Convenience Stores Insurance Options for Owners

Convenience Stores Insurance Options for Owners

Convenience stores have sprung up in cities and towns all over the US. This is because so many people like to grab a few necessary items without all the fuss involved in visiting a big market or grocery store. A lot of gas stations have opened convenience stores as a way of providing some additional services to their customers on the go.

Having a constant stream of traffic supplies these businesses with a great source of ongoing income, but there are the usual liabilities involved, which can also put an owner at risk of financial ruin. Convenience stores insurance is the perfect way to protect the business because by having the appropriate types of business insurance coverage, an owner can rest assured that they’ll be ready for the many risks and exposures related to running an operation of this kind.

Premises liability

Premises liability covers accidents that occur on the premises. If, for example, someone gets hurt inside of a convenience store, they could then possibly sue the company in order to cover the cost of their medical bills. If a customer’s property is damaged while inside the store, they may sue you for those damages as well. Premises liability coverage protects owners by paying these expenses as opposed to the owner having to pay out-of-pocket due to a lack of having an insurance policy.

Products liability

There is always the risk that a product sold in a convenience store may somehow cause harm to the person buying it in some way. This is despite the utmost diligence an owner may use in selecting products, manufacturers, distributers and suppliers. Simply by selling products, a company can be sued when the product sold causes an injury or makes the consumer ill. Products liability coverage pays for the cost of medical care where applicable, and also pays for legal defenses if necessary, as well as paying for settlements and related costs that could arise.

There are additional coverages available for everything from “completed operations”, to property, business auto, workers comp, commercial umbrella, and more. If you own or operate a convenience store you should speak to a qualified agent about all of your Convenience stores insurance needs and options.