How is the Cost of Homeowners Insurance Determined?

How is the Cost of Homeowners Insurance Determined?

Most people that need New Jersey homeowners insurance are concerned about how much they are going to pay. Although it is important to get the right price on your insurance, you also want to have a policy that protects you from future problems. In addition to the type of coverage you choose, the following factors can play a role in the cost of your policy.

Home Features

The features of your home can affect the price of the insurance because all of these details will need to be replaced if your home is damaged. Generally, older homes are more expensive to insure.


Where you live also impacts the price of your policy. For example, if you live in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, your premium might be higher.

Protective Devices

If you have any protective devices that minimize the risk of harm in your home (i.e. smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, alarm systems), then your premium might be lower.

Claims History

Your policy might cost more if you have filed claims in the past. This is because you are considered more risky to insure.

These are a few examples of factors that might be used to determine the cost of your New Jersey homeowners insurance policy. The price you pay is also usually determined by your coverage options and other personal factors.


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