crew through subcontractors, hired employees, labor brokers, or independent contractors. While there are no specific laws governing how a company works with subcontractors, it’s generally advised that a contractor drew up a contractual agreement ensuring that all subcontractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. They are equally responsible for the work performed and may be sued by a client if the work is subpar or not completed.

Hired employees, on the other hand, do not have those same requirements. For example, when hiring employees, a contractor takes on additional obligations such as withholding taxes, paying wages and benefits, as well as complying with employment law. They must also provide workers compensation insurance in case there are any on the job injuries.

When engaging a broker to find labor, the contractor must pay the broker directly. They will have a similar relationship as when they hire their own employees since they are also considered employees while performing work for the contractor’s company.

When hiring independent contractors (self-employed individuals), they will pay them directly, but unlike employees, they’re not responsible for paying benefits or withholding taxes. There are, however, strict tax reporting requirements for working with independent contractors that should be understood and followed to avoid breaking any rules or laws regarding this type of employment arrangement, and in all cases, a Newton Construction insurance agency can provide all needed policies, which should be in force at all times.